2028 Olympics to Feature Cricket

Noah Strang
Noah Strang
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Australia looks forward to Cricket as an official 2028 Olympic sport

Cricket gets added to the list of 2028 Olympic sports as Australia looks on and prepares its teams.  

News Insights

  • This could change the dynamics for countries like Australia with a long history with Cricket.
  • Cricket will finally gain the international attention it deserves.
  • Renewed interest in a sport that has been often overlooked may emerge
  • A new generation of athletes will have a chance to prove their athletic abilities.

All of the buzz around the 2028 Olympics is about the addition of Cricket as an official sport. This will have major impacts in countries like Australia where the sport is popular and highly competitive. It is something to keep an eye on as this Olympics are organized. 

Cricket has been confirmed as one of the five new sports added to the official list of sports recognized for the 2028 Olympics. It is something that has been lobbied for by many for a long time, and now it is coming to fruition.  

Other sports added to the list for 2028 include flag football, baseball/software, lacrosse, and squash. They have all been approved by the IOC for inclusion in the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles.  

What Does the Addition of Cricket in the 2028 Olympics Mean for Australia? 

There is an enormous amount of buzz and anticipation about the 2028 Olympics and the inclusion of Cricket as an official sport in Australia. Cricket Australia boss Nick Hockley stated the following about this development: “We are thrilled” and continued by saying: “This is a game-changer for our sport that is already among the fastest growing in the world. The Olympic Games will undoubtedly increase the global reach of cricket, inspiring a whole new generation to love and play the game.” 

This is a time when those who have passionately competed in the sport before will finally get a moment to show the world all of the hard work that they have put into their talent.  

What This Could Mean for the Sport Itself 

The sport of Cricket has grown in popularity in recent years. Getting it in front of a global audience could supercharge the popularity of an already rising sport.  

Cricket was featured once before on the Olympic stage in 1900. However, it has been absent from this international competition since that time.  

The IOC is hoping that the inclusion of Cricket will bring in more fans to watch their events, particularly Asian fans where the sport is the most popular.  

How Popular is Cricket Already?

It is interesting that it took such a tough push to get Cricket included on the Olympic stage when you consider the fact that it already boasts of 2.5 billion fans worldwide. In certain parts of the world (such as India), it is by far the most popular sport.  

Western audiences are not necessarily as familiar with the sport as other parts of the world. Bringing it onto the Olympic stage might help get more eyeballs from those areas on the sport. Many fans will experience the game for the first time and will start to learn the rules of the game based on watching it during the 2028 Olympics.  

What is Australia Doing to Prepare?  

The nation of Australia is preparing for the addition of Cricket to the Olympic Games in 2028 by funneling resources into its national team. Already a wildly popular sport in Australia, the country will surely be among the favorites to win a metal in this event. The Australian people will aim high and send forth their best squad to perform during the 2028 Olympics.  

There is a significant amount of excitement about the addition of Cricket in the 2028 Olympics. Australia is excited to see it happening and is prepared to send its best possible team to compete in this event.