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Boombet Review [July 2024]

  • Betting Markets Variety
  • Banking Options
  • Mobile Experience
  • Payout Speed
  • Customer Support
  • Betting Experience
Total score
  • Customer support platform
  • Racing odds
  • Mobile app
  • Good website
  • No live streaming
  • Average selection of sports
  • Not a wide range of markets
  • No live betting

BoomBet Top Features

  • Great customer service
  • Good fixed odds
  • Quality mobile app
  • Excellent website
By:Mike Jones

Boombet is one of the newest names to surge into the Aussie betting landscape, but they’ve actually been around for longer than you might think! They were previously known as ‘Sportsbetting’, a site which was launched way back in 1998. Though they never developed into anything like the biggest bookmaker in Australia, their solid fixed odds, strong customer support platform and simple website, along with their mobile app ensured that they have maintained a strong following. And despite having changed their name and the colour scheme of their platform, many of the strengths which existed at ‘Sportsbetting’ have continued on with Boombet – as have a handful of weaknesses. So, with this in mind, I will take you through all of their attributes – both good and bad – plus a whole lot more – in this review!

Boombet Info Card

Website: founded: 1997 (as
Live betting number: N/AContact information/Support:
Live chat (via website)
Phone (1300 266 543)
Email: [email protected] Social media: Facebook Messenger, Twitter
License & regulation:  Licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory GovernmentSponsorship Deals: N/A
Address/Headquarters:  Sandringham, VIC 3191Features: Good fixed odds, great customer support, easy-to-use website
Deposit Methods: Debit card, BPay Notification, EFT NotificationWithdrawal Methods: Debit card, bank transfer
Apps Devices: Yes, available for iOS and Android devicesOdds Providers: TAB
Owner: N/ACompany:Boombet


Boombet Strengths and weaknesses 

As you’ll discover throughout the course of this review, Boombet has a number of things that make it an appealing bookie, but equally, they are with a few areas in which they let themselves down. In this section, I will briefly cover some of the most significant strengths and weaknesses of this betting agency.

✔️Boombet Strengths

  • Customer service: Some punters are more focused on customer service than others, but chances are that at some point everyone will need it! In this regard, Boombet has a great customer support platform, with helpful agents available between 8am and 10.30pm every day via live chat, phone, email, Facebook Messenger or Twitter.
  • Great fixed odds: This was, for a long time, the primary call to arms of Sportsbetting – Boombet’s predecessor – and it’s carried over to the new site. The racing odds available with Boombet are very good and it sees them ranked in the top half of bookies in Australia. So, if you’re a real value hunter – this could be a big positive for you!
  • Terrific Boombet app: More and more punters are opting to use mobile apps over websites. The versatility and ability to use an app on the go is a major reason for this! Boombet have developed a very high-quality app which is available for both iOS and Android devices, and given the importance of this to many bettors – this is one of the best features of the bookmaker.

❌Boombet Weaknesses

  • Limited selection of sports available:  Though they have a good selection of racing markets and great fixed odds, unfortunately this doesn’t extend to the sports and other events section of this bookie. There are only a few sports on offer compared to many competitors, with only 20 listed at the time of writing, and though the most common are covered, there are very few of the more niche sports and events available.
  • Average range of markets within sports: On top of their thin selection of available sports is an equally limited range of markets within these sports. You’ll find odds on all of the biggest leagues and events from around the world, but on an individual game in the AFL or NRL, for example, you won’t find as many markets as you might expect to find elsewhere.
  • No live streaming:  Are you someone who likes to watch live events directly on your chosen bookies website after you have placed a bet? This is increasingly possible courtesy of the broadcast rights to various events which many major bookies have bought in recent years, but unfortunately Boombet are yet to join the party in this regard.

👨‍⚖️Boombet Final Verdict

Every bookmaker has its pros and cons, and what is an important strength to one punter might be irrelevant to another. Whether the aforementioned points act as a deterrent or make Boombet more attractive will depend you as an individual punter. And regardless of the type of punter you are, I feel as though the above strengths and weaknesses can help you as a punter to inform your bookmaker decisions.

Boombet Score

Betting Variety ⭐⭐⭐⭐

There are enough markets to satisfy plenty of customers, but Boombet is far from an industry leader in this regard.

Banking Options ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Solid enough range of banking options to cater to most people but very basic.

Mobile experience⭐⭐⭐⭐

Very good – great mobile app which is available on both iOS and Android devices; but sometomes they have glitches.

Payout Speed ⭐⭐⭐⭐

No problems with Boombet’s payout speeds. Winning punts are generally paid out fairly quickly; but sometimes it takes longer then expected for the smaller markets.

Security ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Again, no problems here.

Betting Experience ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Namely due to the website and mobile app, the betting experience with Boombet is a positive one!

Customer Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This has always been a focal point of the company and still is, even after the name change.

Boombet Review

You might not have heard of Boombet, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that means they’re a newcomer to the market! Boombet is actually a revamped version of ‘Sportsbetting’, one of the oldest bookmakers in Australia having launched way back in 1998. So, what does this mean exactly? Well, while they’ve got a new name and colour scheme, the company has decades of experience in this industry!

I have personally found that this new betting site showcases many of the qualities that helped ‘Sportsbetting’ become such an enduring feature of the Aussie betting landscape. Boombet claim to have a focus on providing great fixed odds for racing, and I have found that they certainly deliver on this, offering odds which have them ranked in the upper echelon of bookmakers for racing odds.

These odds – as well as those on sports markets – are also very easy to access in my experience, courtesy of a great website and an even better mobile app. The website is simple to navigate through and I find it to be aesthetically pleasing as well. These features have also been translated onto the boombet app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. However, unlike many of their competitors, the Boombet app loads quickly and makes it very easy to get from Point A to Point B, this of which is certainly a tick in their favour!

Another notable strength of Boombet, and one which was present in the Sportsbetting days as well, is their customer service platform. They provide a range of different ways to get in touch with them – the easiest of which I have found to be through the live chat or phone. You can also reach them via email and various social media channels – and when you do, you’ll be pleased to find you’re in the capable hands of one of their helpful agents!

I do think, however, that Boombet’s customer service offering could be slightly improved though given their operational hours are only from 8am-10:30pm. While these hours are still fairly reasonable, shifting to a 24/7 model, like some of their competitors, is something I think can satisfy a lot of punters out there!

And on top of customer service, I believe that there is another area or two in which Boombet has room for improvement. I feel as though the most notable of these relates to the range of different sports and markets that they offer. The site does admittedly have more of a focus on racing, but I’d still like to see a few more sports on offer than what they currently have, which is among the lowest in the industry for established sites.

In terms of the sports they do offer, however, I find that they are without an exhaustive range of markets. I mean you’ll find all the basics and a handful of others like player props, quarter/half time markets and so on, but there are many competitors with a more wide-ranging selection of markets.

Overall, however, I believe Boombet to be quite a solid bookie. I think that their emphasis on strong racing fixed odds coupled with great customer service makes them appealing to a strong segment of the punting population. They are by no means perfect, and those who like to delve deep, hoping to explore the more niche opportunities, will be disappointed by their relative lack of sports markets, but nonetheless this is a bookmaker with enough to offer to attract plenty of punters out there!

Frequently Asked Questions About Boombet

If you’ve got a specific question that you want answered about Boombet, take a look at our responses to some of the most commonly raised queries we get about this bookmaker.

Unfortunately, at this point Boombet doesn’t offer live streaming of any events.

Boombet has a great customer support platform which makes it easy to get in touch with them. You’ve got the choice of live chat, phone, email or even social media, with the latter including Facebook Messenger and Twitter.

Not at this point in time, no. Though live betting is becoming increasingly common, Boombet hasn’t yet implemented a platform which allows you to do it with them.

The name Boombet might be new to the punting community, but the actual company isn’t. They used to operate under the name of Sportsbetting, a site which launched way back in 1998, making them one of the most experienced operators going around.

Yep. If you want to ensure you can’t deposit any more than you want to into your Boombet account, you can set a predetermined deposit limit either when you join Boombet, or by heading to your account page and clicking on the ‘Responsible Gambling’ tab.

📱Boombet Mobile App

It’s pivotal for betting agencies to have a decent mobile app these days. Where in the past, the website was the only place to go to utilise what they have to offer, mobile apps have gradually been rolled out over the past few years to the point where very few bookies don’t have one. But that doesn’t mean they’re all of the same quality – for every great mobile app there are plenty of other pretty average ones, but Boombet’s is certainly one you can use in place of the website without too much trouble.

Though they had a mobile version of their desktop site for a while, Sportsbetting launched their native mobile app in 2019, and with some adjustments to suit the rebranding to Boombet, the app of this company has remained much the same. Much like the website, it’s straightforward to use and allows you to find what you need to find with relative ease.

We downloaded the app and were pleased to find that it didn’t suffer from any significant issues with lagging, closing unexpectedly or any of the other myriad of issues which seem to plague many lower quality apps. It gives an uncluttered feel, feels generally light and easy to get around on, and enables you to do virtually everything that you can do on the website while you’re on the go.

Both the app and the mobile site virtually mirror the desktop site in appearance, albeit with a few minor differences. These differences aren’t significant, however, and exist purely to ensure that everything fits comfortably onto the screen of your mobile, which is obviously a lot smaller than your laptop or PC.

Overall, the mobile app offered by Boombet is a high quality one, and is a big tick in the favour of the company. It allows punters to be a lot more mobile (pardon the pun) when they want to bet, and also allows customers to deposit, withdraw, check out their account and anything else they might want to do. In fact, it can easily be used as a complete substitute to the website itself, and many will be happy to use it even if they have their computer handy.

🏇Boombet Racing

Boombet’s predecessor, Sportsbetting, was renowned for having a strong focus on racing, and it’s no surprise that this focus has come along for the ride that was the branding change. As soon as you enter the site this is clear, with the next couple of races set to jump sitting across the middle of your screen and the next 25 easily accessible via a nifty scrolling feature at the top. If you want to access even more, simply click on the ‘Today’s Racing’ link on the left-hand side of the screen, or whichever days action you’re after.

If you select a race from the home page you’ll be taken straight to that race’s page, while if you go through the links on the left you’ll be greeted by every race set to jump both in Australia and around the globe in an easy-to-consume layout. From there, simply click on the race you’re interested in to get to that race’s page.

On individual race pages you’ll be greeted by all runners and their odds, and an immediately noticeable point of difference is the specificity of the odds. Rather than being limited to decimals of $0.5 or $0.2 for the shorter priced horses, they are virtually all priced to the nearest $0.05. They also like to ‘take on’ a couple of favourites in each race, meaning if you look hard enough you can typically find some reasonable value, and the overall odds are generally very competitive. You can also select tote prices instead of fixed on this page, while if you’re after exotics like quinellas and trifectas, simply select the appropriate tab above the listed runners.

Boombet doesn’t have much of a race breakdown like many other bookmakers, but they do offer a brief comment on each runner that you can take a look at if you click on the horse’s name. These aren’t particularly detailed and shouldn’t be relied upon too heavily, but it nonetheless can help to give you a little extra information.

All in all, Boombet’s racing selection is very well rounded. Races are very easy to access on both the website and the app, and once you get through to the race you want to take a look at you’ll find odds which are generally fairly reasonable in comparison to most competitors. Sportsbetting always had a focus on racing, and it’s clear that this is the case with Boombet too.

Boombet Horse racing

Boombet Best Sports Features

Given the huge number of different bookmakers that exist in Australia, it’s no surprise that there is an element of uniformity among them, with many providing very similar offerings. There are, however, often a few things which help bookies stand apart from the pack, be it via a completely unique feature or simply by the execution of a fundamental component of a bookmaker which they do to a higher level than most. These are some of the most notable features possessed by Boombet.

Boombet Customer Service

Of course, every single bookmaker has a customer support platform – in fact most businesses of all kinds need one. How helpful these platforms are, however, can vary enormously. Where some lack reasonable hours, don’t have many contact options or very helpful agents, Boombet excels in all these areas, making it easy to get in touch with one of their excellent support agents through a variety of different platforms and for most hours of the day.

Boombet live chat

Extensive experience

Bookmakers in Australia all possess vastly different levels of experience, with some having just popped up in the past year or so and others having been mainstays of the industry for decades. Boombet, though a new name, was born out of Sportsbetting, one of the most experienced bookies in Australia. Launched in 1998, they have over 20 years of experience, and have developed a strong understanding of what punters want in that time.

Strong fixed odds

Sportsbetting for a long time made great fixed odds a focus, and they have carried that focus over to their new site, Boombet. The racing odds set here are quite unique, going to the nearest $0.05 rather than the nearest $0.5 or $0.2 as is the case with many other bookmakers, and most importantly, these odds are very competitive with most of their competitors.

Boombet Sports Coverage

As mentioned, Boombet directs most of its focus towards racing, and though they do offer the most popular sports markets, unfortunately that focus does result in a slightly disappointing offering of different sports. If you just want to bet on one of Australia’s various footy codes, the cricket, basketball or another very popular sport, most people will be able to find enough markets to keep them happy – though there certainly could be more. If, however, your interests lie in the lesser-known sporting events, you might struggle to find them here. Still, the most common sports will be enough for most, and these are some examples of those.

Boombet sports

🏉Boombet Australian Rules Football

Aussie rules football is perhaps the most pertinent example of the aforementioned common sports. Sitting near the top of Boombet’s offerings both alphabetically and in terms of both markets offered and popularity, you can find a range of different markets for the AFL, the league’s top sport. You can also find futures such as Premiership winner and Brownlow medallist, while a handful of markets are available for the second-tier leagues such as VFL, SANFL and WAFL.

🏏Boombet Cricket

As the biggest sport around the entire country throughout the summer, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of cricket-related markets on most Australian betting sites, and Boombet is no exception. You can find markets on all Aussie internationals, of course, as well as Australian domestic leagues such as the Big Bash League. Outside of that, you’ll also find odds – albeit a few less markets – on internationals not including Australia as well as major overseas domestic leagues like the IPL.

🏀Boombet Basketball

Basketball must be one of the most rapidly growing sports in the country in terms of popularity, with the NBA enjoying an increasing presence down under and the lovable and much improved Boomers side encouraging plenty of new fans to take an interest in the sport. As a result there are lots of basketball markets on most Australian bookmakers, and that’s the case with Boombet too. Their focus is unsurprisingly on the NBA, but there are also plenty of markets for the NBL and a handful for many other leagues around the world.

🏉Boombet Rugby League

If you’re an Australian sports lover who doesn’t follow Australian rules footy, then it’s likely that rugby league is your thing, with the less globally popular rugby code capturing the attention of much of the north-eastern states throughout the winter time. The primary reason for this is, of course, the NRL, and there are an appropriately hefty number of markets for this league as a result – a number matched only by the State of Origin when that comes around three times a year. There are a handful of other markets here too, most notably for England’s own national rugby league.

🏈Boombet Football

It’s known as the world game for a reason; there are professional leagues virtually everywhere on the planet, and though some stand apart as far more popular than the rest, Boombet still offers markets on a huge number of different leagues. There are many more markets for the big ones such as the EPL and La Liga, but if you take an interest in something else – be it major internationals or the Finland Veikkausliiga, you’ll be able to find markets for it on Boombet.

🏆Boombet Sponsorship Deals

As of the time of writing, Boombet doesn’t have any sponsorship deals with professional sporting clubs

Boombet Betting Markets & Types of Bets Available

So those are some of the sports which you can find on Boombet, but what are the actual markets you’re likely to find for most of them?

Boombet Betting Markets

  • Moneyline
  • Line
  • Winning margin
  • Winning bands
  • Player props
  • Quarter/half markets
  • First scorer

Boombet Bet Types

  • Single bets
  • Multi bets
  • System bets (doubles, trebles etc.)

💳BoomBet Banking

So you know about the website, but before you can use it you need to understand how to deposit and withdraw. Usually this is a very simple process and doesn’t tend to differ too much across different bookmakers, though where the variance occurs is in the payment methods offered. While some offer a plethora of different options, others are a little less generous in this regard, so where does Boombet fit in?

The answer is somewhere in the middle. They don’t offer a range of payment methods that would rival the best performers in this space, and they probably fall a little towards the wrong end of the spectrum in this regard. However, most people will be comfortable using their debit card to both withdraw and deposit, and if this applies to you then you’ll be fine with the options available with Boombet.

Using this method is easy; all you need to do is enter your card details and you can deposit immediately. To withdraw, as always, is a little more difficult, and you’ll first need to verify the card before you can get any money out of your Boombet account. Fortunately Boombet makes this reasonably easy – when you initially deposit, you’ll receive an extra monetary amount in your account to the tune of somewhere between $0.01 and $0.99. Whatever this amount, in cents, is your verification number, and you then use it to verify your card.

If you’re not happy using your debit card, there are a few other options. You can also use all of BPay notification, and EFT notification, with the former seeing funds in your account virtually straight away and the latter two requiring you to transfer money into Boombet’s account and then notify, which invariably means it takes a few minutes and sometimes longer to arrive.

If you want to withdraw using an alternate method, your only option is bank transfer. For both bank transfer and debit card withdrawals, you won’t see the transfer happen quite as immediately. When you withdraw the money will instantly be taken from your Boombet account, but you’ll have to wait likely between two and five business days for it to arrive in your bank account, depending on who you bank with.

Overall, the payment methods offered by Boombet should be sufficient to cater for the needs of most people, but they could certainly have a few more. They fall a little behind some of the bigger players in the industry in this regard, but whether or not this is an issue depends on the individual, and the majority will probably be able to find a payment method that suits them.

🔞Is Boombet Legal in Australia?

Certainly is. As is the case with many bookmakers, it is licensed and regulated by the NT Government of Australia, and is officially recognised as pty ltd. For residents of South Australia, Boombet’s operations are governed by the South Australian Gambling Codes of Practice. Further demonstrating their legitimacy is a commitment to responsible gambling, which they demonstrate via a ‘Responsible Gambling’ link on the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of your page under ‘Help’, which lists a number of methods and websites to keep you in control, while also offering the ability to set deposit limits.

Boombet Customer Support

Customer support was an area in which Boombet’s predecessor, Sportsbetting, thrived, and there was no reason that wouldn’t carry over to the new version of the site. And that has certainly proved to be the case, with Boombet offering a very good all-round customer service platform which includes a number of different convenient ways to get into contact with a helpful customer support agent.

The easiest of those ways is live chat, which you can access either under the ‘Help’ menu on the left of your screen or by clicking through to ‘Contact Us’ and then selecting the ‘Live Chat’ option. This is an option which is increasingly prevalent among bookmakers, but there are many who don’t yet offer it and it can be a significant omission. It’s presence here is welcomed, because it’s almost certainly the easiest way to quickly resolve any issues you may have.

If you want to speak directly to a person, you can also give Boombet a call. It’s usually not too difficult to get into contact with them, and for the most part their agents are fairly happy to help and have the knowledge to do so. Both phone calls and live chat are available every day of the week between 8.00am and 10.30pm – a fairly generous window, albeit obviously not 24/7 as some other agencies offer.

If neither of these two contact methods appeals to you or doesn’t suit your specific needs, you can also send them an email, which may be more appropriate if you need to attach a document or have a more convoluted question. Finally, you can reach Boombet’s customer support agents through their social media channels, with both Facebook Messenger and Twitter mediums in which they operate.

Overall, the customer support available with Boombet doesn’t disappoint, living up to the high standards set by Sportsbetting before them. The presence of live chat is a big tick, while the availability of customer support agents on the phone as well as the ability to contact them via email or social media makes for a well-rounded customer support platform. Obviously it would be an improvement if they were open 24/7, but nonetheless they operate for more than 14 hours of the day, which is likely the time during which the vast majority of problems will need a resolution.

Boombet How To

If you happened to be thinking that you would love a step-by-step guide to some of the most important processes on Boombet, then have we got good news for you. Take a look at our detailed rundowns below which do exactly that to make it easier for you to navigate Boombet.

How to open an account with Boombet?

Opening an account with most betting agencies is pretty straightforward, but Boombet takes that to a whole new level. You can get signed up within a matter of seconds by following the simple steps below.

  • Head to the Boombet home page and click on the ‘Join’ button in the top right-hand corner of your page.
  • Fill in the details on the page that you’re then taken to – these are pretty straightforward, with only your name, date of birth, address and mobile needed, along with a Username and password.
  • Set a deposit limit on the same page if you wish to, or opt out if you don’t, tick the box that confirms that you’re over 18, and click ‘Create Account’.
  • Voila – your account is created.

How to place a bet with Boombet?

Now that you’ve joined up, you need to know how to place a bet. Once again, follow our simple steps below to learn how to do just that.

  • Locate the market that you wish to bet on, typically by clicking on your chosen sport on the left-hand side of the home page, then selecting a league and then a match.
  • Click on the odds corresponding to your chosen market.
  • A betslip will appear on the right of your screen, with details of the bet, the odds, and a box in which you place your stake.
  • Type in your stake, and your estimated returns if the bet wins will be listed below.
  • Click on the ‘Place Bet’ button at the bottom of the betslip, and assuming you have sufficient money in your account, your bet will be placed.

How to check your pending bets?

Sometimes you may want to take a look at bets that you have already placed to confirm that you’ve placed them, the details of the bet, or for some other reason. This is how you go about taking a look at your pending bets.

  • Head to the homepage of Boombet
  • On the top left of your screen, locate the button which says ‘Account’.
  • Upon clicking this button, you’ll be taken to a ‘Summary’ page which highlights some of your account details.
  • At the top of this page, click on the ‘Open Bets’ tab.
  • This will take you to a page which will list all of your currently pending bets.

My name is Mike and I am a sports writer from Sydney, Australia with experience writing about a variety of differing sports. I have a particular passion for all things basketball, but I am always happy to cover anything and everything as is my love for sport!

Boombet Profile

Features: Great mobile app and website, range of customer service options, competitive racing odds

Sports covered: Rugby league, cricket, tennis, Australian rules football, golf, soccer

Apps: Yes, available on all iOS and Android devices.

Payment options: Debit card, bank transfer, BPay Notification, EFT Notification

Contact information: Live chat, phone, email, social media (Facebook Messenger, Twitter)

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