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Last Updated: 17 April, 2024

Best Australian Betting Sites

Betting Site
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Solid Mobile App
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Great racing fixed odds
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Revolutionary Betting Interface
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Best Betting Sites in Australia

Betting SiteWhy we like them
PlayUpRobust website/app, superior fixed odds.
PuntersPalNew, offers competitive betting odds.
Bet365Globally renowned, offering top odds.
BoomBetExcellent features and competitive odds.
VicBetImproved website and mobile app.
BlueBetAussie-owned, Aussie-themed bonuses/promos.

New and Trending Betting Sites

Betting SiteWhy we like them
DabbleAiming to revolutionise mobile betting.
PuntNowNew, race-promo-focused bookmaker.
GetSetBetGood market range, notably new.
MidasBetNew bookmaker, emphasises racing.
PicklebetUnique e-sports and sports betting.
BetRightEstablished 2021, strong odds provider.

Best betting sites in Australia

With so many different betting sites in Australia, it should come as no surprise to you that there are plenty of good options out there. Among our favourites include PlayUp, Bet365 and Unibet, but there is a lot that goes into what makes a great betting site, and which are the best ones can vary a little from punter to punter.

To decide on what we think are the best overall Australian bookmakers, we take a look at a wide range of different factors. We’ll consider the most obvious factors, namely the odds and the range of markets available, but we’ll go beyond that too. We’ll also consider the quality of the website and mobile app, whether they offer good customer service, any potential extra features, the number of banking options, and the overall betting experience to provide you with the most comprehensive possible perspective of the best Australian betting sites.

To help you make your own decision – or to better understand why we favour certain betting sites over others – we’ve written detailed reviews about a large number of different Aussie bookmakers. Below, you can take a quick look over some of the qualities of each betting site to help separate them from each other, and if you want more information then simply click on the link pertaining to each betting site to read the detailed review about that bookie. 

PlayUp Betting Site

Playup Review

PlayUp is a relatively new betting site, at least compared to some of the biggest betting agencies both in Australia and around the world, but despite having only been launched in 2019 it’s already one of the most popular in the country. This online betting company has all of the good stuff; a very user-friendly platform, great odds and excellent customer support, so it’s no wonder they’ve become so popular in such a short period of time.

☑️Pros: Competitive odds, 24/7 customer support, excellent mobile app

❎ Cons: Could have a wider range of sports markets, no live streaming available

PlayUp Review
Best Fixed Odds, Playup Playbook

BetRight Betting Site

BetRight  Review

BetRight is one of the newer betting sites to enter the Australian market, having been formed in 2021. And though they’re young, there is already plenty to like about this betting agency. They perform really well across the board, but of particular note is the speed of both their website and mobile app, their quality customer support platform to ensure you can get help when you need it, and some great promotions for members. Overall, this is already a really good betting site, and having only opened in 2021 they’ll likely continue to improve their offering.

☑️Pros: Great website and mobile app, good promotions, excellent customer support platform.

❎ Cons: No live streaming, no live betting, not a great deal of banking options.

BetRight Review
Highly competitive betting odds

PuntersPal Betting Site

PuntersPal Review

PuntersPal doesn’t do anything too out of the box, but in this case that’s a good thing. A relatively new betting platform, they offer a simple betting experience that does what it needs to do and makes it easy for the punter to do what they need to do. A user-friendly app is my preferred way to go about accessing the features of PuntersPal, which includes some really good odds, and a live chat platform which makes it simple to get in immediate contact with the company if you have any issues or queries. Overall, PuntersPal’s philosophy of keeping betting simple is plain to see, and makes them a really good option for puntersa.

☑️Pros: Excellent mobile app, live chat availability, solid promotions.

❎ Cons: No live streaming, no live betting, not many payment options.

PuntersPal Review
Competitive Odds

Dabble Betting Site

Dabble Review

Dabble entered the fray in 2021, and it’s pretty clear that they’re one of the newer players in the industry. This is by no means a slight on them – they’re a really good betting agency, and the reason that it’s clear they haven’t been around for long is that they are a mobile-only betting site. Considering mobile apps for betting agencies have only been around for a few years, it could only be a new betting site jumping into the saturated betting industry without a website. But it works. Personally, I much prefer betting apps anyway, so the unavailability of a betting site is no problem for me, and all it means is that they can devote more time to ensuring that their mobile app is as good as can be. And it is. It’s a really speedy, intuitive platform, and on it you can access a very solid selection of markets, quality customer service and some great features.

☑️Pros: Great mobile app, Australian owned and operated, good customer support platform.

❎ Cons: Not many payment options, no website an issue if you prefer to use that platform, no live streaming.

Dabble Review
A new way of betting on Racing and Sports

PuntNow Betting Site

PuntNow Review

PuntNow is about as fresh as it gets in terms of betting sites in Australia, having only been founded in 2022. It’s never easy for a new betting site to enter into the Australian betting industry given how many established brands there already are to compete with, and while PuntNow certainly has some things they could improve on they’ve developed a pretty solid betting platform. Among their best qualities are the fact that they have 24/7 live chat – something that I think is a hugely valuable addition to any betting site – and a really good mobile app. These are a couple of really pivotal features, and though they could certainly improve some other things like their odds and range of markets, hopefully this is something that they’ll be able to get more competitive with as they develop as a company.

☑️Pros: Availability of 24/7 live chat, terrific mobile app, good experience for racing punters.

❎ Cons: No live streaming, no live betting, average odds.

PuntNow Review
Australia's Newest Bookie with Great Racing Promos

MidasBet Betting Site

Midasbet Review

MidasBet is one of the newest Australian betting sites, launching only in 2022. In a very competitive industry it’s never easy for new gambling sites to stand out, but they’ve made a great start. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of this new bookie, which has quickly established as one of the best betting sites going around.

☑️Pros: Great customer support, responsive website, good selection of racing markets

❎Cons: No live betting, no live streaming, not a very wide range of sports markets

MidasBet Review
New Modern Bookmaker with a racing focus

WinnersBet Betting Site

WinnersBet Review

WinnersBet is yet another new Australian betting site, and are yet another to have quickly made a name for themselves despite the raft of competition they have to deal with. They certainly have area to improve, but a good grasp on the fundamentals means that they are well-placed to continue to grow. 
☑️Pros: Fast and easy to use website, good range of racing markets, nice rewards program 
Cons: Not a huge range of sports markets, limited markets within events they do have, no live betting 

WinnersBet Review
Great points feature! Lovely Layout.

GetSetBet Betting Site

GetSetBet Review

GetSetBet is a Swopstakes-owned Australian betting site which launched in 2021. This bookmaker has a bit of work to do until they can match it with the biggest and the best in the industry, but they have laid the foundations with a number of strong components to their betting platform and have plenty of room to grow. 

☑️Pros: 24/7 live chat, easy to use website, GetSetBet TV 
Cons: No live betting, no live streaming, average range of sports markets 

GetSetBet Review
Fun and exciting markets!

BoomBet Betting Site

BoomBet Review

BoomBet might not be a name that you’re familiar with, but they actually have a lot more experience in the industry than you might think. They were previously known as Sportsbetting and are one of the oldest Australian betting sites, having been around since 1998, and in that time they’ve unsurprisingly developed into a pretty reliable bookmaker. 
☑️Pros: Great website and mobile app, very good odds, excellent customer support 
Cons: No live streaming, no live betting, not a wide range of sports markets

Boombet Review

BlueBet Betting Site

BlueBet Review

BlueBet was launched in 2015, and since then they’ve attempted to establish themselves as the go-to site for punters looking for a legitimate Aussie betting site. And there’s plenty to like about them; they’ve got good odds and an excellent app, and while they have some areas for improvement, they also do a whole lot right. 
☑️Pros: Excellent customer service, fantastic mobile app, live racing streaming 
Cons: No live betting, no live streaming, website can at times malfunction 

BlueBet Review
Bluey’s Best Bets!

VicBet Betting Site

VicBet Review

VicBet might not be one of the most well-known betting sites in Austalia, but they have been around for a long time and have accumulated plenty of experience over those years. First opening their doors in 2005, this Australian betting site has good racing odds and strong customer support, though a lack of sports markets might be a turn-off for some. 
☑️Pros: Good racing odds, strong customer support platform, secure payment platform 
Cons: No mobile app, no sports betting markets, no live streaming. 

Vicbet Review
New and improved website with a mobile app

Bet365 Betting Site

Bet365 Review

Bet365 is one of the biggest online betting sites in the world, so it’s no surprise that since bringing their service to Australian shores back in 2012, they’ve become the go-to choice for plenty of Aussie punters. They do a whole lot right, punctuated by their massive range of markets, while they also have an excellent website and great odds. 
☑️Pros: Elite odds, huge range of markets, easy to use website 
Cons: Minimum withdrawal of $20, app can at times malfunction, balance updates sometimes take a little while 

Bet365 Review
Most well known bookmaker – always a solid experience

PickleBet Betting Site

PickleBet Review

Picklebet is one of the most unique new gambling sites going around, focusing largely on the growing area of esports. This means that for lovers of esports they provide a great service that is very hard to find elsewhere, though it does in turn mean that there are a lack of sports markets on offer for those who wish to bet on those. 
☑️Pros: Great esports markets, easy to use mobile app, strong customer support platform 
❎Cons: Lack of sports markets, no app available for Android, minimal payment methods available 

Picklebet Review
E-sports focus with great odds!

Draftstars Betting Site

Draftstars Review

Drafstars is not like other Aussie betting sites. Rather than simply offering a similar range of markets to its competitors, Draftstars instead focuses on fantasy sports, making betting with this bookmaker a unique experience. Take a look at the pros and cons of this Australian betting site below. 
☑️Pros: Excellent website and app, unique way of betting, betting tips available 
Cons: Lack of normal betting markets, limited customer suppport options, small range of payment methods 

Draftstars Review
Daily Fantasy owned by Playup!

TopSport Betting Site

TopSport Review

TopSport have been plying their trade as an Aussie betting site since way back in 1998, and have earned a solid reputation during that time. This is one of the online betting companies that has been around since well before many of their current competitors, and that experience comes to the fore. 
☑️Pros: Good website and app, high betting limits, strong racing odds 
Cons: No live chat, sports odds could be better, range of sports markets could also be better 

TopSport Review
Extensive range of markets with fair limits

Unibet Australia Betting Site

Unibet Australia Review

Unibet is one of the biggest betting companies in the world, and in 2012 they joined the growing list of Aussie betting sites by creating an Australian version of their company. They have some areas they could improve in, but what they do well they do as well as nearly anyone, and punters who love great odds and a huge range of markets will no doubt find Unibet Australia an appealing option.  
☑️Pros: Huge range of sports markets, excellent odds, live streaming available,  
Cons: Website could be better, app isn’t as good as other big competitors, customer support not available 24/7 

Unibet Australia Review
Unibet Blog, for sport game information!

Palmerbet Betting Site

Palmerbet Review

Palmerbet is one of the best online betting sites in Australia for many reasons. Having been launched in 2013, they have gradually developed their range of services to the point where there is now very little to criticise them about. This Australian betting site does it all well; good odds, great range of markets, excellent website, and it’s for that reason that they’ve developed such a strong following.  
☑️Pros: Competitive odds, great website, wide range of markets 
Cons: No live betting, no live streaming, no live chat 

Palmerbet Review
Australian operated and owned

RealBookie Betting Site

RealBookie Review

RealBookie is another of the many new betting sites in Australia, having only been launched in 2020. Since then, while they haven’t established themselves as one of the best betting sites going around, they do plenty well, and having only been around for a couple of years they still have the potential to grow a lot in the coming years. 
☑️Pros: Good offers for existing customers, live streaming available, same game multis available for sports 
Cons: Lacking live betting options, not easy to find a phone number to use, limited payment options 

Realbookie Review
Great for serious punters!

BetDogs Betting Site

BetDogs Review

As soon as you see the name, it’s pretty clear what kind of service you’re going to get from BetDogs. This isn’t just another of the multitude sports betting websites in Australia; instead, BetDogs focuses, as the name suggests, on the greyhounds, which means they do a reasonable job in that area but don’t have the range of services that many of their competitors do. 
☑️Pros: Good odds, simple betting experience, focus on greyhounds  
Cons: Lack of any markets outside of greyhounds, no mobile app, no extra features 

BetDogs Review
Specialised greyhound bookie, backed by Topsport!

Why trust BettingTop10?

BettingTop10 Australia was created in 2017, with the intention of helping punters sift through the growing number of Australian betting sites to find the one best suited to them. We provide detailed reviews about a range of different betting agencies, while we also compare different betting sites, and offer prediction pieces about a number of different popular sports leagues including AFL NRL and NBA. With over 30 years of combined experience in the betting industry, we think we’re well placed to provide valuable content to the punter, and aim to be the most honest, impartial and helpful source going around. If you pick up any errors or have any feedback for us about the site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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Best betting sites by category

Though we like to try to narrow down the best overall betting sites, we also like to get a little more specific, and help to determine the best betting sites for certain categories. This can help you if you’re looking for a particular kind of bookmaker, rather than simply the one we think is best overall. 

For example, you might really want a great betting app, for which we might suggest a different list of betting sites compared to what we would if you wanted the betting site with the best horse racing offerings. Below, we take a look at some of the best options you have for a variety of different categories of betting sites.

CategoryDescriptionBest Betting Sites
Best Betting Site These are the most well-rounded, best betting sites across every category that we reviewPlayUp, Punters Pal, Bet365, BetRight, BoomBet
Best Betting AppsThe best betting apps make it super easy to access a betting site from your mobile phone. These are the betting agencies with fast, intuitive mobile apps with great features to boot.PlayUp, Bet365, Palmerbet, PickleBet, TopSport
Best New Betting SitesThese are the best betting sites which have only relatively recently entered the Australian betting industry.PuntersPal, BetRight, Dabble, WinnersBet, MidasBet
Best Horse Racing Betting SitesThese are the betting sites which are best to use if you’re going to be focusing on horse racing bettingBet365, GetSetBet, BlueBet, Unibet
Best Sports Betting SitesThese betting sites are best if you’re punting is generally more focused on sport.PlayUp, Bet365, Unibet, Dabble, BoomBet, BlueBet
Best Betting Sites for AFL BettingSome betting sites offer much better markets and odds for the AFL – these are some of the best AFL betting sitesBet365, Unibet, PlayUp, Palmerbet, TopSport
Best Betting Sites for NRL BettingIf you’re from north of the border on the east coast, NRL betting might be more your thing. These are the best NRL betting sites in Australia.Bet365, PlayUp, GetSetBet, Unibet
Best Betting Sites for NBA BettingLooking to get around the biggest basketball league in the world? These are the best betting sites for NBA betting.Bet365, Dabble, Unibet, MidasBet, Picklebet
Best Betting Sites for Soccer BettingThe World Game is fondly named as such for a reason, and with so many fans it’s no surprise that the best betting sites for soccer are plentiful.Unibet, PalmerBet, Bet365, PlayUp, BoomBet, PuntersPal
Best Betting Sites for Tennis BettingWhen the four tennis majors roll around, half of the country suddenly becomes a tennis expert. If you’re one of them, check out these best betting sites for tennis betting.Bet365, PlayUp, BetRight, BoomBet
Best Betting Sites for Golf BettingLike tennis, the four golf majors are what most capture the attention of the sporting public, but there are plenty of other high profile events on throughout the course of the year too. Take a look at the markets for them on these, the best betting sites for golf betting.Bet365, Unibet, BoomBet, BetRight, GetSetBet
Best Betting Sites for E-Sports BettingE-Sports is a niche betting area, but one betting site in particular stands out as the front of the pack of the best betting sites for e-sports betting, while a couple of others have joined the race too.Picklebet, Bet365
Best Betting Sites for Fantasy BettingNot all betting sites format their markets in the same way, and the best betting sites for fantasy betting offer a different way to engage with your favourite sport.Draftstars

How to choose the best betting site

There are a myriad of factors which influence whether a betting site is viewed as a good or a bad one, and while there are certainly some that are more popular than others, there will never be consensus about which is the best betting site. Some punters will value certain aspects of a betting site more than others, which means invariably they’ll be drawn to betting agencies which offer that feature.

What’s more, the reality is that, with so many different betting sites in Australia, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between many of them. That means that for a lot of punters, the best one is simply the betting site where they’ve currently got funds, or that they’re used to using.

But still, there are certainly some Aussie betting sites which offer a superior betting experience compared to most of their competitors. To determine which ones these are, we take a look at a number of different factors – so let’s take a look at how we choose the best betting sites below.

Range of Markets

For me, this is the major determining factor in how likely I am to use a particular betting site. Range of markets refers to the number of different options you have to bet on – this can be both in terms of how many different sports and leagues are offered, as well as how many different markets are offered for individual games.

Personally I love to look for value in less common markets, such as player props, the quantity of which can vary enormously from one betting site to the next. For that reason, I place a lot of importance in how many different markets are offered by a bookmaker.


This is a pretty obvious one – in fact, it’s probably the first one that you’d think of when mulling what to consider in a betting site. The odds are literally what determine the quality of a bet, so how good those offered by a betting site have a big impact on whether you are likely to – or should – bet with them.

For a lot of markets, like head to head in individual games, the odds won’t vary enormously across different betting sites in Australia, but they will still a bit and these small differences can add up over time. If you’re betting on something like player props, the difference in odds from one betting site to the next can be really drastic, so it’s definitely worth taking a look at the same markets on a couple of different bookmakers to ensure you’re getting the best value.

Mobile app

Mobile apps didn’t even exist for betting sites a few years ago, but now they’re one of the most important parts of the service that they offer. Mobile betting has gone from being a convenient alternative to desktop computer betting, to quite quickly the best alternative – but whether they are that best alternative depends on the betting site.

Some have such great apps that you’d probably never even bother heading to their website – these apps will be fast and functional, and allow you to access everything you could on your computer but in even less time. Unfortunately, others can tend to be really slow and clunky to use, significantly diminishing the betting experience, while other Aussie betting sites still don’t even offer betting apps.


If you’re not using a betting app, then you’ll be relying on a betting site’s website to place your bets, contact customer support or whatever it may be, so you’d better hope the betting site that you’re using has a good one. A number of bookmaker sites are really good, but somewhat strangely there are plenty – even from relatively big bookmakers – for whom the desktop site can be really slow, clunky and difficult to use. 

I don’t know about you, but personally, if the desktop site of a bookmaker is really hard to use then I probably just won’t bother. There are so many alternatives that there’s no need to waste your time waiting for a page to load, or closing it and re-opening it so that it works more efficiently. Having a good website can make or break a betting site.

Availability of live betting

If you’re after a good example of how different elements of a betting site can be more or less important to different people, then the availability of live betting is a good one. For some people, live betting is probably not something they’ve ever even thought about, so whether or not a betting site has a good range of markets, odds, or even a live betting platform at all is pretty irrelevant.

But for others, live betting might be the predominant way in which they bet. In those cases, this will be one of the first things to consider when choosing a betting site. Plenty of sports betting sites don’t offer live betting at all, so if you’re looking to place in-play bets you can cross those off your list. Others have a pretty limited offering with average odds and not a great selection of markets, while others still have a really good live betting selection.

Live streaming

Live streaming has really grown in prominence in the betting industry in recent years, to the point where it’s now something that can provide a really valuable point of difference for betting sites. Many betting agencies don’t offer any live streaming, but increasingly more do, though in many cases that’s only a relatively small selection of sports, and typically not particularly popular ones.

Other betting sites, however, have a really good range of live streaming options available, including some of the biggest leagues in the world – think the NBA, NFL, as well as local and international horse racing. As you might expect, typically these are the big, global betting companies that can offer these – not surprising given they have to fork out a pretty hefty sum of money to broadcast these events.

Bonuses and Promotions

Australian laws dictate that betting sites aren’t allowed to advertise bonuses and promotions to those who aren’t signed up to them, so you won’t be able to simply bounce around from betting site to betting site comparing their promos for the best ones. But among those betting sites that you are registered to, you can check out what bonuses are on offer, and this can dictate whether you choose to use them or not.

Bonuses are basically provided by betting sites as an incentive for punters to bet with them, with the hope that those punters will then continue betting with the same betting site even after the promotion is used up. They do that for a reason, because it’s often what happens. Good bonuses and promotions can be a sure fire way to convince a punter to use one website over another, and what’s more can be a good way to get a little leg up, too.

Customer Support

These last couple aren’t the most interesting of factors to consider when choosing a best betting site, but they are relevant. Customer support is one of those things that you won’t really think about until you have to use it, and if and when you do you’ll be pretty pleased to have a solid customer support platform in place.

Every bookmaker will have a customer support platform of some sort, but the quality of them varies a lot. Generally, there will be an email address you can message, and a phone number is pretty common too. Separating the best customer support platforms from the pack is live chat, which is a quick and easy way to have queries resolved. Extra points go to online bookies which offer this platform 24/7. Often, live chat is available via a bubble in the bottom right corner of the page, as shown on the image from GetSetBet below.


Payment Methods

Finally, to payment methods. If you are happy to deposit using your debit card and withdraw using bank transfer, then you probably don’t need to worry about this because virtually every betting site going around will have both of those options. But if you want to use a different method, then its availability may vary across different betting sites.

Some just offer the aforementioned choices, and that’s about. In contrast, however, others offer a huge array of different payment methods, from eWallets to ApplePay and much more. Plenty of punters won’t be too fussed either way about what’s on offer, but if you are then this is definitely something to consider.

All of the above factors are considered by our experts at BettingTop10 when we’re reviewing a betting site. It’s by combining each of them, and attributing a little more weight to those factors we deem more important, that we can come up with a comprehensive list of the best betting sites in Australia. 

Betting apps and mobile betting sites

I remember the first time I got a smartphone. The sales assistant at the phone shop was telling me about these so-called iPhones, and things called apps, which were essentially small programs that contained a bunch of information about a particular company. I had no idea what he was talking about.

Fast forward a decade or so, and now there is an app for virtually everything you can think of, and plenty that you can’t. The betting industry is no different.

Many years ago, to place a bet you’d have to physically go to a bookmaker and hand them money, getting a receipt for your bet. Then gambling sites came along and became a far easier way to bet, but even those betting sites are being usurped by betting apps now.

There are very few betting sites that don’t have an app available, and given how easy it makes it for punters to place a bet that’s no great surprise. Betting sites typically have betting apps available for iOS and Android, and the best versions of these apps allow punters to quickly and easily access everything that a betting site has to offer all from their mobile phones.

The clear benefit that these betting apps have is that you can use them on the go, rather than having to be at home with your computer in order to place bets. But that aside, there is still plenty of reason to use betting apps, particularly the good ones.

The best betting apps are even more straightforward to use than betting sites, offering a really quick and compact way to navigate betting sites and find your way through to the markets on which you wish to place a bet, contact customer support, deposit or withdraw funds and much more.

There remains some betting sites in Australia which don’t offer betting apps, which can certainly be a little frustrating and puts them a little behind their competitors in this area. However, at worst, betting sites will have a mobile betting site available, which basically means that you’ll go onto the website on your mobile the same way you would on your computer, and generally the betting site will be compacted to fit more easily on your smaller mobile device.

The ideal, however, is a betting app, though it’s worth noting that not all betting apps are made equal. While some are extremely easy to use and offer a fast, responsive and intuitive platform through which to access a betting site, others can be really clunky and difficult to use. The worst of them can be really slow to respond and have random bugs which cause them to lag, or even close unexpectedly, and when this is the case it’s pretty hard to justify using them.

But there are an increasing number of betting sites with, for starters, a betting app at all, and secondly, a good one. Below, we’ve listed some of the best betting apps going around.

Best Betting AppWhy we like it
PlayUpVery responsive and easy to navigate
Punters PalEasy to use interface and great features
Bet365Super quick to load, easy to access wide range of markets and great odds
BetRightLoads super quickly and simple to navigate
BoomBetNo issues with lagging, uncluttered and easy to get around
DabbleClearly a lot of thought has gone into this app – unsurprising given they don’t have a betting site.

New Australian Betting Sites

Over the past few years, the number of betting sites available in Australia has grown at a rapid rate. A little over a decade ago there were only a handful of choices – some major international betting companies as well as a few locally owned one.

But with the increasing popularity of betting sites the number of options available to punters has only grown, and the pace with which it does so appears to be growing at a rapid rate, too. 

Over the past few years, a number of new Australian betting sites have popped up, and while they often take a little while to become as good as the more experienced, established betting sites, plenty of them have a lot going for them.

Of course, to start with, new betting sites aren’t going to have as much money as the biggest betting sites. This means that you’re likely to be presented with inferior odds and probably a smaller range of markets, too. But it also means that in the areas in which they can excel without having to spend too much money, they generally do or they will simply not be competitive.

These areas include bonuses and promotions, with many new Australian betting sites offering a great selection in this regard in an effort to entice new punters to their site. New betting sites also often have good customer support platforms, ensuring that their new customers feel well looked after.

At BettingTop10, we’ve reviewed a number of new Australian betting sites that have launched over the past couple of years. We are constantly on the update for new betting sites, because new ones pop up with relative regularity, and once they do we will generally provide a review to ensure that the punter knows what they’re in for with that particular betting site.

Below is a list of the new Australian betting sites – in this case, we’re referring to those which have launched within the last couple of years or so – as well as what year they opened for business.

Betting SiteYear of Launch

Betting sites reviews and comparisons

At BettingTop10, one of our main goals is comparing different online betting sites in Australia in order to make it easier for the punter to determine which is the best one for them. The table below provides a quick and easy visual representation of the many different betting sites that we have reviewed, and whether or not they offer certain features – this way you can just take a quick glance to find out whether they provide something that you’re after.

Betting SiteStreamingIn-Play BettingMobile App
Unibet Australia☑️☑️☑️
Pendlebury Bet

*Watch Live Sport You can watch live sport on your mobile, tablet or desktop including Soccer, Tennis and Basketball. All you need is a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours to qualify.Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.

Betting tips and predictions and news

As one of our newer services, BettingTop10 now also provides tips and predictions across a wide range of different sports. Our expert tipsters provide detailed rundowns of a number of different events as well as a few handy tips, with the below list including the events for which we offer this service.

These betting tips can be a valuable resource to the punter, and can help to either solidify your own knowledge or be paired with other sources to provide a well-rounded picture of how an event might play out. These tips pages provide a significant amount of information outside of just tips, too.

For example, for AFL and NRL, our expert tipster provides some background information about the season overall prior to each and every round throughout the course of the season, as well as a useful table outlining the fixture details for the upcoming round – this includes the date and time of all upcoming games.

After that, detailed previews about each individual matchup are offered, including how each team has been performing of late and how the two involved teams might match up against one another. Each individual game preview ends with a suggestion of who might win and by how much, before three tips with three different betting agencies are provided for each game.

Finally, each prediction piece concludes with a multi put together by our expert tipsters which include three of their favourite bets for the weekend, all put together into one individual bet. 

For the NBA, tips for individual games are provided throughout the season, too. Clearly this is a little bit of a different format; while the AFL and NRL have games only on the weekend – and sometimes Thursday – the NBA runs basically every day for a large portion of the year. 

These tips pieces include a list of some of the best bets as per the opinion of our expert tipsters in the middle of each week, as well as a multi for the weekend for those who want to get involved in that way.

Overall, these betting tips and predictions pieces provide an alternative offering to simply reviewing betting sites. Now at BettingTop10, you can check out which are the best betting sites to use, as well as get an idea of some potentially good bets to place!

Betting sites FAQs

Below, we’ve taken a look at some of the most commonly asked questions that people have about betting sites in Australia.

What are the best betting sites in Australia?

With such a huge number of different betting sites in Australia, it’s virtually impossible to pinpoint one in particular which stands out above the rest. There are a number of factors which go into evaluating the quality of a betting site, and while we at BettingTop10 use these to determine what we think are some of the best betting sites, these aren’t necessarily universal answers because different punters will be looking for different things.

BUT, given our extensive research and analysis of different betting sites, we are able to provide a relatively well-rounded perspective on the betting sites which will likely appeal to the greatest number of people. Among these are betting sites like PlayUp, Bet365 and Unibet Australia, as well as some new betting sites like MidasBet and PuntersPal.

What Should I Look For When Choosing the Best Betting Site?

As mentioned above, there are quite a lot of different factors that you should consider when looking for the best betting site. Personally, I like to be able to delve into things like player prop markets, which means that I search for betting sites with a really wide range of markets as a priority, while betting sites with good odds are also important for most punters.

You might also be looking for betting companies with great mobile apps or websites, so this is certainly something to consider too. That aside, there are multiple other factors which aren’t probably going to be your sole reason for using one particular betting site, but can contribute to your decision, including but not limited to the quality of their customer support platform, the availability of live betting and live streaming, and the number of banking options.

Which Australian betting sites have the best odds?

Finding an Australian betting site with the best odds is a good way to determine which betting site you want to use. Generally there won’t be a huge amount of variation in the most basic odds like head to head bets, but those small differences can still add up.

What’s more, the Aussie betting sites which have better odds in basic markets like these will also tend to have better odds in the less common markets like player props, and it’s here that the differences can begin to be a little more substantial.

Bet365 is one company which has some of the best odds in Australia, while Unibet Australia is also a great betting site from an odds perspective. Generally, new betting sites in Australia won’t have odds as good as their more established competitors, though this is not always the case.

Are there online betting sites with bonuses?

Yep, there certainly are. Pretty much every betting site in Australia will have some sort of bonuses and promotions available. These can vary in quality – a common type that lots of betting sites in Australia have been implementing of late is to do with multis, either adding a percentage boost to your odds or offering money back as a bonus if one leg fails. 

Other times you might find racing based multis, with a common one with bigger online bookmakers being money back as a bonus on win bets if your runner finishes in the top three. But while many betting sites offer these kinds of promotions, Australian laws dictate that you’re unable to see what bonuses are available with betting sites unless you have an account and are logged into.

If I Win Can I Withdraw Straight Away?

If you manage to win a bit and want to withdraw your money immediately then generally yes, you can. If you’ve been lucky enough to secure a big win the funds might take a little while to get into your account, but generally betting agencies will pay out within a few minutes of an event concluding, and once your money is in your betting account you can withdraw immediately – assuming that your withdrawal method has been verified.

But while you can make this withdrawal instantly, that doesn’t mean that your money will be instantly available to you. The withdrawal process generally takes at least a day and sometimes up to three or four to arrive in your bank account, and this of course only applies to business days, so if it’s on the weekend or public holidays it may take longer. 

Which bookmakers can you use cash out on?

Cash out is a great feature which has become increasingly popular which allows you to essentially cancel your bet while the event it’s on is underway, getting a payout relative to the live odds of your bet. Betting sites do build in a margin to this, as they do the odds, so by the time you cash out you’re probably getting a fair bit less cash than you should be all things being equal, but if you’re confident your bet is going down and want to still get a bit of cash for it, this can be a good option.

The sites which offer cash out always offer live betting, too, or they wouldn’t have the odds used to make the calculations to determine your cashout value. Of the betting sites that we have reviewed, those which offer cash out for their customers are Bet365, Unibet Australia and PlayUp

Who is the most reliable and trustworthy betting site?

This really depends on who you talk to. At BettingTop10, every betting site that we review is officially licensed and regulated, so they are all trustworthy in the sense that they are legitimate betting sites who have to abide by the rules and regulations set out by Australian law.

Generally, however, the online betting sites which punters would view as the most reliable are those which have been around for the longest. This includes betting sites such as Bet365, TopSport, BoomBet and Unibet Australia, to name just a few.

How many betting agencies are there in Australia?

A hell of a lot – and that number is only growing! A few years ago there were really only a handful of different betting sites in Australia, but as the popularity of betting has grown so too has the number of different betting sites.

New betting sites are also popping up every year, and while there are some which fold or merge, for the most part the number of new betting sites exceeds the number of those which close down.

At BettingTop10, we haven’t reviewed every single betting site in Australia because there are simply too many and it would be impossible to get through all of those reviews, but those we have reviewed are among those we consider the best. Overall, at the time of writing, we have reviewed 21 different online betting companies in Australia. You can check out our full list of all betting sites too.

Betting sites How to

In this section, we’ll take an in depth look at how to perform certain functions within the betting industry. We’ll walk you through the steps individually so you can quickly and easily just refer to this section if you’re unsure how to do one of the below things.

How to bet online in Australia

Betting online in Australia is a relatively straightforward process – follow these steps to get started.

  • First, take a look through BettingTop10’s list of best betting sites to determine which betting site is best for you.
  • Head to that betting site, and locate the button typically in the top right hand corner which will say ‘Join’, ‘Create Account’ or something similar. Click that button. The below screenshot shows this button on Bet365.

HP bet365 screenshot

  • You’ll then be prompted to fill in a bunch of information. This information will include some personal details like your name and date of birth, while you’ll also have to create a username, password and generally either set a deposit limit, which we recommend, or opt not to set a deposit limit.
  • You’ll have an account created within a couple of minutes. From there, all that you need to do is deposit funds – often you’ll have to verify your payment method to do so too – then locate the market you wish to bet on.
  • Click the odds which pertain to your bet, and then enter your desired stake into the betslip. From there, click confirm, and your bet will be placed.

How to use online betting sites

Using online betting sites is generally relatively easy, with Australian betting sites placing a lot of emphasis in making this as easy as possible for their punters – for relatively obvious reasons! These are some tips for using online betting sites in Australia.

  • Head to the betting site of your choosing, and scroll through the different options which are shown on the home page.
  • If you want to bet on an upcoming event, many betting sites will have the odds for these available straight on the home page – alternatively, locate the menu on the left hand side of the page which will allow you to choose racing, or from different sports. This is outlined in the below screenshot of PlayUp, with the red square indicating where you can begin to scroll through your list of options on the betting site.

 playup HP schreenshot

  • Once you click on one of these options, you’ll be given a more specific list – for example, of particular leagues or racing meets, which you can then choose from.
  • From there you’ll again be taken to a more specific page, this time outlining specific events, and once you choose one of these then you will be taken to a page with the various markets available and the odds for them to choose from.
  • Alternatively, if you don’t want to use the betting site itself, you can head to wherever it is that you get your apps from, and assuming that your betting site has an app, then download that app.
  • Open that app and just like on the betting site, everything will be laid out in front of you and placing a bet is simply a matter of following the prompts.

How to place a live bet in Australia

Placing a live bet in Australia is an increasingly popular way to bet, offering a new way to bet which previously didn’t exist. It still isn’t available on a whole lot of betting sites, but once you locate one on which it is available, this is how you can place a live bet.

  • Head to the betting site which you know offers live betting, such as Bet365, PlayUp or Unibet Australia.
  • Locate the ‘In-play betting’ or ‘live betting’ tab. Typically this will be at the top of the page somewhere, or along the left hand side alongside the sports and racing links. Below is an example of where to find it on Bet365.

Bet365 second hp screenshot

  • Click on the relevant button and you’ll be greeted with a list of the different live bets available to you. Different betting sites in Australia will lay it out differently but often you’ll have different sports listed, and if you click on them you’ll then be greeted with individual games and odds.
  • Placing your actual live bet is a little bit different to placing a bet on a regular market. Australian laws dictate that in-play betting online is illegal, so in order to place the bet you will have to physically call up the betting site and place your bet.
  • How this is done also varies from betting site to betting site, but generally, if you click on the market you want to bet on, a pop up will appear with the number you need to call, as well as a reference number. Once you call, you’ll be asked for basic details about your account, and then by providing the reference number the person on the other end of the phone will immediately know which bet you wish to place.
  • They’ll subsequently tell you the odds (bearing in mind that they may have changed since just a few seconds ago when you called, since they’re live) ask you how much money you’d like to place on the market – make sure you have that amount in your betting account – and once it’s confirmed, they’ll place the bet immediately.

💳Betting sites Banking Options

Banking options aren’t exactly the most enthralling topic when it comes to betting sites, but they are something which can have an impact on which betting site you choose to use. When we talk about judging betting sites on the banking options available, essentially we’re referring to how many different choices there are.

We’re yet to come across a betting site that doesn’t offer debit/credit card as a deposit option, so if this is what you choose to use then generally you’ll be safe regardless of where you bet. This is a simple way to deposit and one which sees your funds immediately deposited into your betting account.

There are, however, plenty of other options which some people prefer to use, and which are not necessarily available with every betting site out there. Among the most common of these are PayID, ApplePay, PayPal, paysafecard, as well as eWallets such as Krill and Neteller. These are available in varying amounts across different betting sites.

If one of these options, or another deposit method entirely, is what you exclusively use when doing anything money related online, then it is worth checking what different options are available with a betting site before using these. By checking our detailed reviews of betting sites at BettingTop10, you’ll be able to locate which betting sites have the deposit method of your choosing.

It's worth bearing in mind that while most options are relatively similar, there are some betting sites deposit methods which will take a little time for your money to be deposited into your betting account, so if you need the money in there immediately then bear this in mind before you deposit.

Then there’s withdrawing. Generally there are a few less options available for withdrawal, though one which is virtually always available is bank transfer. This is the simplest way to do it, though if you want to withdraw to an account other than your bank account, for example to your PayPal account, then these options are available sometimes too. Again, bear in mind that these other options aren’t available everywhere, so it’s worth checking this before you start using a particular betting site.

It's also worth remembering that while most deposit methods will see money deposited instantaneously into your betting account, unfortunately this isn’t the case for withdrawal methods. 

None of these are instantaneous, though they do all take a little bit of a different amount of time, and the amount of time that it does take can depend on the day, how busy a bank is and a variety of other factors which means it’s not always totally predictable. Generally, however, you’re likely to be looking at about a day or two for the funds to arrive.

For the most part, if you’re happy to deposit using debit or credit card and deposit using bank transfer, you don’t need to worry too much about banking with betting agencies. But if there are any alternative methods that you might be looking at using, then take a look at the betting site you’re thinking of using first to ensure that you’ll be able to use your payment method of choice.

Betting sites Payment Methods

Betting sites features

Though every betting site has a number of common points, there are certain differences which can help some to stand out from the crowd. Of course, not all of these will appease every punter in the same way – an extra feature which is really important to one bettor might not matter to another. 

But nonetheless, the more features, the more likely that at least one or more will appeal to most punters. In this section, we’re going to take a look at some of the most important features which different betting sites offer, and what exactly those features entail.

Betting apps

We discussed betting apps in some detail earlier, but this is certainly a feature which is really important for betting sites to have. Increasingly, most Aussie betting sites now have them available given how popular mobile betting is, though there are still some which don’t have them, and that can be a major deterrent for some punters. Our list earlier on this page can act as a quick guide to you as to which betting sites have them available.

But it’s not just whether or not a betting site has a betting app which determines whether they tick this box or not. The quality of betting apps can vary enormously, and while some offer a super easy way to place a bet, others can be really difficult to use and almost aren’t even worth having. In our reviews of different betting sites, we take an in-depth look at the mobile offering of each bookmaker, so this can be a good way to get a feel for what you’re in for with regards to the betting app of a particular bookmaker.

Live/in-play betting

Live betting is also something which is rapidly growing in popularity, but unlike with betting apps, it’s not something which is available on the majority of betting sites. Only some of them offer it – far less than half – and typically those which do are the bigger betting sites. Again, you can take a look at our table earlier on this page to get an idea of which of the best betting sites make live betting available.

This form of betting simply enables you to place a bet on an event after it has already started, rather than only being able to do so before the event starts. The benefit of this is that you get to see how an event is unfolding before placing a bet, though of course the odds do invariably change as the game situation does. As highlighted earlier on this page, the process for placing a live bet is a little longer than a pre-event bet and requires you to make a phone call to the betting site, but overall it’s a pretty simple process.

Live streaming

Now to live streaming. It would have been virtually impossible to imagine any betting company offering this a few years ago, but increasingly it’s something which is being used primarily by the big betting sites as a way to separate themselves from the enormous chasing pack, though some small betting sites do also offer some form of live streaming.

Exactly what’s on offer, of course, depends on the betting site. Some have a really extensive range, with Bet365 and Unibet Australia of particular note, offering not just live streams of smaller events and race, but also major events like NBA and NFL game – though bear in mind you generally will only be able to watch this on a small screen. For an example of the Unibet Australia live streaming page, take a look at the image below, which shows images of all the sports for which there are live streams available.

 HP screenshot unibet features

Other Aussie betting sites will offer live streaming of events which are a little cheaper to get the broadcast rights for, but still – something is better than nothing!

Payment methods

We discussed payment methods in detail in an earlier section, but again this can be a feature which helps to separate one betting site from another. How much this matters will depend on whether you use the most basic forms of payment or if you want to use something a little less common – if it’s the former, then you don’t really need to worry too much about this.

But Aussie bookmakers which offer a broader range of payment options do widen their net in terms of how many bettors might be interested in using them. If a betting site only offers the absolute basics in this regard, then the reality is that there may be some punters who won’t use them for that reason as they won’t be able to deposit or withdraw using their preferred payment methods. This won’t be a dealbreaker for a lot of punters, but for others it may well be. 

Small betting sites

While many of the most comprehensive betting sites are the bigger, international betting sites such as Bet365 and Unibet, the myriad of bookmakers in Australia means that there are plenty of small betting sites available too.

These can be of varying quality. Often, these small betting sites are family-owned businesses without a huge amount to offer in the way of features, so if you’re searching for extras like live streaming, cash out and the like, then these really small betting sites might not be your best option.

But if all you need is somewhere to place your bet, then small betting sites can certainly be worth checking out. Generally, they’ll offer a pretty no-frills sort of website, but plenty of punters don’t want frills – they just want somewhere to put a bet on.

It’s also worth mentioning that not all small betting sites in Australia are made equal. While they do tend to have a little bit less to offer than their bigger counterparts, there are plenty of small betting sites which do a really good job of taking on the big dogs of the industry.

There are also some areas in which many of these better small betting sites tend to actually fairly consistently do well in. It’s certainly not in odds or range of markets – usually, small betting sites are not particularly good in these areas. But in terms of things like website layout and in particular customer support, they can be really good.

Presumably, this is because while they don’t have the funds to compete with the bigger sites in terms of things like odds – they need to secure all the money that they can – areas which are a little more controllable without having to necessarily break the bank are those on which they tend to focus. A slick website, for example, would cost a little more initially, but after that primary outlay there isn’t too much to pay for, and it more than pays itself off through the fact that it makes these betting sites – which may not yet have a dedicated group of customers – more appealing to new bettors.

The same applies for customer support platforms. If a smaller betting site can demonstrate that they are willing to go the extra yard to help their customers, it can really help develop their brand and grow customer loyalty.

The list of small betting sites in Australia is huge, though obviously depending on what you classify as a small betting site, this number can vary. Those that we’ve reviewed and rate highly include PuntersPal and MidasBet, so if you’re looking for a small betting site then those are certainly worth checking out.

International betting sites

Though a vast majority of the swathes of betting sites available to punt with in Australia are Australian companies, there are also a handful of international betting sites floating around too. Maybe you want to bet with an Australian company, but if you’re not fussed either way then there can be plenty of benefits to checking out international betting sites.

Generally, if a site has made its way down to Australia, then it’s safe to assume that they’ve been relatively successful elsewhere. This means that you can predict a few things about the type of betting site that they will be.

For starters, you can generally be pretty confident that they’ll offer really good odds. This is a notable difference between big betting sites and the small betting sites that we discussed earlier on the page – bigger sites clearly have more money, and so the capacity to offer more enticing odds is higher. This will be only by small margins for basic bets like head to head as well as racing bets, though that difference can certainly add up over time, and for less common bets the difference will likely be even more significant.

And speaking of less common bets – there is likely to be a whole lot more of them available at international betting sites too, another result of the international betting agencies that have made their way to Australia generally being very big companies. With many international betting sites you’ll have a huge range of different sports to bet on, leagues that you’ve probably never heard of, and a massive selection of different markets within individual games and seasons. This gives you, the punter, a larger choice of what you want to bet on.

We mentioned earlier that smaller betting sites tend to excel in things like customer support and their website, as opposed to the odds and range of different markets which bigger international sites do well at. But that doesn’t mean that these international sites can’t also do well in those areas – plenty of them have great websites, excellent apps and good customer support platform, it’s just that unlike with smaller betting sites, these won’t likely be their only standout features.

As mentioned, the number of international betting sites available in Australia is relatively small compared to the number of local ones, and that is reflected in the sites that we’ve reviewed. However, of those international betting sites which we have reviewed, a couple of them are really good, with Bet365 and Unibet Australia both hailing originally from overseas before moving into the Australian market.

Betting sites bonuses and promotions

With such an enormous number of different betting sites in Australia, clearly there is plenty of competition among them to secure customers. Aside from simply being a good betting site and offering good odds, range of markets, customer support and the other things we’ve mentioned above, one of the most common ways for them to do this is via bonuses and promotions.

These, as you can probably guess, are offers provided to the punter which provide them with certain advantages on certain events. These can come in all sorts of different forms and can range from relatively helpful to nearly completely useless, but you can’t check what different betting sites bonuses are available unless you have an account with them.

This is because Australian betting rules and regulations dictate that bonuses can only be advertised to existing customers. As a result, if you want to find out what bonuses are available with a particular betting site, you will need to have an account with them and be logged in.

Once you are logged in on whichever betting site you’re using, the promotions will generally be relatively obviously displayed. Usually there will be a shortcut to them, with the vague details advertised on the front page, while there is also typically a tab at the top of the page which will say ‘Promotions’ or something similar.

As mentioned, the quality of these promotions can vary a lot. Smaller betting sites will usually have less of them available and they might not be quite as good, while the bigger betting sites – particularly international ones – will usually have a really good selection.

It’s increasingly common for betting site promotions to be based around promotions, with betting sites wanting to attract punters to this form of betting. A common example of one which is used is to provide a bonus beg for one leg missing – generally there will be certain stipulations associated with this, like you may have to have at least three legs in your multi and a total odds of at least $2. Once you tick those boxes though, you’ll be able to receive your stake back in bonus bets up to a certain amount if you miss out on winning by just one leg.

Another very common promotion which many betting sites offer and which can be quite useful to the savvy punter is related to horse racing. Often, for a particular racing meet, some online betting sites will offer money back as a bonus if your runner runs second or third when you place a win bet. This means that you can accumulate a decent amount in bonus bets that you can subsequently use on other bets. Bear in mind, of course, that these bonus bets aren’t withdrawal money, it’s just money that you can use to place bets with that bookmaker – if you win money with your bonus bet, then you can withdraw that cash.

Bonuses and promotions come in various shapes and sizes, and are not always as useful as they are made out to be. However, on the flip side, there are plenty of bonuses which can be fairly useful if used wisely, so they’re certainly worth keeping an eye out for.

Fantasy betting sites

In general, what different betting sites offer is relatively similar. The number of markets, the odds etc might vary, but if you’re looking to place a head to head bet on a popular sport, for example, then you’ll be given relatively similar odds across the board, and similar other markets, too.

But in recent times, a different form of betting has popped up – fantasy betting. It’s still not particularly common at all – in fact, in Australia there’s really only one site which offers it as their primary method of betting. But it’s a really interesting take on betting, and one which enables you to take a different tact when you’re looking to place a punt on a sporting event.

Fantasy betting utilises the concept of fantasy sport, and twists it into a betting format. For those who don’t know, fantasy sports utilise the statistics players accumulate in real life and turn them into points – for example, in Australian Rules Football a kick might be worth 3 points, a handball 2, a tackle 4 and a goal 6. In actually footy, you’ll have a whole team of players who will accumulate points across the weekend to give you a total.

Fantasy betting is similar, though obviously, there is money involved. The exact specifics can vary, but generally you’ll be able to enter different contests and create a team. Sticking to the theme of Australian Rules Footy, there might be a contest for one individual Friday night game, or a contest for the entire weekend, and you’ll be able to make a team with players of your choosing – and often a salary cap to limit who you can get, with different players costing different amounts.

In each competition, everyone who has entered will subsequently have all of their players scored based on their real-life performance. You’ll then have a finishing position, and can earn money if you finish high enough.

Again, the specifics can vary, but as an example you might enter a tournament for which the entry fee is $10 and 100 people enter. This means that there will be an overall prize pool of $1,000. This won’t typically all go to the winner, though those competitions do exist – instead, the winner will get a pre-determined amount, second likewise, and so on and so forth. How far this goes down depends, but often as you go further down the rankings, the same prize will be given to a group of people – for example, those who finished 10th-19th might get their $10 stake back.

The betting site which you should look at if you want to partake in this form of betting is Draftstars. Draftstars are affiliated with PlayUp, and offer their customers the ability to join in competitions such as the aforementioned, with deposits put down to enter competitions.

Most betting sites don’t offer this – for example, you won’t be able to just head to Bet365 and hope to find this form of betting there. You will have to go to Draftstars, though there are some betting sites which offer markets for certain players to score a certain amount of fantasy points.

Overall, this is a really different way to bet on your favourite sports. It certainly won’t be for everyone, but if you want to change up the way that you bet then Draftstars and fantasy sports betting can certainly be worth checking out.  

Best Fantasy Sports Betting Site – Draftstars

Draftstars Australia – Gives the world’s best fantasy sports experience

  • Wide variety of different games available
  • 100% Australian owned
  • Various daily cash prizes
  • Unique focus on fantasy instead of real sports

Draftstars Review

Esports betting sites

For pretty much every betting site in Australia, the most common sports for their customers to bet on will be the same. The likes of the AFL, the NRL and the NBA will be where the bulk of their bets come from, though they do offer markets on other sports and leagues for a reason. 

Exactly how many other sports and leagues they offer, however, depends on the betting site. Many will only offer the most common – not all that much outside the aforementioned sports. Others, however, will have a huge range of sports on offer, some you’ve probably never even thought, of, while some will even offer markets on things like politics, entertainment, and – you guessed it – esports.

What are esports, you may ask? Exactly as the name suggests, these are sports which are played entirely online – basically, they’re competitive video games. They can come in all different types – they might be actual sport games like FIFA, or it can be action games like Call of Duty.

It’s a pretty niche area, but it’s got a big enough audience, one which is clearly big enough to justify having odds for these games – at least with certain bookmakers. These odds work just like betting on normal sports – you’ll have the most simple markets like head to head in matchups where one person plays another, while depending on the site, there are also some extra markets which are a little more specific. As with normal sports, exactly how many markets are offered depends on the betting site.

There are a handful of Australian betting sites that offer esports markets, but the most notable among them is Picklebet. Picklebet actually opened as an esports betting platform, and though they’ve expanded to the point where they actually have a pretty good selection of sports betting options, too, they retain their original status as the pre-eminent esports betting site in Australia.

They’ve got a huge number of different esports events available to bet on, and within those events their range of markets is as good as any that you’ll find in Australia. So if you’re going to look at betting on esports, Picklebet should be your first port of call.

But they’re no longer the only one. Bet365 is another who has joined the esports betting fray, and they too offer a pretty good selection of markets and solid odds, in line with what they offer for sports betting. They’re certainly worth checking out too, though as mentioned Picklebet remains the number one option in this regard.

Esports certainly isn’t for everyone, but it is a growing area and those who like it really seem to like it. It’s popular enough to justify some betting sites offering fans the ability to bet on it – and even for Picklebet to start up as an esports-dedicated betting sites – so if you’re someone who likes esports and likes punting, it’s certainly worth checking out the aforementioned sites.

Best e-Sports betting site – Picklebet

Picklebet Australia – One of Australia’s first bookmakers focused predominantly on e-sports

  • Good selection of different markets
  • Excellent customer support team
  • High-quality mobile app and website
  • Easy-to-use website

PickleBet Review

E-sports focus with great odds!