Apple Pay Betting Sites

In this ultimate guide, I’m going to discuss Apple Pay betting sites and how it works in Australia. With Apple Pay, you can seamlessly fund your account, place bets, enjoy stress-free betting and more!

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Apple Pay Betting Pros & Cons

Apple Pay has emerged as a popular and convenient payment method for various transactions, including online betting. As with any payment solution, it comes with its own set of pros and cons that can significantly impact your betting experience. 

In this section of our guide about Apple Pay betting sites, I'll discuss what I think are the major advantages and disadvantages of using Apple Pay for betting, helping you make an informed decision about whether it's the right choice for you. Whether you're a seasoned punter or new to the world of online betting, understanding these pros and cons will enable you to maximise the benefits of this payment method while being aware of its limitations.

👍 Apple Pay Pros 

Wondering what’s so good about using this payment method? Here are three advantages or pros, in my experience.

  • Convenience and Speed: In my experience, it offers a quick and hassle-free way to make payments. With just a tap or a glance, you can complete transactions at supported merchants, making it one of the fastest and most convenient payment methods available.
  • Enhanced Security: They make sure that they employ robust security measures. It uses tokenisation to ensure that your actual card details are never shared with merchants. Plus, you need biometric authentication (Touch ID or Face ID) or a passcode to authorise payments, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Digital Wallet Integration: I like that it seamlessly integrates with a digital wallet, allowing me to store loyalty cards, boarding passes, event tickets and more. This feature simplifies your digital life by keeping everything you need in one place, easily accessible through your Apple device.

👎 Apple Pay Cons 

From my experience, here are three potential drawbacks or cons associated with using Apple Pay. In my opinion, I think it's essential to consider these potential drawbacks alongside the benefits when deciding whether Apple Pay is the right payment method for your needs.

  • Limited Acceptance: While it’s becoming more widely accepted, it may not be supported by all betting sites just yet, especially at most small betting sites. This limitation can occasionally restrict your ability to use Apple Pay for payments. But I believe this will improve in the coming years.
  • Device Dependence: Apple Pay is tied to Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Macs. If you don't own or have access to an Apple device, you won't be able to use this payment option, which can be a drawback for non-Apple users. 
  • Internet Connectivity: To use it, you typically need an internet connection, whether it's 5G or Wi-Fi. If you're in an area with poor or no connectivity, you may encounter difficulties making payments, which can be inconvenient.

Why should you use Apple Pay? 

I think this payment option can offer you a convenient, secure and efficient way to manage your payments and transactions. One of the key benefits is its simplicity – you can add your credit and debit cards to your Apple Wallet with just a touch of your fingerprint or a glance at Face ID. You can make purchases both in-store and online swiftly too. 

Apple Pay is designed with security in mind, utilising tokenisation to keep your financial information safe. Your actual card details are never shared with merchants, reducing the risk of fraud. Additionally, it's widely accepted at a variety of retailers and within many apps, making it a versatile payment solution. Whether you're shopping, dining or even betting online, it streamlines the process, giving you peace of mind and convenience in the palm of your hand.

Recommended Apple Pay Betting Sites

If you're looking to enhance your online betting experience, you're in the right place! We've handpicked some recommended betting sites that support Apple Pay deposits. 

With its seamless and secure payment process, this payment option allows you to fund your betting account swiftly, making it an excellent choice for punters. Check out our list below, along with key details about each recommended betting site.



  • Apple Pay Availability: Bet365 offers Apple Pay as a deposit option for Australian users.
  • Deposit Limits and Fees: Bet365 does not charge any fees for deposits. The minimum deposit amount may vary but it’s usually pretty small, around 10 bucks.
  • Deposit Processing Time: Apple Pay deposits on Bet365 are usually processed instantly, allowing you to start betting right away.
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  • Apple Pay Availability: Unibet provides the option to use Apple Pay for deposits by Australian users.
  • Deposit Limits and Fees: Unibet does not impose any fees on Apple Pay deposits. The minimum deposit amount may vary, but it typically remains relatively low, often around $10.
  • Deposit Processing Time: Deposits made via this payment method on Unibet are typically processed instantly, enabling you to commence your betting activities without delay.
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picklebet-Betting Site

  • Apple Pay Availability: You can use Apple Pay to make deposits on Picklebet via their mobile app. Make sure that Apple Pay is setup on your iPhone or it may not show up on the Picklebet app.
  • Deposit Limits and Fees: The minimum deposit amount may vary but is generally set at a reasonable level, often around $10. It’s important to know that Picklebet does not charge any fees for Apple Pay deposits either. 
  • Deposit Processing Time: When you deposit using Apple Pay on Picklebet, your funds are available instantly so there’s no wait time involved. 

Please note that the availability of Apple Pay and specific deposit details may change over time, so it's crucial to verify the most up-to-date information directly on our site. Always gamble responsibly and within your means.

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bluebet Betting Site
  • Apple Pay Availability on BlueBet: You can use Apple Pay to easily deposit money on the BlueBet mobile app. Just make sure you've got Apple Pay set up on your iPhone, and it should pop up on the BlueBet app.
  • Deposit Limits and Fees: BlueBet usually sets the minimum deposit at a friendly amount, often around $5. And guess what? They won't charge you any fees for using Apple Pay to deposit.
  • Deposit Processing Time: When you use Apple Pay on BlueBet, your funds are right there instantly, so no need to wait around. It's quick and hassle-free!
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  • Apple Pay on Dabble: Easy deposits with Apple Pay are a go on Dabble's mobile app. Just make sure you've got Apple Pay set up on your iPhone, or it might not appear on the Dabble app.
  • Deposit Limits and Fees: Dabble usually sets a friendly minimum deposit, often around $5. And here's the best part – they won't hit you with any fees for using Apple Pay to deposit.
  • Deposit Processing Time: When you use Apple Pay on Dabble, your funds show up instantly, so you're good to go right away. No waiting around!
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  • Apple Pay at BetRight: Go ahead and use Apple Pay to add money to your BetRight account through their mobile app. Just make sure you've got Apple Pay set up on your iPhone, or it might not appear in the BetRight app.
  • Deposit Limits and Fees: BetRight usually keeps the minimum deposit at a friendly amount. They won't slap you with any fees for using Apple Pay to deposit either.
  • Deposit Processing Time: When you use Apple Pay on BetRight, your funds show up right away, so there's no waiting involved. You're all set to go in a flash!
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How to Deposit with Apple Pay Betting Sites (step by step)

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to deposit funds using Apple Pay at betting sites Australia.

Step 1: Choose a Betting Site
Start by selecting a reputable betting site that accepts Apple Pay for deposits, such as Bet365 or Unibet.

Step 2: Create an Account
If you're not already a member, sign up for an account with the betting site. You'll need to provide some personal information and agree to their terms and conditions.

Step 3: Go to the Deposit Section


Log in to your betting account and navigate to the deposit or my account section. This is where you'll fund your account.

Step 4: Select Apple Pay
Look for the Apple logo among the available deposit options. Click or tap on it to proceed.

Step 5: Enter the Deposit Amount

Specify the amount you want to deposit into your betting account. Make sure it's within your budget and adheres to any minimum or maximum Apple Pay limit Australia set by the site.

Step 6: Authenticate with Apple Pay
You'll be prompted to authenticate the transaction using your Apple device's security feature, which can be either Touch ID or Face ID. This ensures the security of your payment.

Step 7: Confirm the Transaction
After successful authentication, review the deposit details one more time to ensure accuracy. Confirm the transaction to proceed.

Step 8: Transaction Confirmation
Once the transaction is completed, you should receive a confirmation message from both the betting site and Apple.

Step 9: Start Betting
Your funds should now be available in your betting account. You can start placing bets on your favorite sports or races. Make sure you take advantage of betting sites bonuses if it’s available.

Step 10: Enjoy Responsibly
Remember to gamble responsibly and within your means. Set limits on your betting activities to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

How to Withdraw from Apple Pay Betting Sites

It generally does not support withdraw to Apple Pay from betting sites. Since it’s primarily designed for making secure and convenient payments and purchases, but it does not provide the functionality to receive funds, including withdrawals from betting accounts.

When you want to withdraw your winnings from a betting sites, you will typically need to use alternative withdrawal methods offered by the site, such as bank transfers, e-wallets, or traditional payment cards. These methods are commonly used for cashing out your winnings from your betting account. Be sure to check with the specific betting site you are using for their withdrawal options and procedures.

Betting Apps that use Apple Pay

Wondering about which Australian betting apps that use Apple Pay? At the moment, there isn’t a huge amount but I think this will definitely change in the future, mainly because Apple is such a strong brand and the iPhone is always getting better with every software version.


  • Bet365: Bet365 Australia is known as one of the best International betting sites for providing arguably the largest ranges of payment methods. In my opinion, they’re one of the top betting sites with Apple Pay.
  • Unibet: Unibet is another betting site where you can find this payment option for adding money into your account. They’re also a well-known International brand name in the betting space.
  • Picklebet: Enjoy impressive betting promos and a stylish betting app at one of the only Aussie owned betting sites with this payment option.
  • BlueBet: If you’re looking for a 100% Aussie owned bookie with Apple Pay, BlueBet is one of your best choices out there. Bet on the go with their user-friendly app or watch live streaming of the latest races in Australia.
  • Dabble: Dabble offers one of the most unique betting experiences in the land and you can also enjoy Apple Pay on your iOS device.
  • BetRight: They’re an innovative and small betting site that’s pretty underrated at the moment. They’ve also introduced Apple Pay and you can use it directly from the app.

In my experience, betting apps with Apple Pay make it super simple to deposit money. Just a few taps and you're ready to bet! I also like that my personal info and payment details are protected. Meanwhile, they use security features like Touch ID and Face ID keep my transactions safe. Deposits with this method are usually processed super fast. No waiting around – I can start betting right away. That’s always nice.

Apple Pay FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Apple Pay.

Yes, Apple Pay is available in Australia. It has gained popularity as a convenient and secure payment method for various transactions, including online betting.

Betting sites that use Apple Pay in Australia includes some of the popular ones, such as Bet365 and Unibet. It can also be found at Aussie operators such as PickleBet, BlueBet, Dabble and BetRight.

Yes, you can gamble with betting sites Apple Pay that support this payment method. It offers a convenient and secure way to fund your betting account and place bets on your favorite sports and casino games.

Sure is! Apple Pay is known for its strong security measures. It uses tokenization to protect your card information and transactions require authentication through Touch ID, Face ID, or a passcode. Additionally, transactions are encrypted, adding an extra layer of security.

Yes, you can use it on many betting sites that support this payment method. It provides a quick and easy way to deposit funds into your betting account and start wagering on sports and casino games.

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service provided by Apple Inc. It allows users to make secure, contactless payments using their Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Macs.

To set up this payment method, go to your device's Wallet app and add your eligible credit or debit cards. You can also add cards from supported banks directly through the app.

It’s widely accepted at various locations, including retail stores, restaurants, online retailers and apps. Look for the Apple symbol / logo or contactless payment terminals at participating merchants.

Most major credit and debit cards from supported banks and financial institutions are compatible. You can check with your bank to see if your card is eligible.

Yes, you can use this payment option to make secure and convenient payments in apps and on websites that accept Apple Pay as a payment method.

Yes, it can be used for public transportation payments in some cities and for in-app purchases in apps that support the feature.

To make a payment in-store, hold your Apple device near the contactless payment terminal and authenticate using Touch ID, Face ID, or your device passcode. For online and in-app purchases, select Apple as your payment method and follow the prompts.

Yes, you can add multiple credit and debit cards and choose which one to use for each transaction.

You can use the "Find My" app to remotely lock or erase your device to prevent unauthorised access. Additionally, contact your bank to suspend or remove your cards.

A common question we receive is Apple Pay safer than Google Pay? Well, in my view they are both just as safe since Google and Apple both ensure that security is at it’s highest level as possible.

Apple Pay Additional Fees

It’s usually fee-free in my experience, but pay attention to your bank's policies and any extra charges that merchants might have. Here's the lowdown on extra charges that you may see.

  • No Extra Costs: The good news is, it doesn't usually charge any extra fees just for using it to pay.
  • Regular Bank Fees: But, remember, your regular bank or card issuer might still have their own fees. So, keep an eye on that.
  • Merchant Policies: Some stores might have their own rules, too. They could tack on fees for using it, but it's not common in my experience.
  • Overdraft Charges: Be careful not to spend more than you have in your account. If you go over, your bank might hit you with overdraft fees and that's no fun.

Apple Pay Safety

When you pay with Apple Pay, it uses your fingerprint or face recognition to make sure it's really you. No one can sneak in and use your stuff. It basically swaps your real card details with a one-time code, so your info stays secret.

They don't keep your card numbers or any of that sensitive stuff on your device or Apple servers. It's like a digital vault. If you ever lose your device, you can use "Find My iPhone" to lock it or wipe it clean remotely. So, no one can get to your payment deets.

Even if you don't use Touch ID or Face ID, you gotta enter your device passcode. Your bank's keeping an eye out for any fishy transactions too. If something looks off, they'll give you a shout to confirm it's you.

Apple's super serious about your privacy and security. They're always working to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. So, all in all, Apple Pay's got some pretty solid safety measures to keep your payments and info locked up tight. I feel confident using it!

Apple Pay Betting Customer Support

Here are the main things you can expect from Apple Pay's customer support when it comes to betting.

They're usually pretty speedy when it comes to getting back to you. No one wants to wait forever, right? The support team is usually friendly and ready to assist. It's nice when you're not talking to a robot! You can often reach them 24/7, which is super handy. Betting doesn't always happen during regular business hours!

They're there to help you out if you run into any issues with your payments or transactions. Just explain what's going on and they'll do their best to fix it. They'll break things down for you in simple terms. No need for super technical jargon. You can usually get in touch through various means, like chat, email, or a toll-free number. Pick what works best for you.

They understand the importance of keeping your info safe. If you have concerns about security, they'll address them. Sometimes, you can find answers to common questions in their FAQs, so you might not even need to talk to a person. Overall, Apple Pay's customer support aims to make your betting experience as smooth as possible. If you ever need a hand, they're just a message or call away!

Other Payment Options

In addition to this payment option, I also like to use various payment alternatives on Australian betting sites. Here are a few other options I've come across:

  • Credit and Debit Cards: Many debit card betting sites in Australia accept Visa and Mastercard. It's a straightforward and widely-used method for making deposits and withdrawals.
  • eWallets: I've found eWallets like PayPal, Neteller and Skrill to be quite popular. They offer fast transactions and an extra layer of security for my financial details.
  • Bank Transfers: Most new betting sites allow for direct bank transfers. While it may take a bit longer for funds to appear in your account, it's a reliable and secure option.
  • Prepaid Cards: Prepaid cards like Paysafecard are an excellent choice if you prefer not to use your personal banking information for online gambling transactions. You can purchase these cards at various retail outlets and use them to fund your betting account.
  • Cryptocurrencies: If you're into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, you'll find some Australian betting sites that accept these digital currencies. They provide anonymity and faster transaction speeds.

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