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Chasebet Review [July 2024]

  • Betting Markets Variety
  • Banking Options
  • Mobile Experience
  • Payout Speed
  • Customer Support
  • Betting Experience
Total score

Chasebet Special Features

  • User-Friendly Mobile App
  • Live Streaming of Racing
  • Updated Promotions
  • Live Chatting Service
  • Racing Live Streams
  • Excellent Promotions
  • Mobile App for Popular Devices
  • Limited Payment Options
  • Not Many Advanced Features
  • Missing Contact Page
By:Matt Abrahams

The Australian betting sector is witnessing a constant influx of new bookies, with ChaseBet being one of the latest additions. In this extensive ChaseBet review, I will provide an in-depth analysis of what they bring to the table. This review will cover its strengths and weaknesses, features, racing coverage and more.

ChaseBet Review Strengths and Weaknesses

When conducting an evaluation of an Australian bookmaker, it is essential to thoroughly assess both its strong points and areas that require improvement. In the case of ChaseBet Australia, I have observed several noteworthy aspects of their service that deserve recognition, while also pinpointing specific areas that need improvement in the future.

✔️Chasebet Strengths

  • Live Streaming - A unique feature at this bookmaker is the ability to watch live streaming of racing. The benefit of this feature is that you don’t have to source another website for a live stream.
  • Promotions - At this bookie, you’ll find plenty of promotions throughout the sporting calendar from racing to sports. This helps improve the overall betting experience.
  • Mobile App - A mobile app makes betting on the go that much easier and this bookie has its punters covered with a mobile app for both Apple and Android. 

❌ChaseBet Weaknesses 

  • Average Payment Options - This bookie had a poor range of payment options in my opinion. But in saying that, the basics are offered and this should be fine for most.
  • Lacking Advanced Features - Compared to the competition, I found this bookie needed to improve its advanced features to be on the same level. But they are fine if you’re just looking for a simple bookmaker.
  • No Contact Page - During this ChaseBet review, I found they didn’t have a contact page, making it hard to find the ChaseBet contact information.

👨‍⚖️Chasebet Final Verdict

Although it's a newcomer in the market, this betting site is already displaying noteworthy strengths that distinguish it from the competition. While it might not be on par with the top-tier Australian bookmakers at the moment, it exhibits the potential for future enhancements. As it evolves and continues to develop, this site could evolve into a significant player in the industry. It's worth keeping a close watch on their progress as they refine and expand their offerings in the years ahead.

Chasebet Info Card

Website: Harris Bookmaking Pty Ltd
License & regulation: NSW Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission (GWIC) and the Office Liquor Gaming and Racing, (OLGR) Year founded: 2023
Contact information: Email, Live Chat Live betting number: N/A
Address/Headquarters: Upfold St, Gormans Hill NSW 2795Deposit Methods: Debit Card, Bank Transfer
Features: Mobile App, Live Chat, Promos, Live StreamingWithdrawal Methods: Bank Transfer
Apps Devices: Apple & AndroidOdds Providers: Chasebet, BetMakers
Owner: Damian Harris

ChaseBet Review ventured into the fiercely competitive Australian betting landscape in 2023, where they faced stiff competition from established global giants and seasoned local betting sites. Although there is room for improvement in various aspects, they have made promising strides already.

A standout characteristic of ChaseBet Australia is its live chat platform. While not as extensive as some competitors, their 24/7 live chat support sets them apart by providing fast and efficient assistance, enhancing the overall customer experience significantly.

ChaseBet's racing section offers an extensive array of racing events and conventional betting markets, such as win/place and exotic bets, which ensures a seamless experience for racing enthusiasts, aligning themselves with more prominent bookmakers.

In terms of payment methods, ChaseBet provides a basic range that should satisfy the needs of most punters. This includes debit card and bank transfer. While the selection may not be extensive, these options should be convenient for the majority of users.

The ChaseBet mobile app is another noteworthy feature that I found enjoyable to use for mobile betting. Its user-friendly navigation and ease of placing bets make it a convenient option. Additionally, it's compatible with a wide range of devices.

Overall, as one of the small betting sites in the bookmaking industry, ChaseBet demonstrates substantial growth potential. While they may not match well-established bookies in areas like advanced features and live betting, they excel in aspects such as their live chat feature, user-friendly mobile app and more.

ChaseBet Score

Betting Variety ⭐⭐⭐⭐

An extensive selection of racing and sports betting markets is complemented by regularly updated promotional offers

Banking Options ⭐⭐⭐

In my opinion, their deposit methods are relatively limited and the available withdrawal methods are basic.

Mobile experience ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I found that the app displayed a high degree of user-friendliness and offered ease of navigation.

Payout Speed ⭐⭐⭐

As the sole withdrawal option is bank transfer, it should be expected that payouts will require several business days to process.

Security ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Security concerns are not an issue at this particular betting site.

Betting Experience ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Overall, I think the betting experience at this bookmaker is quite good for a new bookie. 

Customer Support ⭐⭐⭐

There’s no contact page on their website. However, they do have a live chat feature.

Frequently asked questions about ChaseBet

In this section, I aim to address some of the most common questions about chase bet bookmaker.

Damian Harris is the current owner and he has extensive experience in the industry as a bookie.

Yes, your privacy and security are a top priority for ChaseBet Australia. They employ robust encryption and security measures to protect your personal and financial information. Be sure to review their privacy policy for more details.

Certainly. You can download the ChaseBet app from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $20.

At this stage, you won’t find a ChaseBet sign up bonus online due to Government regulation.

🏇 ChaseBet Racing

ChaseBet Australia offers a diverse and dynamic range of racing betting markets, catering to both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers. Whether you're captivated by horse racing's grace, the agility of greyhounds, or the high-octane thrill of harness racing, I found their platform provides a comprehensive selection of races to bet on. 

In terms of bet types, I found they have the most common available that you would expect to find such as trifecta, quinella and more. They also offer same race multi.

If you’re a punter who likes to research the runners before betting, there are plenty of features such as form guide, tips and speed map.

With competitive odds, intuitive interfaces and a commitment to responsible gaming, I believe that their racing betting markets offer a rewarding experience for users.


ChaseBet’s best sports features

When evaluating a betting site, it's essential to pinpoint the elements that truly set it apart. These features have the potential to elevate the entire betting experience and distinguish a platform from its competitors. Let's delve into the standout attributes provided by this bookmaker and examine how they enrich your betting experience.

ChaseBet TV

One of the more unique parts, in my opinion, about this bookie is its live streaming service. I found they are one of the many live streaming betting sites in Australia of racing that can be easily accessed from the bottom left of the website.

ChaseBet Live Chat

At the moment, ChaseBet doesn't provide a direct phone number for contact, but they compensate for this by offering an outstanding live chat feature. In my experience, live chat is the most convenient means of communication with a bookmaker and this is where they truly excel. Their live chat function, in my opinion, is highly effective in assisting customers to resolve any issues.

ChaseBet Promotions

Based on my experience, I've noticed that they consistently offer updated promotions for a diverse range of events across the sports calendar. I firmly believe that this enhances the overall betting experience and contributes to higher earnings from my bets.

ChaseBet Sports Coverage

ChaseBet boasts a comprehensive and exhilarating array of sports betting markets. From the fast-paced world of soccer to the strategic brilliance of basketball, their platform covers a wide spectrum of sporting events, offering me the opportunity to bet on my favourite teams and players. With competitive odds and a user-friendly interface, their  sports betting markets provide a dynamic and engaging platform for sports enthusiasts to indulge in their passion.

ChaseBet AFL 

Aussie rules football takes centre stage at this bookmaker, proudly standing as one of our flagship sports offerings. When it comes to AFL betting markets, they leave no game uncovered. Their extensive range of markets spans classic selections like head-to-head and line betting to more intricate options, such as first goal scorer. They also take pride in providing a collection of player props, where you'll find competitive odds that add an extra layer of excitement to your AFL betting experience. While their primary focus remains firmly on the AFL, they also extend support to smaller leagues, offering a well-rounded selection of markets to cater to a diverse array of preferences.

ChaseBet NRL

In the states of New South Wales and Queensland, the NRL stands out as the premier winter sport, commanding a significant following. Much like the AFL, NRL betting markets on this betting site offer an appealing balance of options, boasting both standard markets and player-specific propositions. At ChaseBet, every NRL game comes with diverse betting markets, exactly as you'd anticipate. I found they also extend to include International Tests, the highly anticipated State of Origin series and futures bets. 

ChaseBet NBA

I found that this platform offers a comprehensive and immersive experience for those looking to bet on NBA games. They have extensive Betting Markets along with same game multi. You can also expect to see some promotions throughout the regular season and playoffs. It’s also possible to bet on futures, such as NBA Championship winner before the season has even started.

ChaseBet Cricket

In the scorching Australian summer, cricket enthusiasts are treated to an abundance of betting opportunities, especially when international teams travel down under. ChaseBet, a trusted bookmaker, is your gateway to this cricketing extravaganza, offering an extensive array of betting markets. Within the platform, you can explore a plethora of cricket events, including but not limited to the Ashes, Big Bash, IPL, and many more. They ensure you have access to comprehensive odds and an exhilarating cricket betting experience during this cricket-filled Australian summer.

ChaseBet Soccer

Soccer stands as one of the world's most widely followed sports and it comes with a diverse range of betting markets across various online platforms. In contrast to the relatively limited number of professional leagues in AFL betting and NRL, soccer sets itself apart by offering an extensive array of leagues hailing from all corners of the globe. They pride themselves on providing a substantial selection of soccer leagues, even if we may not match the sheer quantity offered by some other bookmakers. Within their offerings, you'll discover a host of popular leagues, including the English Premier League and the renowned La Liga. Additionally, they don't overlook the significance of domestic soccer in Australia. They dedicate attention to the A-League and offers an array of betting markets.

ChaseBet Tennis

In the dynamic sport of tennis, particularly during the high-stakes Grand Slam events like the Australian Open, excitement and anticipation are ever-present. ChaseBet, your go-to destination for tennis betting, consistently provides a wide array of betting opportunities. I found their tennis betting markets cover an assortment of options, including classic head-to-head bets, forecasting the tournament winner and even predicting individual set scores. 

ChaseBet Sponsorship Deals

At the moment, this betting site doesn’t have any sponsorship deals. But they’re the approved wagering partner for a number of organisations in Australia such as the AFL and NRL.

ChaseBet’s Betting Markets & Types of Bets Available

Whether you prefer the simplicity of a head to head bet or the strategy of a point spread, ChaseBet offers a versatile selection of bet types to cater to every preference.

ChaseBet’s Betting Markets: 

  • Head-to-head
  • Line bets
  • Over/under total markets
  • First half markets
  • First scorer
  • Player props
  • Win/place racing markets
  • Racing exotics
  • Same game multi
  • Same race multi

ChaseBet’s Types of Bets Available

  • Single bets
  • Multi bets
  • System bets (doubles, trebles etc.)
  • Futures

📱Chasebet Mobile and App

ChaseBet's mobile apps provide a seamless and convenient way to enjoy our betting platform anytime, anywhere. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, their apps offer a user experience that's as engaging as it is easy to navigate. 

Whether you're an Android or iOS user, the ChaseBet mobile app brings the world of sports and racing betting to the palm of your hand. I found that I could easily place bets and stay updated on my favourite events with the touch of a button. It was also quick to navigate through different betting markets, which is something other betting apps can struggle with.

In my opinion, ChaseBet's mobile apps make betting on the go a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for all users.

💳Chasebet Banking


In my opinion, an array of secure and convenient banking options stands as a fundamental cornerstone for any sports betting site. Such options play a pivotal role in enabling users to effortlessly manage their betting accounts, offering flexibility and peace of mind when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds.

In my review of ChaseBet, I noticed that they provide several of the most commonly used payment methods, which are likely to cater to most users. Personally, I lean toward the convenience of debit cards, a universally accepted and user-friendly choice. In my opinion, they do need to beef up their payment options such as adding PayPal or POLi. But I’m sure they’ll improve this in the future.

When it comes to withdrawing, the most straightforward choice is the bank transfer, which allows for direct fund transfers to your bank account. However, it's worth noting that withdrawal time via bank transfer may require a couple of days for processing, with the exact timing subject to variability based on your bank and the day of the week.

It's a fair assessment to say that ChaseBet may not offer the most extensive range of payment methods for both depositing and withdrawing. The selection could benefit from more diversity, which might be a drawback for some users. Nevertheless, the fundamental options they do provide should suffice for the majority of users.

🔞 is ChaseBet legal in Australia?

In the realm of sports betting, the presence of legal betting sites plays a pivotal role in establishing a secure and well-regulated environment. These platforms not only uphold the principles of fair play but also safeguard the rights of users, instilling trust and confidence among punters like myself. BettingTop10, a diligent reviewer and comparer of legal betting sites, plays a crucial role in this process.

In the case of, my investigation has revealed their strong commitment to security and adherence to licensing requirements. They operate under a license granted by the NSW Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission (GWIC) in the state of New South Wales. Additionally, it is subject to regulation and oversight by the Office of Liquor, Gaming, and Racing (OLGR).

Furthermore, the implementation of a security certificate on their website stands as a testament to their commitment to safeguarding users' personal and financial information, assuring a high level of data protection.

ChaseBets’s Customer Support

In my view, customer support plays a pivotal role in the effectiveness of sports betting sites. It ensures that users like me receive timely assistance and have their queries resolved and concerns addressed, ultimately contributing to a positive and dependable user experience. In this ChaseBet Australia Review, we'll delve into how the customer support system operates.

It's important to note that phone support is not available. Therefore, if you prefer reaching out to an operator via phone, this particular betting site may not align with your preferences. Instead, they have  placed their primary focus on optimising the live chat feature, aiming to provide top-notch service exclusively through online channels.

ChaseBet’s How to

In the next part of this ChaseBet Review, we'll shift our focus to the hands-on aspects of utilising its features. This section aims to guide you through specific functions, offering step-by-step instructions to help you navigate important processes and execute various actions with ease.

How to open an account on ChaseBet 

Becoming a member of this bookmaker is a straightforward procedure, similar to the process with other bookmakers. To initiate your journey, follow these uncomplicated steps:

  • Start by visiting the ChaseBet website.
  • In the top right-hand corner of the website, spot the "Sign Up" button and give it a click.
  • Input a few essential personal details, such as your name and address.
  • Establish your account credentials, crafting a distinctive username and a secure password. If you wish, you can also establish a deposit limit to promote responsible gambling.
  • Upon wrapping up this process, your ChaseBet register is automatically generated, granting you access to the realm of betting with this bookmaker.
  • Keep a watchful eye on your email inbox for a confirmation message from the team, delivering crucial information to guide you further.

How to place a bet 

To make a wager on ChaseBet, adhere to these straightforward steps:

  • On the left-hand side of the page, navigate to the sport or racing category of your choice.
  • Identify and select the particular event you intend to bet on by clicking on it.
  • Pinpoint your preferred market and then click on the associated odds corresponding to the outcome you wish to bet on.
  • The chosen market will be automatically added to your betslip, which can be found on the right-hand side of your screen.
  • Enter the stake amount you wish to place in the provided white box on the betslip.
  • Finally, confirm your bet by clicking the "confirm" button.

How to request a withdrawal 

  • ChaseBet login to your account
  • Access the my account section
  • Select withdraw funds
  • Choose a ChaseBet withdrawal amount from $20+
  • In the dropdown options, choose your Bank
  • Enter your bank details and click add a new account 

Chasebet Profile

Features: Mobile App, Live Chat, Promos, Live Streaming

Sports covered: AFL, NRL, NBA, NFL, Cricket, Tennis, Soccer, Rugby Union, Horse Racing and more.

Apps: Apple and Android

Payment options: Debit Card, Bank Transfer

Contact information: Live Chat

My name is Matt and I am part of the BettingTop10 Australian Sports writing team. Since a young age, I have always loved playing and watching sports. And at the end of the day, I really do enjoy watching all Aussie Sports, US Sports and a whole lot more. Couple this with the fact I have played Cricket since 2000, as well as social Tennis on occasion, and well, I think this has helped me in making a smooth transition into the sports betting industry!

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