Betting Sites in Australia

At BettingTop10, we’ve reviewed all the best bookmakers in Australia, to help you to make an informed choice about where to put your hard-earned dollars. 

Last Updated: 20 May, 2024

Best Betting Sites in Australia

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Meet the BettingTop10 Team

Who Are We? 

We created BettingTop10 back in 2017 with one goal in mind – to help Australian punters to find the best betting sites that Australia has to offer. We have 30+ years of combined experience in the betting industry as reviewers, punters and tipsters, and we use this to review and compare online betting sites.  

Our goal is to have the most honest, impartial, comprehensive, and helpful overview of betting sites in Australia. If you have any questions or suggestions about how we can do this, please don’t hesitate to reach out! 

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List of Australian Betting Sites

  • PlayUp → Great customer service and excellent website
  • GetSetBet → Good value for multis
  • BoomBet → Experienced bookmaker with excellent odds
  • SouthernCrossBet → Personalised experience for the punters
  • MidasBet → New betting site with a focus on racing 
  • VicBet → Great website and strong racing component
  • BlueBet - Australian-owned bookmaker with great features
  • Bet365 → Global betting giant with incredible range of markets and great odds
  • WinnersBet → One of the easiest bookmaker websites to use
  • PendleburyBet → Family owned betting site with a strong racing focus
  • Picklebet → Unique bookmaker with a focus on esports
  • Draftstars → Fantasy sports betting site owned by PlayUp
  • TopSport → Solid selection of markets and high betting limits
  • Unibet Australia → International betting site with almost unparalleled odds
  • Palmerbet → Well-rounded bookmaker owned and operated in Australia
  • RealBookie → Good option for punters looking for a new bookie
  • BetDogs → Bookmaker with a. focus on greyhound betting 

Best Betting Sites in Australia

With so many online betting sites in Australia, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to punting for Aussies. The downside of this, of course, is that choosing the right betting site for you can be tricky. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you.  
Different people will have different priorities when looking for the best online bookmaker, but by scouring the selection of betting websites available and considering a whole range of factors (which we’ll talk about in more detail below), we’ve come up with a few which, by and large, will be among the best options for most Aussie punters.  
Included among that list are PlayUp, GetSetBet, BoomBet, SouthernCrossBet, MidasBet, VicBet, BlueBet, Bet365, WinnersBet and PendleburyBet, and each of these you can find out more about below. But first, let’s take a look at the different factors we considered prior to placing these as the best betting sites in Australia.  

How we rate the best online betting sites 

There’s a lot that goes into reviewing an online bookie. It’s not as simple as just having a quick scan of a betting website and ticking it off as either good or bad. Instead, we sign up to each and every site we review and use them, getting a grasp on everything from their range of markets and odds, through to their customer support and quality of their website.  
Of course, some of these things are a little more important than others, but how important each factor is will depend on you. We’ll cover off all of the different things that we look at to find Australia’s best betting site further down for the page, but for now, let’s look at some of those that we like the most, and why.  

Best Betting Sites in Australia 2023

After betting with all of the bookmakers which we’ve reviewed – which is a large portion of the best betting sites in Australia – we’ve settled on a select few which stand out from the crowd as the cream of the crop. Below, we’ve outlined which betting sites in Australia we think are the best, as well as why it is we’ve come to this conclusion. 



PlayUp hasn’t been around for all that long, having only launched in 2019, but in a short period of time they’ve made a big mark in the industry. Among the reasons that we like PlayUp so much is that they have a fantastic website and easy to use app, they’ve got really good odds, they have a solid range of markets and they have one of the best customer support platforms of any betting site in Australia.  
In other words, they do pretty much everything well, so it’s easy to see why they’ve managed to do so well as a newcomer in a very competitive industry. 

Pros: Good odds, fantastic customer support platform, great mobile app 
Cons: No live streaming available 

Best Fixed Odds, Playup Playbook


midasbet logo-betting-site

MidasBet only launched in 2022, making them one of the newest betting sites in Australia. But despite their relative lack of experience, we really like what they have to offer. One of the most notable things that we first noticed was how responsive their website is, which makes it easy to access what is a particularly good racing component to their site.  

They’ve also got really good customer support, which is a surefire way for a new betting site to endear themselves to customers. There’s certainly room for improvement there, but given how new they are, they’ve also got plenty of capacity to get better. 
Pros: Great customer support, excellent website, good racing markets 
Cons: Could have more sports markets, no live streaming 

New Modern Bookmaker with a racing focus


Winnersbet Review

WinnersBet is another new Australian betting site, but we really like what they have to offer too. The best thing about WinnersBet is the betting platform; their site looks aesthetically pleasing, but most importantly it’s incredibly responsive – among the most responsive betting websites going around.  
This enables you to quickly and easily access their good range of betting markets, and relatively solid odds. There’s some things that they’ll hopefully improve on over time, but they’ve certainly made a good start. 
Pros: Fantastic website, good rewards program, nice selection of racing markets 
Cons: Could have more sports markets, no live betting 

Great points feature! Lovely Layout.


GetSetBet Review

GetSetBet only launched in 2021, with this new online betting site owned by Swopstakes. Early in their life in the industry, they are doing a number of things well. For starters, they’ve got 24/7 customer support available, which shows a strong commitment to the customer.  
They’ve also got a quality website, and a platform called GetSetBet TV which allows you to live stream certain events; not a common feature for a small betting website which is still so young. 
Pros: Easy to use website, live chat available 24/7, live streaming available 
Cons: No live betting, could do with more sports markets 

Fun and exciting markets!



VicBet is a pretty small betting site in Australia, but they’ve developed a solid following among those who appreciate their racing focus and good odds. They don’t offer sports markets, so sports bettors will probably be best off looking elsewhere, but what they offer in racing is really good.  
They’ve got competitive odds, which as we mentioned earlier is a pretty key part of any betting site, while they also have excellent customer support if you should need it when using this Australian betting site. 
Pros: Good racing odds, strong customer support platform 
Cons: No sports markets 

Great features coupled with amazing odds! Sets their own odds!


boombet logo betting site

BoomBet in their current for are a relatively new betting site, but they’ve actually been around for a really long time. They were previously known as Sportsbetting, an online bookmaker which was around since 1998, but recently rebranded.  
They’ve kept many of the same qualities though, most notably excellent odds, while their betting website has got even better under the new name. They could use more sports markets, but that aside they are a really good betting site, and one of the best betting sites in Australia.  
Pros: Excellent odds, really good website and app, good customer support 
Cons: No live streaming, no live betting 

Great features coupled with amazing odds! Sets their own odds!



SouthernCrossBet is one of the relatively small betting sites in Australia, but despite their size there is plenty to like about this bookmaker. They first launched in 2004, and since then have established themselves as a betting site with a good range of different markets and solid odds – which as we mentioned above, are two of the most significant features that we’ll consider when looking at a betting site.  
They’ve also got live betting available, rounding out what is one of the best betting sites in Australia. 
Pros: Good odds, nice range of markets available, live betting on offer 
Cons: App could use improvement, minimal standout features 



Bet365 is one of the biggest bookmakers in the world, and the offering that they provide down under makes them one of the best betting sites in Australia. This is one of the best sport betting sites for a reason; they have an almost unparalleled range of different markets for both sports and racing, and odds which are as good as almost any other bookmaker in the country.  
What’s more their website and app is terrific, rounding out what is a really good betting experience with one of the biggest betting companies in Australia. 
Pros: Huge selection of markets, great odds, excellent mobile app 
Cons: Customer support is a bit difficult to locate, minimum withdrawal of $20. 

Most well known bookmaker – always a solid experience


bluebet Betting Site

BlueBet have a focus on letting punters know that they are an Aussie betting site – as you can probably already tell from the name. Positioning themselves as a ‘true blue’ Australian bookmaker, BlueBet do actually have quite a lot going for themselves outside of being Aussie-owned.  
They’ve got a great mobile app, really good customer support, and live streaming of certain racing events, and while the website could be better this is still worthy of a spot among the best betting sites in Australia. 
Pros: Great customer support, really good app, live racing streaming 
Cons: Website breaks down at times, no live betting 

Extensive range of markets with fair limits


PendleburyBet is a really young bookmaker, having been launched by Jeff Pendlebury, a well-known track bookmaker. This is a betting site which will be much more suitable for some than others. It’s got a strong focus on racing, as you could probably have guessed by who launched it, though it doesn’t have any sports markets.  
If you’re a sports bettor this will obviously make it unsuitable, but as far as racing betting sites go, it’s got a solid website and decent odds, ticking some of the most important boxes. 
Pros: Good racing markets, decent odds 
Cons: No sports markets 

Family owned and operated with amazing racing focus!

What is the Best Betting Website in Australia?

As we’ve mentioned, what is the best betting website in Australia for one person might not be for another, but there are a number which are generally in the mix. We’ve outlined those below, but now let’s go to the experts who work here at BettingTop10 to find out who they think is the best online betting site in the country. 

Mike: "Jeez – tough choice! There are a lot of quality new gambling sites in Australia and plenty of experienced ones too, and I’ve tried them all out through my work for BettingTop10. 

Personally, I like to bet on player props, so I like an online bookmaker with a really wide range of markets so I get as many options as I can. This also means that odds are really important – in player props, the odds can vary hugely among different betting sites, so I really like one that has good odds, too.

For me it’s hard to go past global betting giant Bet365. They have such a huge selection of different markets on a massive range of sports, and their player prop options are probably the best in Australia. What’s more, the odds on these player props are pretty reasonable. Some betting sites I’ve come across do offer player props but the odds are not a great reflection of the likelihood of an outcome (obviously coming in on the lower end). This makes it not worth betting on, so to have Bet365 consistently rolling out fair odds in player props means they get the nod in my book. 
They’re not the only betting site I like though. They might be one of the best for my purposes, but I also pretty regularly use Palmerbet, which also has great player prop markets, as well as MidasBet and Unibet. "

James: "There are a lot of quality betting sites in Australia, so it’s pretty hard to cut it down to just one. For me though, I generally like to keep things simple. I bet on sports and rarely if ever on racing, and when I do bet on sports I stick to predominantly the line betting markets. This means I don’t necessarily need an Australian bookmaker with a good racing selection, nor do I need a betting site with a huge different range of markets. What I focus on most is odds.  Since I’m just going to be betting on markets which are pretty much available on all Australian betting sites, I might as well find the one with the best odds. This can vary a little bit, but among those which are consistently right up there are Unibet Australia, PlayUp, Bet365 and BoomBet."

Matt: "Unlike Mike, I’m a big racing enthusiast, and this is where I dedicate most of my attention when it comes to betting. That means that I’m not too fussed how many different sports markets there are; instead, when I go on a new betting site, I head straight to their racing section. I check the odds against other gambling sites, and also like to make sure that there is a good app available as this is typically how I like to place my bets.  With that in mind, it’s PlayUp which is one of the best betting sites in Australia – at least for my needs. They’ve got really competitive odds, I’m led to believe in both sports and racing, and importantly for me they have a really high quality app which makes it easy for me to do what I want to do on my phone. They’ve also got a really good customer support platform, which isn’t the most important thing for me but is nice to have up your sleeve in case you run into an issue.  Other betting sites which I really like courtesy of their racing markets are Bet365, VicBet and SouthernCrossBet. All of these have platforms which I find easy to use, all the markets I need and competitive odds."

Best Betting Sites in Australia

PlayUpGreat customer service and excellent website 
GetSetBetGood value for multis 
BoomBetExperienced bookmaker with excellent odds 
SouthernCrossBetPersonalised experience for the punters 
MidasBetNew betting site with a focus on racing 
VicBetGreat website and strong racing component 
BlueBetAustralian-owned bookmaker with great features 
Bet365Global betting giant with incredible range of markets and great odds 
WinnersBetOne of the easiest bookmaker websites to use 
PendleburyBetFamily owned betting site with a strong racing focus 
PicklebetUnique bookmaker with a focus on esports 
DraftstarsSolid selection of markets and high betting limits 
TopSportSolid selection of markets and high betting limits 
Unibet Australia International betting site with almost unparalleled odds 
PalmerbetWell-rounded bookmaker owned and operated in Australia 
RealBookie Good option for punters looking for a new bookie 
BetDogsBookmaker with a focus on greyhound betting 
Great customer service and excellent website 
Good value for multis 
Experienced bookmaker with excellent odds 
Personalised experience for the punters 
New betting site with a focus on racing 
Great website and strong racing component 
Australian-owned bookmaker with great features 
Global betting giant with incredible range of markets and great odds 
One of the easiest bookmaker websites to use 
Family owned betting site with a strong racing focus 
Unique bookmaker with a focus on esports 
Solid selection of markets and high betting limits 
Solid selection of markets and high betting limits 
Unibet Australia 
International betting site with almost unparalleled odds 
Well-rounded bookmaker owned and operated in Australia 
Good option for punters looking for a new bookie 
Bookmaker with a focus on greyhound betting 

How to Choose the Best Betting Sites

There are a whole lot of things that go into deciding which betting sites are the best for you. To help you decide, when we review different betting sites we take a look at six specific areas, and rank bookmakers based on how they perform in this areas. In this section, let’s take a look in a little more detail at the things we consider when reviewing corporate bookmakers. 

Choosing the Best Online Betting Sites

One of the first things that we consider is the selection of different markets. For us, this is pretty pivotal; having more selection in terms of markets obviously gives you a greater choice of things to bet on, and can also make for a more fun experience. Of course, this depends on the punter quite a lot – if you just bet on really popular sports and the major markets like moneyline, it won’t matter, as every online bookie has those.  
If you’re looking for player props, for example, then you’ll get a really different selection with each betting site. The range of markets can vary dramatically across bookmakers; some just have a handful of sports with only very basic markets (some don’t even have sports markets, instead focusing on racing).  
In contrast, other betting websites have an enormous range, covering all sorts of sports and leagues – from local ones like AFL betting sites and NRL betting sites, while NBA betting is also increasingly common.  
Of course, when you’re scouring these range of markets, it’s also important what odds a bookmaker is offering for a certain outcome. Betting sites don’t all offer the exact same odds for the same market; they’ll be similar, but not the same, and though this difference might not seem like a lot in isolation, it can add up. That’s why we put odds level pretty high up the list in terms of the most important factors to consider when choosing between sports betting websites.  
If, for example, you get $1.87 lines at one bookmaker and $1.91 at another, this difference of four cents might not add up to much for one $5 bet. Over time, however, continually getting worse odds makes it far more likely that you’ll end up losing money, so we think it’s pretty important to get good odds. 
A good range of markets and great odds, however, doesn’t mean much if the platform on which you access them is difficult to use. By signing up and continually using the desktop site of online betting sites, we’re able to get a good feel for how easy the platform is to use. Plenty of bookmakers use a similar platform, and generally scrolling through them is fairly intuitive.  
What can vary quite a lot, however, is the speed of the site. Many bookmakers, for whatever reason, have really clunky sites which take an age to load and tend to malfunction a lot. As you can probably guess, this is super annoying. Other betting agencies have fantastic, quick and responsive websites, and it’s these ones which we generally favour. 
Equally important, if not more, than the desktop website, is betting mobile apps. These have becoming an increasingly popular way to bet in recent years, with the ability to access everything you need on your phone a big plus for many punters. There are a handful of bookmakers that still don’t even have this, which is not ideal, while the quality of the betting apps that do exist is pretty varied.  
Like the betting websites, while some Australia betting apps are really quick and responsive, others seem to constantly malfunction, take a really long time to load and are generally difficult to use. This is another important thing that we consider when reviewing Aussie betting sites. 
The above four are the factors that we think are probably the most important to consider when deciding on the best betting sites, but there are a few others we look at, too. One of these is the customer support platform. Every betting site has this in some form or another, but they can be really different in terms of how comprehensive they are.  
Some might give you just an email address and take a long time to respond; others have an email, a phone number, and most importantly a live chat, and some of these betting websites make these available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making it easy to get in touch with them. 
We also take a look at how easy it is to deposit and withdraw, with the main way we look at this through the selection of payment methods. Nearly every betting site in Australia will have debit/credit card as a deposit option, but where others will go above and beyond to make it easy for everyone with a huge range of others options, some small betting sites in Australia pretty much stop there.  
Of course, if you’re happy using debit/credit card you probably won’t mind too much what other options there are, but if you prefer to use another method then this will be an important consideration. 

How to Bet Online in Australia

Over recent years, it’s becoming increasingly easy to place a bet in Australia. This is for a number of reasons. The first, of course, is the explosion of online betting sites in Australia. In the past, you might have had to head down to the local TAB, line up at the machine, place your bet with cash and then walk away with a receipt. If you won, you’d head back to the TAB to redeem your winnings. 
Then betting entered the online realm. That made it substantially easier, with punters able to simply log on to a betting website and place their bets that way. Initially, that was limited to relatively few betting sites, but now there are more online bookmakers in Australia than you could, well, throw a book at, making it even easier still. 
Then along came mobile betting apps, which once again transformed the betting world and made it easier once again to place bets. Now, just a few short years after punters had to physically head to the TAB, there is the choice of a multitude of different mobile apps, each of which allows us to place a bet from our handheld devices, any place, any time.  
Of course, to place a bet you need to first open an account with a betting site. Unsurprisingly, this is generally a pretty easy process; betting sites wouldn’t exactly benefit from making it difficult to sign up with them. Usually the whole sign up process will only take a minute or two; this is how you do it.  

How to open online betting accounts in Australia 

As mentioned, this is a pretty easy process. It’s not going to be identical across different betting agencies, but there won’t be a huge deal of variance. Generally, you’ll be undertaking a pretty similar process; inputting a few personal details like your name and your date of birth, creating a user name and password, and setting a deposit limit if you so choose. This is the step by step process you’ll usually be following, or something similar: 

  • Head to the betting website of your choosing.
  • Locate the ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Join’ button, which will typically be in the top right hand corner of your screen.
  • Click that button and follow the prompts, which will include filling in details such as your name, date of birth, email address, username and password – as well as a deposit limit, which is a good idea for many people to ensure they don’t overspend.
  • Once you’ve filled this information in, you simply click the appropriate buttons – ‘Continue’, ‘Next Step’ etc – and your account will be created. 

Betting Sites FAQs

Here at BettingTop10, we get a lot of different questions about Australian online bookmakers. To help you out, we’re going to answer some of the questions that we get the most often in this section. 

The answer to this question is constantly changing, such is the speed with which new Australian betting sites appear. There has been a stream of new Australian online bookmakers in recent years, from PlayUp in 2019 to GetSetBet, and most recently at the time of writing, MidasBet in 2022.  
Of course, we don’t recommend that you only consider how new a betting site is when looking for the best betting agency. You need to take into consideration a wide variety of factors, all of which we’ve taken a look at when coming to the conclusions discussed in the next question! 

There is a lot of choice when it comes to choosing an online bookmaker in Australia, which can sometimes make it difficult to decide which is best.  
And of course, what’s best for one person may not necessarily be the best for another, which is why at BettingTop10 we take into consideration a range of different factors to find the bookmakers which provide the best all-round service, while also taking a look at which individual areas they excel in. That way, you can take a look at which betting sites offer what it is that you’re after. 
Despite all the ambiguity though, there are a handful of sites that we at BettingTop10 think stand out from the crowd. The top 10 betting sites that we have currently got listed are PlayUp, GetSetBet, BoomBet, MidasBet, SouthernCrossBet, VicBet, Bet365, BlueBet, WinnersBet and PendleburyBet. Depending what you’re looking for though, some of these may be better suited to you than others. 

Cash out is an intriguing feature that many online betting sites in Australia have implemented in recent years, and one which we’ll discuss in a little more detail later on. However, the basics are pretty simple.  
After you place a bet, as the event unfolds, the likelihood of your bet succeeding ebbs and flows. Cash out allows you to essentially cancel your bet and take back an amount of money which corresponds to the likelihood of the outcome you’ve bet on unfolding, relative to what the odds were when you placed the bet? Sound a bit confusing? Fair enough – read on in the next section, and we’ll give some cash out examples to make it a bit clearer. 
As mentioned, not all bookmakers offer this at this point in time, but quite a lot do. Bet365 is one such example, with their cash out value generally some of the best in the betting industry, while Unibet is another betting site which has this feature. Generally the new betting sites and small betting sites in Australia won’t have it, though that doesn’t mean that they never will. 

This is an interesting one, but we do get this question a lot which indicates that people are keen to find a trustworthy betting site. Of course, it probably comes as no surprise to you that there isn’t one particular betting agency which is the most trustworthy.  
However, you can be assured that all of the betting sites that we review at BettingTop10 have an appropriate license and are regulated by a governing body. Bear in mind, of course, that betting sites do want to make money, which means that they want you to lose.  
They won’t exactly be giving away money, and you will need to buck the trend if you’re to beat them. Having said that though, those that we review are all legitimate gambling sites, so you can be confident that they will at least act in line with regulations. 

There is a lot of competition for the title of the best betting agency in Australia, and not everyone will agree on the answer. As you may have read above in our own experts’ views of the best betting sites in Australia, there are plenty of different responses depending on what it is that the punter is looking for.  
We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Australian bookmakers based on a broad spectrum of factors, a list of betting sites which includes names like Bet365, PlayUp and BoomBet, but which of these is your favourite will depend on personal preference. 

A quick note here; when referring to the best betting site in Australia, let’s talk about the actual site itself now. Virtually all betting sites have a desktop site of some variety – there is the occasional exception, but for the most part betting agencies have online desktop sites – but there can be a big difference in quality.  
Some provide a super smooth experience, while others make your computer sound like it’s going to explode and take an age to load a new page. Among the best betting sites in Australia are PlayUp, Bet365 and WinnersBet. 

On a global scale, there are even more betting sites to choose from, but the best betting sites in Australia are certainly competitive with the best from around the world. And indeed, a couple of those that we at BettingTop10 have reviewed and rate quite highly are global betting giants, so they could certainly be seen to fit into the category of best betting sites in the world.  
Bet365 is one example, while Unibet is another which made its name overseas before developing an Australian branch later on.  

It’s understandable that punters would want to know which betting site has the highest payout. After all, this makes it more likely that you’ll be able to win money, and rewards you more if you manage to place a bet.  
However, it’s not quite as simple as one betting site having the best payout. Every betting site will have a different range of markets and different odds for each of them, so while one Australian betting site might have the best odds for one market, another online betting company might be best for another. 
Of course, having said that, there are certain betting companies in Aus which do generally have better odds than others, and while this doesn’t mean that they will provide the best value for every single market, it does mean that they reasonably often will, and when they don’t they’ll still be up there.  
-Bet365 is one example of one of the best Australian sports betting sites which offers really great odds, while PlayUp and Unibet could also fall into that same category. 

Betting apps have become an increasingly popular way to bet in recent years, making it easy to access the best Australian sports betting sites while on the go. Gone are the days where you need to be at home and able to log on to your computer to access these online betting companies; instead, all you need is your phone, and you can access the vast majority of top betting sites at the click of a button. 
The quality of these apps is not always consistent though. Some are fantastic, super easy to use and make betting more simple than using your computer. Others, however, have a tendency to lag and are generally difficult to navigate, making the desktop betting site a better option.  
Among the best betting apps in Australia are PlayUp, WinnersBet, Picklebet and Bet365, though there are a number of others which could claim to have one of the best betting apps going around. 

Betting Sites Features

On top of the range of factors that we mentioned earlier that we take into consideration when reviewing Australian betting sites – such as number of markets, odds and customer support platform – there are also various features which certain betting agencies have which can help them to elevate above the opposition.  
Again, which of these is most important will depend on the punter; some, for example, really value the ability to live stream a certain sport, while others will want a great blog. It’s really up to you what is most important for you when determining the top betting sites, but without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the features to keep an eye out for.

✅Live betting 

Live betting is not an entirely new concept, but it is one which has grown in popularity in recent years. The concept is simple enough; rather than only being able to bet on an event before it stars, live betting enables you to bet on it after it has begun, and get odds that reflect the current state of the event.  
This allows punters to get a feel for how something is unfolding before placing a bet; though it’s worth bearing in mind that the bookmakers also get that advantage, and that the odds for live betting are often inferior to pre-event. 
Having said that, it can still be a fun way to use a betting site, especially if you know what you’re doing, and especially if you can find the Australian bookmakers which offer decent live betting odds.  
Not all sports betting websites offer this feature – in fact there are quite a lot that don’t have live betting at all – and among those who do, the quantity of markets and quality of the odds can vary quite a lot. Often it’s the biggest betting companies in Australia that will offer this, while new betting sites don’t tend to be as likely to have it available. 

✅Betting apps  

We’ve mentioned betting apps already on this page, but they’re worth acknowledging again as a feature of betting sites given not just their importance, but the act that they aren’t available with every betting site in Australia.  
Most do have them, but there are still plenty that don’t. By and large, however, the best online betting sites will have them, but there are still some small betting sites in Australia that don’t.  
And among those that do, there are some who have plenty of work to do to make it a bit more user-friendly. The best betting apps are great; they make it super simple to open up, scroll through the markets and place bets, with very few issues arising.  
Others, however, can take a really long time to load anything, often seem to overwhelm phones and malfunction regularly, with issues like betting apps suddenly closing down relatively common for some bookmakers. 
A good betting app is a major plus for Australian bookmakers, which is why it’s worth checking out if the betting site you’re considering using has a betting app at all, and whether it’s functional. At BettingTop10, we’ve done a lot of the work for you, and by checking out our betting apps page you can find out more about which Australian betting sites have the best betting apps.  

✅Cash out

Cash out is a feature which was touched upon higher up on this page, but in this section we’re going to go into more detail about what cashing out with Australian online bookies means. Essentially, cash out gives you the option to opt out of your bet when it’s partway through being decided for a monetary value which reflects the likelihood of it winning. It might sound complicated, but we’ll give you an example of how it might work to make it easier. 
Say you place a bet of $10 on Team X to win a game with an Australian betting site, paying $2, meaning you’d get $20 return if it wins. Halfway through the game, Team X is winning comfortably. Their live betting odds might have come down to $1.10, so the chance of you getting that $20 is high. You might then be able to cash out with some sports betting sites for around $18, for example. In contrast, if Team X is losing by a lot at half-time, they might be now paying $5 in live betting. If you’re pretty sure they are not going to come back and win, you might be able to cash out and get perhaps $3 of your $10 back. 
The cash out feature, it’s worth noting, usually doesn’t have quite as much value as riding out the bet would, but if you feel really strongly about how a match will unfold or if you want to ensure you don’t lose the entire stake, it can be worth considering. However, not all betting sites in Australia offer cash out.  
In fact, it’s relatively rare, and new betting sites in particular will rarely have it. You’ll most likely have to look at the biggest betting companies in Australia to find it – the best bookies like Bet365 and Unibet, both global betting giants, have this feature, for example. 

✅Live streaming 

Live streaming is another betting sites feature which, a few years ago, would have been hard to comprehend. Being able to watch live sports or racing on an online gambling site wasn’t even a consideration a few years ago, but now it’s becoming increasingly commonplace.  
There’s not much explaining needed here; this feature simply refers to the ability to watch live events on the betting website or betting app. Again, however, it’s limited to only certain bookmakers. 
Many Australiab online bookies, particularly new betting sites, won’t have this feature. Some of the more established ones, however, those with a little more money, can afford to buy the rights to certain events. Often this will be racing, with either Australian or international races broadcast on the betting sites, but it does on occasion extend to sports.  
Which sports are offered is entirely unique to individual Australian bookmakers, because they have to pay individually for the rights to events. That means that some might offer just a couple of small events – you might find a random table tennis tournament, for example. Others, however, offer a veritable smorgasbord of live events. 
Take Unibet, for example, which broadcasts over 30,000 events live each year. Some of these are smaller events, but they also have the rights to huge leagues like the NFL and NBA; the same goes for Bet365.  
There are certain restrictions involved though. These broadcast rights don’t allow you to watch on screens of certain sizes usually, so you might be forced to stream on the betting app, or on your computer on a smaller screen – you probably can’t cast it to the big screen. You’ll also need to have an account, obviously, and that will typically need to be either funded or for you to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours aside. Despite those rules, however, this can still be a really valuable feature that many gambling sites offer. 


Many Australian betting sites go to the effort to create a blog with feature articles, often providing tips or previews as well as reviews of major events. This essentially just acts as a sports website with an affiliation to the betting site in question, though generally with a betting flavour. For example, a blog might talk about an upcoming major game, previewing the matchup itself as well as talking about some of the odds and major betting markets. 
These blogs are not super common and how comprehensive those that do exist are is fairly varied. Some bookmakers seem to make them but then not devote much attention to them, while others really go above and beyond to make a good blog.  
On other occasions, an online gambling site might not have a dedicated blog as such, but they will provide a comprehensive preview of an event on the page with the markets for that event. 
Of course, given these are created by the betting sites – who obviously don’t want everyone to know their secrets! – these kinds of tips shouldn’t be used in isolation when deciding what to bet on.  
They can, however, still be an interesting enough read in and of themselves, and can help to add another layer to your understanding of an event. Again, this is not a feature which is super common with Aussie betting sites, but it is certainly a welcome one if you like to read about sport.  

✅Payment methods 

Payment methods aren’t a super interesting betting site related topic to talk about, but nonetheless they are an important consideration when it comes to picking the best betting sites. Most online gambling sites will offer debit/credit card, but it can be a real plus for some punters to find a betting website which offers a variety of other options, be that PayPal betting sites, POLi, Apple Pay or something else entirely. 
Each Australian betting site has a different collection of payment methods that you can use, and it can be a little hard to go through every single one of them to figure out where you can use your preferred payment method.  
That’s where we come in. We’ve done the hard work for you at BettingTop10, taking a detailed look at the payment methods available with different betting sites on our dedicated payment methods page

🆕 New Betting Sites

There are plenty of new betting sites in Australia, with more and more popping up each and every year. MidasBet is one of the most new betting sites in Australia at the time of writing, having only been launched in 2022, but there are plenty of others too. Getsetbet, for example, launched just the year prior, while even PlayUp, despite being one of the best betting sites in Australia according to our review, has only been around since 2019.  
Relatively often, new betting sites are Australian owned and operated, which is a big plus for many punters. Usually they’ll have a pretty decent selection of racing markets, though sometimes the sports markets can be a little thinner until they develop themselves a bit more as a betting site. 
Good websites and apps also tend to be a feature of these sites. They don’t necessarily have the money or resources to provide as wide a range of sports markets or super competitive odds, but a slick website and often a good customer support platform is how they compensate. 
For a look at what all the new betting sites have to offer, take a look at our dedicated new betting sites page

 ➡️ Small Betting Sites

In the same way that some people like to support their local café rather than a big business, there are plenty of punters who like to try to use small betting sites wherever possible. And with so many Australian bookmakers now in the industry, there are no shortage of these! Some of the bigger ones include names like Bet365 and Unibet, so if you’re looking for small betting sites  then perhaps look elsewhere.  
Examples of small betting sites include VicBet and SouthernCrossBet. It’s worth noting that often small betting sites might not have the same level of offering as some of their bigger ones, but they usually do specialise in a certain area. This can be a good or a bad thing. 
For example, many small betting sites are racing focused. This means if you’re a racing punter, you’ll most likely be able to find all the markets you need and get pretty good odds while doing it, but if you want all the sports markets you can dream of you might need to look elsewhere. 
Good customer support is also pretty common with these sites. They want to establish themselves as a smaller site which looks out for its customers, and provide a customer service platform which is efficient and easy to use is one way to do it.  
Some of the small betting sites that we have reviewed are listed below: 

  • MidasBet
  • GetSetBet
  • WinnersBet
  • PendleburyBet
  • RealBookie 

🌏International Betting Sites

There are so many different Australian betting sites popping up over the past few years that the majority of the best bookies that we review are owned and operated within Australia. However, there are still a handful which are major international companies that have created an Australian branch to their operations, with the most notable examples being Unibet and Bet365.  
Using international betting sites certainly has its benefits; these are huge betting companies which means that they have plenty of resources, and often they’ll have more features than the smaller betting sites we mentioned above. For example, you’ll be more likely to get live streaming, while they’ll also probably be live betting sites too, and – as is definitely the case in the example of Bet365 and Unibet – you’ll also often get a really wide range of markets and great odds.  
If you want to support Australian betting sites then these won’t be your best option, of course, but if you want access to all the benefits international betting sites have to offer then they’re worth checking out. 

🎁Betting Sites Bonuses and Promotions

Betting sites bonuses and promotions are one of the main ways that betting sites attempt to attract new customers to their site. Regulations in Australia, however, dictate that betting sites are not legally allowed to advertise bonuses and promotions to anyone who is not a signed up customer with the betting site. This makes it hard to know what promotions are available to you, though if you have an account with a bookmaker then you can check. 
The form that betting sites bonus and promotions come in can be pretty varied. Quite a common one is to do with same game multis, with some betting sites offering your money back in bonus bets if you lose a same game multi of at least three legs and a certain value by just one leg. Another common promotion relating to racing might be money back in a certain race on a win bet if you finish top three. There are also some betting offers in Australia that include betting sites free bets.  
Bear in mind that these promotions are intended to get you using a betting site as they then bank on you continuing to use them, so they often aren’t as much in your favour as they might initially appear. Still, if you use them wisely, they can be a good way to increase your odds. For more information about these, check out our betting sites bonuses and promotions page

🏉Sports Betting Sites

At BettingTop10, we review many of the best sports betting sites. What’s the difference between a sports betting site and just a regular betting site, you might ask? Often there is no difference, but with all of the small betting sites popping up, some of them don’t offer sports markets, instead focusing on racing.  
Most of the betting sites that we review, however, do offer sports. Just how much they have to offer in this space can be pretty varied though. Some might offer all the sports that you can dream of and a massive range of markets in each of them, while others only have the most popular leagues and pretty basic markets.  
Some of the best sports betting sites include global giants Bet365 and Unibet, while PlayUp and BlueBet also have a really good range of sports betting options. This includes not just a great range of markets, but also really competitive odds. 
At BettingTop10, we’ve got pages dedicated to some of the most common of those sports that punters like to bet on. Check out our page dedicated to AFL betting, NRL betting, as well as NBA betting sites

🎮 Esports Betting Sites

Esports aren’t as popular as regular sports or racing, but nonetheless they do have a dedicated fanbase, and as a result there are some people out there who like to bet on what they know. Lots of the biggest sports betting sites will have esports markets, but there is one which focuses specifically on this niche area.  
Picklebet emerged relatively recently as another new player in the betting industry, but rather than just position themselves as yet another of many Australian betting sites, they came out offering a point of difference in their focus on esports. There are a few other options too, with the biggest betting sites like Bet365 and Unibet also having esports options available. 
For the best esports betting experience, however, Picklebet is probably your best bet, with their huge range of markets in the area and competitive odds putting them above the rest. 

🏇Horse Racing Betting Sites

Horse racing is, as most people know, a major part of the betting industry, and vice versa; without betting the horse racing industry probably wouldn’t exist. This is a huge part of what most betting sites offer, with most betting sites offering markets daily on Australian and international races, and odds months in advance for major events like the Melbourne Cup.  
Some betting sites, like VicBet, stick exclusively to horse racing betting, though regardless of which betting site you use you’ll likely find a lot of horse racing betting markets. 
Exactly how good those markets are, however, can vary. Horse racing is one kind of betting where odds are pretty pivotal; given that each betting company essentially offers the same horse racing markets, odds help to differentiate one from another.  
Different betting sites also present their horse racing markets differently, with some offering detailed rundowns for each runner and others being fairly limited in this regard. 

🐕 Greyhound Betting Sites

A smaller branch of the racing betting industry is greyhound racing. Again, this is something for which the vast majority of Australian betting sites will offer markets, so once again which is the best greyhound betting site is relatively contingent on who offers the best odds.  
There is also one site which focuses exclusively on this branch of betting; the aptly named BetDogs. This doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the only place to go if you’re looking for greyhound betting sites – others still do just a good a job in terms of their offering in this regard – but BetDogs do offer relatively decent odds and focus all their attention on this niche area. 

🔮Fantasy Betting Sites

Fantasy sports have grown massively in popularity over the past ten years or so, with the ability for sports fans to build teams of their own on a variety of different platforms and then score points based on how those players perform in real life turning out to be a lot of fun.  
Now, you can bet on it, too. Some normal betting sites might offer fantasy betting markets here and there, but there’s just one that BettingTop10 have reviewed which focuses exclusively on it; Draftstars
With Draftstars, rather than simply betting on a potential outcome and getting odds based on the likelihood of it occurring, you get involved in the event in a whole different way. As you would with a ‘dream team’, Draftstars allows you to build a team for a day, for example, and then enter it in tournaments.  
You’ll score points based on how your players perform in real life, and can win money in these tournaments if you do well. Of course, there are entry fees for these tournaments, with that essentially acting as your stake and the potential winnings if you do well in a tournament being your return. 

🥇Betting Agencies

Betting agencies is essentially a different way to refer to betting sites. There are a huge number of betting agencies in Australia, with each of them falling into one or more of the numerous categories mentioned above. 
Some betting agencies are examples of small betting sites, others are international betting sites. Some focus on sports, some focus on racing, or in rare cases, some focus on esports. All of these different types of betting agencies make up what is a really comprehensive selection of betting options in Australia. 

✅Top 50 Betting Sites

It’s indicative of just how many betting sites there are out there that we are able to put together a list of the top 50 betting sites in Australia. There are a lot of factors that go into who gets in here, many of which we have outlined elsewhere on the page. During our detailed research, we’ve taken a look at the range of markets, odds, customer support platform, desktop site and mobile betting app, payment methods, and more, to get a feel for which are the best betting sites in Australia. Here is your list of online betting sites Australia that we think make up the top 50, as well as a little bit about each of them. 

  • PlayUp – Good website and really competitive odds 
  • Getsetbet – Good betting site on which to place multis 
  • BoomBet – Experienced bookmaker with a quality mobile app 
  • SouthernCrossBet – Reputable and reliable betting website 
  • MidasBet – One of Australia’s newest betting sites and one with good odds on racing 
  • VicBet – Racing focused betting website with solid odds 
  • BlueBet – Australian owned and operated betting site with a great app 
  • Bet365 – One of the biggest betting companies in the world, boasting great odds and a huge selection of markets 
  • WinnersBet – A racing focused Australian bookmaker with a really nice website 
  • PendleburyBet – A good selection of racing markets with competitive odds  
  • Picklebet – The go to for lovers of esports who wish to bet on it 
  • Draftstars – A betting website with a fantasy focus which offers a unique way to place bets 
  • TopSport – One of Australia’s oldest bookmakers, has very high betting limits 
  • Unibet Australia – A major international betting company with some of the best odds going around and a great range of markets 
  • Palmerbet – A solid Australian betting website that does most things well 
  • RealBookie – Solid and reliable betting website without doing anything to stand out 
  • BetDogs – A greyhound racing focused betting website which provides a strong platform on which to bet on the dogs, as the name suggests 
  • Ladbrokes – A solid, international betting company with a number of quality features 
  • Bet Deluxe – A relatively new website which has a great range of bonuses and promos 
  • Betstar – Betstar is a tried and tested betting website which has been around for a long time 
  • Dabble – A new betting website with a terrific betting app 
  • Neds – Neds has a very solid range of betting markets  
  • PointsBet – A betting website which allows you to place spread bets, which means you win or lose a certain amount based on how wrong or right your bet was 
  • Sportsbet – One of the most popular betting websites in Australia, with great player prop odds and a huge selection of markets 
  • TAB – One of the biggest betting websites in Australia for both sports and racing 
  • Betfair – A betting website which will give you some of the best odds going around courtesy of their back or lay system 
  • Buddybet – Different type of betting platform which allows you to bet against your mates 
  • Cross Bet – Cross Bet does what they need to do to provide a solid betting platform without standing out 
  • Draft Kings – This is a fantasy related betting website in which you can enter daily fantasy tournaments 
  • Okebet – A betting site with a solid mobile betting app 
  • RivalBet – Another betting agency that lets you bet directly against your friends 
  • TAB Touch – An offshoot of TAB with a great, sleek design 
  • Webet – Webet has a solid customer support platform to help you out when in need 
  • Winbet – The product of bookmakers with a whole lot of experience 
  • Wishbet – You can live stream certain racing events on the website of this betting agency  
  • Zbet – A 24/7 live stream of international races is the most notable standout feature for this betting agency 
  • Actionbet – A good customer service team helps to put this one in the top 50 betting sites 
  • Budgetbet – The odds with this Australian bookmaker are pretty competitive despite it being a smaller betting site 
  • Moriaty Racing – Moriaty Racing provides pretty competitive odds on racing markets 
  • PlayON – Another fantasy sports focused betting site with a solid range of fantasy markets 
  • SportChamps – Really easy to use layout which is simple to navigate  
  • Swopstakes – This betting website offers a unique way of placing bets  
  • Tombet – Simple to use website is the basis of this no frills betting website 
  • TopOdds – Another of Australia’s many small betting sites with a straightforward website 
  • RobWaterhouse – The product of a famous Australian bookmaking family 
  • Punt123 – This betting website has a superior customer support platform than many other small betting sites in Australia 
  • Goldbet – Live chat is a notable feature for one of Australia’s smaller betting sites 
  • Booki – Booki has a really good selection of sports markets available for a small betting site 
  • BeazaBet – Pretty solid odds for racing markets. 

What Else Do We Do At BettingTop10

A lot of work goes into everything that we do at BettingTop10. All of the detailed reviews that we do, as well as the research on other betting sites that help to determine which ones we think are the best, take a whole lot of research. But reviews aren’t all that we do here. We also compare betting sites.  


With so many different betting sites available for you to choose from, it’s hard enough to narrow it down to five or ten to choose from, let alone one. Sometimes, you might be umming and ahhing about two different betting sites which have pretty similar offerings; maybe one has great customer service but the other has excellent odds; perhaps the first has a really good range of sporting markets, but the second has the payment method that you prefer.  

Our comparison pieces allow for you to directly reference one betting site against another, making it easier to decide which one is best for you. We’ve done heaps of these kinds of reviews, and we generally try to do it between the biggest and best bookmakers in Australia – those that you are most likely to be tossing up between.  

These comparisons include the likes of TopSport vs Winnersbet, PlayUp vs Palmerbet, Bet365 vs Unibet. Typically, we take an angle, by which I mean the betting sites probably have something in common. For example, in the latter of those mentioned above, it’s a battle of the international betting sites to determine which is best, or most suitable for you.  

You can take a look at all of our comparisons between different betting sites on our betting sites comparison page.