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PuntCity Review [May 2024]

  • Betting Markets Variety
  • Banking Options
  • Mobile Experience
  • Payout Speed
  • Customer Support
  • Betting Experience
Total score

Top Features

  • Great aesthetic
  • Lots of player props
  • Terrific mobile app
  • Mobile app is really good
  • Website design is great
  • Heaps of markets for major sports leagues
  • Poor racing odds
  • Not great odds on traditional sports markets
  • No live betting
By:Mike Jones

Those of you who spend a lot of time reminiscing about the good old days of playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on your gaming console will no doubt be immediately drawn to PuntCity, yet another new betting site in an industry with an increasing number of competitors. The aesthetic is about as unique as it gets, and underpins both the website and the quality mobile app of this site. But while there is plenty to like about this new bookie, it’s also got a few notable areas to improve on. In this detailed review, we’ll take a look at everything there is to know about PuntCity to help you decide whether or not to check them out. 

PuntCity Strengths and Weaknesses

Let’s start out this review by highlighting some of the most notable things about PuntCity that you should know – their most notable strengths, as well as the biggest areas in which they need to improve. 

✔️PuntCity Strengths

  • Elite aesthetic: As you will hear numerous times throughout the course of this review, we’re a big fan of the aesthetic at PuntCity. The pink, purple and blue theme is super vibrant and memorable, and provides an added element of fun to the betting experience at this new bookie.  
  • High-quality mobile app: It’s not just the colours which we like at PuntCity, either. The mobile app is one of the best going around, offering a really quick and intuitive way to access their services without needing to open your computer, and all the while maintaining their unique aesthetic. 
  • Good range of player props: If you’re looking for markets on some of the bigger leagues around the world and in Australia like the NBA, AFL, NRL and NFL, you will find that there is a massive number of different player props available on PuntCity.

❌PuntCity Weaknesses

  • Poor odds for racing: Unfortunately, the odds offered by PuntCity on racing markets are not particularly good. For most runners, their odds are among the worst in the industry and are sometimes about as low as you will find. 
  • Limited banking options: PuntCity only offers debit/credit card and bank transfer for deposits, and only bank transfer for withdrawals. That doesn’t bother me – they are easy methods to use – but for some punters that may prove an issue.  
  • Subpar odds for traditional sports markets: Like with racing, the odds in PuntCity’s sports betting section aren’t great either. This isn’t universal – there are some player props for which their odds are decent enough, but for standard markets like line bets and head to head they’re not very good. 

👨‍⚖️PuntCity Final Verdict

The above strengths and weaknesses give a quickfire insight into PuntCity and should help you to decide whether they’re worth checking out. If you like to hunt out the absolute best of the best in terms of value, you’ll no doubt take issue with a couple of the aforementioned weaknesses, but if you’re searching for player props and a quality platform on which to bet on them, the strengths will likely appeal.  

PuntCity Info Card

Website:  www.puntcity.com.au Company: PCity Pty Ltd 
License & regulation: Licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Racing Commission Year founded: 2023  
Contact information: Live chat (on website or mobile app), email (through the website)   Live betting number: N/A 
Sponsorship Deals: N/ADeposit Methods: Debit/credit card, bank transfer 
Address/Headquarters: N/A Withdrawal Methods: Bank transfer 
Features: Great aesthetic, nice player prop selections Apps Devices: Yes, available for iOS and Android 
Owner: N/A Odds Providers: TAB 

PuntCity Review

In the competitive realm of online betting, all new betting sites have a hard task ahead of them securing customers, and separating themselves from the pack is no mean feat. PuntCity attempts to do so with a blend of style and functionality that caters to the masses, and makes them immediately memorable.  
The site’s aesthetic is a standout, with their vibrant pink and purple theme more closely resembling GTA: Vice City than a betting site. But whether you played that game or not growing up, what is certain is that you won’t forget this bookmaker in a hurry.  
That visually appealing experience offered on the desktop site also extends to its high-quality mobile application. Navigating through the PuntCity mobile app is a smooth experience, with a funky interface that simplifies the process of placing bets. Like all betting sites using BetCloud, the app follows a really intuitive layout that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for quickly 
The app is one of the best features of PuntCity. As responsive as any going around, whether you’re placing bets, checking your transaction history or contacting customer support, the experience is as robust as it is on a larger screen. 
When it comes to sports coverage, PuntCity Australia offers a solid selection for the markets they serve. While the range of sports might not be the most extensive, the depth of coverage within those available is excellent. Fans of the sports on offer will find a wide array of betting options at their disposal.  
However, it's worth noting that the odds, both in sports and racing, are not always the most competitive. For certain less popular markets like player props you can find some value, but the more traditional markets won’t offer the best value in the industry. 
Back to a more positive note, customer support is another pillar of PuntCity’s service. The platform provides a reliable support system, underscored by the availability of live chat – a feature that most new bookies offer. The ability to resolve issues promptly and effectively through live chat is pivotal for many punters, myself included, for those moments when you do need to quickly get in touch with the company. 
On the banking front, PuntCity takes a pretty basic approach. While the options for deposits and withdrawals are not extensive, they cover the most commonly used methods, which should suffice for the majority of users. These are debit/credit card and bank transfer for deposits, and bank transfers for withdrawals, both of which have a minimum of $10. 
In summary, PuntCity is a solid addition to the online betting landscape. The aesthetic of the site is a clear standout, while the mobile app is also among the best in the business. While there's room for improvement in terms of competitive odds and a broader range of sports on offer, there is plenty to like about this new bookmaker, and with a few improvements in key areas this betting site could be around long into the future. 

PuntCity Score

Betting Variety ⭐⭐⭐⭐

There are ten sports available at the time of writing on PuntCity Australia, though more will pop up during the relevant seasons, and among those sports they do offer there are heaps of markets. 

Banking Options ⭐⭐

PuntCity keeps it pretty simple with their payment methods, offering just two different options – debit/credit card and bank transfer. 

Mobile experience ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The app with PuntCity is fantastic – great aesthetic, super functional and overall very easy to use. 

Payout Speed ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I’ve never had any issues with payout speed with PuntCity. 

Security ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Similarly, I haven’t had any issues with security with PuntCity either. 

Betting Experience ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The quality mobile app and a good desktop site makes the betting experience a good one with PuntCity, though as punters we would certainly be a little happier with some more generous odds! 

Customer Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐

If you have any issues you’ll be ably supported by PuntCity’s customer support platform, which offers both live chat and email for customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions About PuntCity

There are just a couple of conditions that you need to satisfy to be able to bet with PuntCity. First of all, you need to be at least 18 years of age, while secondly you need to be located within Australia. These are the same conditions which apply for all registered betting sites in Australia. 

There could be a couple of reasons for this. The selection of sports with PuntCity isn’t the broadest, so if your favourite sport isn’t a common favourite sport then they may simply not yet offer markets for it just yet – though never fear, they’re only young so that may well change. Alternatively, if that sport isn’t in season, or even if it’s just still a few days until the next games, PuntCity simply might not have the markets up yet. 

You’re technically only supposed to be signing up for yourself when you sign with a betting agency. If you’re legitimately creating the account for someone else then you can, though you can’t make a secondary account for yourself using someone else’s name. Bear in mind that even if you try to do the latter of these things you’ll likely run into trouble, because you’ll need to have different bank details to those on your own account.

There are pros and cons to each, and the average odds for both racing and traditional sports markets is obviously the major drawback. But while that issue is all encompassing for racing, that isn’t the case for sports. What I mean by that is while there are some average odds in the sports markets, there are also a huge range of different things to bet on and some good value to be found in the non-traditional markets, so with that in mind PuntCity is probably a better choice for sports betting than racing betting. 

PuntCity Racing

If you’re a racing punter, then this is the section about PuntCity Australia that you will most want to read. Below, we’ll take a deep dive into everything about PuntCity racing, from the platform itself to the markets offered, and perhaps most importantly, the odds. 
Let’s start with the platform. It’s all pretty straightforward, as are all of the BetCloud betting sites, with races easily accessible either on the home page or through the racing links on the side of the desktop site or the bottom of the mobile app. 
Once you get through to an individual race, you will find a relatively simple page with each of the runners in the race. There are no bells and whistles here; you won’t find a speed map, you won’t find a rundown of the race, and you won’t even find all that much detailed info about the form of runners. In all honesty that makes for a pretty bare race page, and PuntCity could certainly benefit from adding a few more features to these pages. 
The markets offered are all pretty basic. You can bet either fixed odds or tote for win/place markets, while you will also find all of the regular exotics at the top of the page, such as Exacta, Trifecta, Quinella and First Four.  
Unfortunately, at this point in time there are no Same Race Multis available at PuntCity – these aren’t available with all betting sites but there are more and more which offer it, and given it’s an increasingly popular way to punt on races, PuntCity would also benefit from adding this to their list of services. 
Finally, to the odds, almost certainly the most important element of a racing platform. And, without wanting to be too negative, this is not exactly the best feature of PuntCity. Their odds are, to put it lightly, average, coming in right at the bottom end relative to competitors and often significantly lower than nearly every other betting site. 
Take an upcoming race on the day of writing as an example. On 13 major betting sites the odds for runner number one are between $5.50 and $6.10 – it’s $5.00 at PuntCity. For runner #2, odds range from $23 to $27 with other bookies – it’s $22.00 at PuntCity. And for the favourite? It’s between $2.10 and $2.15 with those other bookies, and just $1.98 with PuntCity. 
To be honest those are some really bad odds, and will significantly affect your chance of making a profit when betting on racing with PuntCity. Of course, the difference between their odds and other odds will vary a little depending on the race and the runner, so do your research across a couple of sites before placing a bet because you may find some decent value still at times with PuntCity. On average, however, the odds here are really poor. 
Overall, the racing experience with PuntCity Australia will at least provide punters with a place to bet on racing, but it’s far from the best platform going around. The race page is very basic with limited information and the odds are, as mentioned, pretty average, so you can certainly find better bookies from this perspective.  
But nonetheless, if you’re not betting big sums or betting often, the odds won’t be as significant an issue, and this does at least provide a streamlined place to put your bets on.

PuntCity Best Features

In every bookmaker review, we try to outline a couple of the most notable features of the betting sites we are reviewing. There aren’t typically a whole lot of standout features with the new ones – they are simply trying to get the basics right – but there are a couple of things which really help PuntCity to stand out from the crowd, at least a little bit. 

Unique and quirky aesthetic 

The PuntCity aesthetic is super memorable, and while that isn’t always necessarily a good thing, for me this is one of the best looking desktop sites and mobile apps in the betting world. The theme is very Vice City, as you can see in the screenshots throughout this PuntCity review, with purple, blue and pink the predominant colours and a recognisable italic font to boot. A quality aesthetic isn’t going to do anything to help you win your bets, but it can certainly add something to the experience, and what’s more it helps to ensure that PuntCity will make an imprint on you. With so many different betting sites offering virtually the same thing, these minor features can play a major role in bringing customers back.  

Great selection of player props 

As we’ll discuss in greater detail in the next section, there aren’t a huge number of different sports available to bet on with PuntCity, but when they do have a sport on offer you can be confident there will be a whole lot of markets, and it’s in player props that they are really able to boost up the number of markets available for individual games. For an upcoming NBA game, as an example, there are a massive number of player props, including player points, rebounds, assists, and combinations of those stats too. The same applies for most major sports, so if you’re the kind of punter who likes to seek out value in player props rather than overall game results, then PuntCity Australia is certainly worth checking out. 

PuntCity Sports Coverage

PuntCity offers a somewhat limited selection of different sports to bet on, like lots of new sites, but once you click into individual sports you’ll be greeted with a huge array of different leagues and markets to take a look at. In this section, we will take a look at the various things that you can bet on with some of the most popular sports offered by PuntCity. 



Click through to basketball and you’ll be greeted by an overwhelming different number of leagues from around the world, as you can see above. That screenshot is cut off at England, but scrolling down takes you all the way down to Uruguay – about three times as many leagues as are shown above. Most of those minor leagues just have basic markets available, but the bigger ones, which are advertised at the top where it says ‘Top Leagues’, have a whole lot more. For the NBA, for example, there are between 500 and 700 markets for every game, with plenty of player props available and same game multis to boot, making this a really solid NBA betting site


If there are so many leagues available for basketball, you can only imagine how many different leagues you can find to bet on with PuntCity for the world game. Basically every pro league you can think of has markets on the site, though most people will, of course, be sticking to the bigger ones like the EPL, Primera Liga and so on. You’ll again be able to place same game multis on individual games and have a range of props including correct score and goalscorer markets, though the odds for line bets and a few other basics could certainly be better. 

Australian Rules Football 

At the time of writing, the AFLW has just wrapped up and the AFL season is still over three months away, so there are no AFL markets available on PuntCity Australia – or on most betting sites. But once the AFL season gets close they will begin to pop up, and when the season is in full swing there will be hundreds and hundreds of markets to bet on for individual games. The same can’t be said for AFLW, for which there will only be 20 or 30 different markets available, but for the AFL that number is over 500.

Rugby League 

Like the AFL, it is the rugby league offseason at the time of writing, and as a result there are no Australian based markets to bet on at the minute. But that isn’t typically the case – over the colder months there are hundreds of markets available for every single NRL game and even more once the State of Origin comes around, while you will also find a limited selection available for NRLW. There are also markets for the English Super League, though the markets for that league more closely resemble those offered for NRLW than those offered for the NRL. 

American Football

Back to American sports now, more specifically the most American of them all. American football is really only played in the USA, but that doesn’t mean its popularity doesn’t extend across the Pacific. The NFL is hugely popular and only getting more so in Australia, and those who do follow it tend to follow it with a passion. There are heaps and heaps of betting opportunities on the league as a result, with again over 500 different markets available for individual games in the big league. You will also find markets for college football, which isn’t as popular in Australia as the NFL but still gets plenty of attention, with close to 200 markets on offer for those games.


Finally to cricket, Australia’s favourite summer pastime. There are more and more games of professional cricket on around the world than ever before courtesy largely of T20, and that means there are a whole lot more betting markets than there used to be too. You can bet across all three formats with PuntCity, though as with all sports, the number of different things that you can bet on varies significantly depending on the significance of the event in question. For Australian Test matches, for example, there is a whole lot to choose from, as there is for major ODI events like the World Cup and T20 leagues like the IPL and Big Bash. For smaller leagues, those markets will be a little more limited, but you will still have options to bet on less popular domestic league and international games not involving Australia.  

Do PuntCity have any sponsorship deals?

No, currently PuntCity des not have sponsorship deals with any sporting teams – that may change if they grow but for the time being, they’re focused on simply establishing a secure footing in the industry. They do also partner with racing organisations from around the country. 

Betting Markets and Types of Bets Available

Let’s now take a little bit of a closer look at the types of bets that PuntCity offer their punters. This is a fairly common list with not too much variation from other betting sites, but nonetheless it provides a little more specificity about their markets after discussing what they offer more generally in the above section.

BetGalaxy Betting Markets 

  • Head to head bets 
  • Line bets 
  • Quarter bets 
  • Half bets 
  • Over/under total match point bets 
  • Player props 
  • Win/place racing bets 
  • Exotic racing bets (quinella, exacta, trifecta, first four) 

BetGalaxy Types of Bets Available 

  • Single bets 
  • Multi bets 
  • Same game multis 

PuntCity Mobile and App

We all remember the days of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – of driving around in your flash new convertible in a Hawaiian shirt committing crimes on screen, while off screen you’re sitting in your undies in your parents’ living room. The PuntCity app doesn’t quite provide the same experience, but like the website, from an aesthetics perspective it’s not too far off, as you can see in the screenshots below. 


It's all pretty kitsch, but hey, who cares – I actually love the theme and think it is one of the better looking Australian betting apps out there. 
But we don’t want to be too superficial. Looks aren’t everything, and if the app doesn’t function properly then all that catchy aesthetic appeal will be for nothing. Fortunately, PuntCity Australia does not fall into that category. 
The app uses the same layout as most new betting apps, so if you’ve used any of those then you will have no problems navigating your way around this one. And even if you’re new to betting apps or betting entirely, you will get used to this one pretty quick. 
Everything is relatively intuitive. On the home page you’ve got all upcoming races or you can toggle through to major upcoming sports, or you can click through to a list of all different sports and races available and simply follow the prompts to find the markets that you’re after. 
Clicking on the market of your choosing will bring up a betslip for you to enter your stake into, after which you can easily place a bet from the comfort of your phone. It’s this ability to bet without having to be sitting behind your computer screen which makes betting apps, when they function properly, my preferred way of betting. 
Last but not least, let’s talk speed. Just like those Ferraris you drive around in Vice City, the PuntCity app is super quick, with new pages opening up just as soon as you click on them, assuming you have a robust internet connection. Importantly, there have been no bugs popping up in my experience using the app; things like being automatically logged out, the app lagging or closing unexpectedly, or anything like that. 
Overall, this is a really high quality mobile app. It all starts with the aesthetic, which immediately sets the tone for a great experience, but the reason this is a quality app goes well beyond that. Basically all facets of the app get a big tick in my book, making this one of the better betting apps going around. 

PuntCity Banking

A wide array of payment options is not particularly common with a new betting platform, and PuntCity Australia certainly fits the bill as a new betting site in this regard. But while their offerings may not be extensive, they do provide the most popular payment methods which should make it easy for the vast majority of potential customers to easily handle their finances. 
At PuntCity, the transaction methods cover the most common payment options. Customers are able to make deposits using their debit or credit cards, as well as bank transfers, while for withdrawals, those options are limited to just bank transfer 
For those looking to deposit funds, debit or credit cards are the most straightforward method. Depositing funds into your betting account is a simple matter of entering card details, which will result in money being immediately delivered.  
Bank transfer are not quite as quick, and as a result won’t be quite as popular as debit/credit card. But if there is no rush for you to get funds into your account then this can be every bit as easy as a debit/credit card deposit. Note that you can expect your funds to arrive in about one to two days.  
The minimum deposit amount is set at an accessible $10, so you don’t exactly need to break the bank to get started with PuntCity 
Withdrawing funds is exclusively via bank transfer, which is an easy and convenient method offered by virtually every betting site. With just one option there is evidently not a great deal of flexibility in terms of how you can withdraw, but it is a secure method which can be used by anyone with a bank account.  
For punters who are used to having a broader selection available to them and who tend to prefer to use another popular method such as PayPal, this one-size-fits-all approach to withdrawals may be a problem. For the majority, however, bank transfer is a simple and easy way to withdraw funds, and the lack of alternatives won’t be an issue. 
Once again, the withdrawal time from PuntCity Australia will generally be about a day or two, after which the funds to arrive in your betting account, and the minimum withdrawal is $10. 
PuntCity may offer a limited selection of payment methods, but this simplicity likely won't deter most users. By focusing on the most widely used payment methods and maintaining reasonable minimum transaction amounts, PuntCity ensures that it’s easy for punters to put money into their betting accounts, and hopefully one day take it out. 

Is PuntCity Legal in Australia?

It certainly is. PuntCity is a certified, licensed and registered Australian betting site, as are all of those that we review at BettingTop10
All the information that you need to know about this registration is available at the bottom of the home page. They are registered with the Northern Territory Racing Commission, while their gambling operations are governed by JuicyBet’s Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct, and in South Australia, by the Authorised Betting Operations Gambling Code of Practice. 
Adding further to the legitimacy of PuntCity is the array of gambling help tools they offer. In reality they are legally obliged to do this, but regardless it is something that shows that they are sticking to the rules and regulations set out by Australian law. The most notable of these tools is BetStop, which is a site which prevents you from betting with any registered Australian site and to which PuntCity provides a link. You can also click a ‘quick link’ to ‘Responsible Gambling’ at the bottom of the page, which outlines a few techniques to keep your gambling in check and also provides numbers to official gambler’s help servies in Australia. 

PuntCity Customer Support

Reliable customer support is your best friend when difficulties arise, and although the goal is to never have to use it, if you use a betting site for an extended period of time you will invariably need to reach out.  
As with many new betting sites in Australia that use the BetCloud platform, PuntCity offers a customer support framework which offers two different contact options; live chat and email. 
Having multiple customer support avenues is essential for any betting site, because it gives punters the ability to select their best option depending on the nature of the issue. For instance, live chat offers an immediate and streamlined way for customers to engage with the support team, ensuring you’ll be helped quickly and have issues resolved quickly.  
PuntCity Australia does really well in terms of live chat responsiveness and support effectiveness, which is particularly important given that some competitors may offer live chat but fail to deliver timely replies, which obviously undermines the purpose of instant communication. 
But while live chat is great for urgent matters or for those seeking rapid answers, you might not always have the time to interact instantly with a customer support agent. 
For individuals who prefer less direct communication or have inquiries that are less time-sensitive, the option to use email support is a better option. This approach allows for an in-depth description of issues and provides the support team with more time to provide you with a helpful response. 
You can access both of these contact avenues via the desktop platform by clicking the 'Contact Us' button on the left side of the screen. This action opens a pop-up with various options. Selecting the ‘Chat’ puts you in contact with a live chat agent, while the 'Ticket' tab allows you to submit your question and email address, and you can expect a reply within a couple of days. Alternatively, direct emails can be sent to [email protected]
A supportive customer service team is pivotal to the user experience, ensuring punters aren’t left in the cold when they come across something they need help with. The importance of customer support is often overlooked until it's required, but when you do need assistance while using PuntCity, a quality support network is ready to assist. 

PuntCity How To

Now to the last section of our PuntCity review – the how to’s. Below, we are going to give you a step by step rundown of how to undertake a couple of important functions with PuntCity, including opening up an account and placing a bet. 

How to open an account with PuntCity 

If you’ve got a spare minute, that will be long enough to open up an account with PuntCity. It’s a super easy process, and this is how it’s done. 

  • Head to www.puntcity.com.au 
  • Click on the Sign Up button in blue in the top right hand corner. 
  • This will bring up a sign up page with a bunch of information for you to fill in. 
  • This includes your email, name, address and a password for your account. 
  • Finally, click on the box confirming that you agree to the terms and conditions, click Create My Account, and your account will be immediately created and ready to go. 

How to place a bet with PuntCity 

Of course, once you open your account you’ll need to fund it if you want to place a bet. Once you’ve done that, this is how you go about placing a bet. 

  • On the PuntCity website or app, locate the market that you want to bet on. Whichever platform you’re using this is a pretty easy process – simply follow the relevant prompts to find what you’re looking for. 
  • Next to the market you wish to bet on will be the odds – click on these to bring up the betslip. 
  • You’ll then have the option to enter a stake into an empty box in the betslip. 
  • Enter your stake, check that the estimated payout, the stake and the bet itself are what you want to bet, and then click Confirm Bet. 
  • And that’s it! Told you it was easy. 

How to download the PuntCity mobile app 

We’ve rambled on about the quality of the PuntCity app a fair bit in this PuntCity review, so we might as well finish things off by telling you exactly how to download it. 

  • First, make sure that you have an iOS or Android device! 
  • Secondly, head to wherever it is that you download apps from – for me that’s the App Store on my iPhone. 
  • Search ‘PuntCity’ in the search feature to bring up the app – check out all their reviews if you want confirmation that it’s a good app. 
  • Simply click download and voila, it will be on your mobile device, ready to provide you with a simple way to bet with PuntCity while on the go. 

PuntCity Profile

Features: Terrific app, lots of props, great app 
Sports covered: Australian rules football, basketball, rugby league, cricket, soccer 
Apps: Yes, available for iOS and Android 
Payment options: Debit/credit card, bank transfer 
Contact information: Live chat, email 

My name is Mike and I am a sports writer from Sydney, Australia with experience writing about a variety of differing sports. I have a particular passion for all things basketball, but I am always happy to cover anything and everything as is my love for sport!

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