Greyhound Racing Betting Tips & Advice

Looking for some assistance in betting on the dogs and picking a winner on greyhound racing in Australia? BettingTop10 brings you expert greyhound racing tips and advice in order to help you find a greyhound racing winner.

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As an online bettor, there’s nothing more satisfying than studying the form and working your way through the all the variations and coming up with your own Greyhound betting tips. However, everyone needs some advice at some point when their luck has run dried up and they are feeling uninspired!

Get the insights and tips from our panel of online betting experts on what to look for, and bet smarter with potentially better results and have more fun enjoying your greyhounds betting.

As punters, we all like support from the experts, however, at the same time, it’s incredibly rewarding to study the race form ourselves and come up with a winner based with our own form study and race selections.

To help you make certain no small form detail has been left unturned in order to make the difference between winning and losing, be sure to reference Betting10’s greyhound betting advice and tips below.

Where to bet on a Greyhound Racing Winner

Regardless of which greyhound you want to bet on, you’ll want to ensure that you will maximise your potential betting wins, by betting with a site that provides the best odds.

Our panel of betting sites expert assessors are all Greyhound bettors themselves so they ensure that by implementing stringent and thorough impartial online betting bookmakers reviews of each betting site’s quality and security, trustworthiness, and of course, outstanding customer service should you require it, is first rate.

Types of Greyhound Racing Betting Options

  • Win – A “straight-up wager,” or a bet at given odds on an outright winner. The most common greyhound bet.
  • Place – A “Place” bet is betting on your greyhound to finish either first, second or third.
  • Each Way – An “Each Way” bet is the same as placing both a “Win” bet and a “Place” bet together. If your dog wins the race, you’ll win both bets. If the dog finishes second or third, you’ll lose the “Win” bet, but remain successful with your “Place” bet.
  • Fixed Odds – Fixed Odds lock in the odds for your greyhounds bet, irrespective of how the betting market changes closer to race starting time.
  • Quinella – Pick the first two greyhounds over the line
  • Exacta – Bet on the 1st and 2nd greyhound placegetters in the precise finishing order for quality betting value.
  • Boxed Trifecta – Predict the first three greyhounds over the line in any order.
  • Trifecta – Predict the first three greyhounds over the line in EXACT order.
  • A First Four bet gives you the opportunity to pick the first four greyhounds across the line in the correct order.
  • Lay Betting – A lay bet is when the betting site offers a market on a dog NOT to win. Your bet will be successful as long as your chosen greyhound does not win.

What to consider to choose a Greyhound Winner

There are a number of categories that go into picking a winner on the dogs. Consider all, or even just a number of them and you’ll sooner be making quality betting choices and betting smarter.

Box Number

The starting position is an all-important facet that can dictate a greyhound’s chances before the race is even run. The lane in which the dog is drawn can potentially have a major impact on the outcome of the race. Those drawn close to the running rail will obviously cover less distance and be in the pole position to win, but will require to have early speed to take advantage of the inside rail before other dogs from the outside get across and cut off their race progress.

Trainer’s Statistics

There is one very important person critical to the success of your greyhound’s chances: the dog’s trainer.

Naturally, greyhounds have deep-rooted levels of inherent and genetic talent, however, it is the trainer’s job to make sure that the dog’s absolute maximum ability can be produced come race time.

It is the responsibility of the trainer to teach the dog to race, making sure it gets to the starting barrier in the best shape possible and to ensure the correct races are selected, taking into account each dog’s individual strengths enabling it the best chance of race success.

Trainer’s statistics are a crucial area of form analysis as they can provide what the trainer’s overall performance is, and the pattern of that performance over time: when, where and how the trainer has the most success with his/her methods

Greyhound Class

A greyhound’s overall winning performance might appear impressive, but may not be what they appear to be at first glance. Were a dog’s wins achieved in moderate races or were they against the same quality of opposition they will face in a forthcoming race?

Greyhound Breeding

The dog’s genetics are important. Any greyhound’s sire and dam provide critical tips to its ability to win – if it has natural early speed, will to win, its concentration and mental application, and how it may handle different weather and track conditions. Tracing back the success of a dog’s sire and dam, and the race record of their siblings, can provide vital form tips.

Career Record

Career racing performance tells you precisely if a dog makes finishing up the front a habit. Some dogs prefer to chase the lure, while chasing opponents is favourable for others.

Sure, class and other factors are decisive, however, there can be no more crucial factor in the end other than the win column!

Career Prizemoney

Prizemoney is a superb barometer of a greyhound’s quality. Higher value races by their nature attract better quality opposition. Greyhounds with higher career prizemoney defeat better dogs regularly.

Recent Form

Check that all of your favourite greyhound’s best race results weren’t run years ago. A dog’s career can be extremely long and can include a number of ups-and-downs in results over time. The latest form is ALWAYS the best form.

Distance Record

Each greyhound has a preferred range of race distances over which they’ll compete better, and it’s vital to be aware if that applies in your chosen dog’s upcoming race.

Recent Race Recor

While career stats can supply you with a hint of what a greyhound can do at peak form, that won’t count for much if the dog has been slumping in its last few races in recent weeks.

Don’t Count out the Favourite

Statistics clearly show that greyhound race favourites win 40% of the time, come in 1st or 2nd 60% of the time, and place 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 70% of the time.

The final tip – ALWAYS get the best odds from the best sites

Maximise your winnings, bet on quality and secure sites that will pay you quickly and ensure yourself the best odds every time you bet on the greyhounds like these betting sites here;