Best Betting Apps Australia

The sports betting landscape in Australia is highly competitive and bookmakers offer top-notch mobile apps for convenient on-the-go betting. The best of these apps are easy to use and intuitive, allowing you to bet seamlessly. If you're looking for the ultimate sports betting app, look no further. We have identified the best in the industry and detailed them right here. Get ready to enjoy the best betting experience on the go!▶️ 

Updated:  08 December, 2023    

Top Betting Apps in Australia

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There are a number of things that go into determining which betting apps in Australia could be said to fall into the category of best betting apps. When we’re analysing Australian betting apps, we take into consideration a wide variety of things, but the most significant of these is how smoothly the betting apps run, and whether they tend to have any operational difficulties. 

 When using the best betting apps, you’re able to open up what are always free betting apps, and scroll easily through all that a particular betting site has to offer. That includes their betting markets, customer support platform, payment methods, and everything else that is available on the desktop site. 

 Unfortunately, there are plenty of online betting apps which don’t perform quite as well as intended. There are a number which are prone to taking a very long time to load, prone to causing your phone to overheat, and prone to having random errors occur – such as shutting down without warning, or consistently logging you out. Evidently this can be quite frustrating, and can generally be sufficient to warrant you simply choosing to use another bookmaker. 

 The difference between the most highly functional, best betting apps, and those which tend to malfunction, is quite stark, and this is why we place so much emphasis on this factor. We do, of course, also consider a number of other things, many of which are general considerations when looking at a betting site anyway. 

 For example, we’ll suss out how easy it is to use the customer support platform, and whether the online betting apps we’re reviewing make it easy to get in touch. We’ll also consider how easy it is to deposit and withdraw, as well, of course, as how simply you can access the available markets. 

 Finally, we’ll take a look at the overall feel of the best mobile betting apps we’re reviewing. Does it look nice? Is it easy to find what it is that you’re looking for? Or is the layout a little clunky and confusing, making it difficult to quickly navigate around the betting app.  

 Essentially, the best betting apps make it easier to access everything that a bookmaker has to offer on your phone than on your laptop. These betting apps will be aesthetically pleasing, load quickly, never malfunction, and make it easy to access all of a bookmaker’s services from the comfort of your mobile phone.  

Top Horse Betting Apps for Australians

As do betting sites themselves, many mobile betting apps excel in a particular area, and in this section of this page we’re going to look at the best horse betting apps. These are apps which come from bookmakers with a particular focus on horse racing. This might be betting sites which offer only markets on horse racing, or it might be bookmakers which have a clear focus on them in terms of offering better odds and a wider range of markets than they do in their sports section.  

 All of the horse betting apps that we’ll look at in this section are among the best in that category, offering a quick and easy place to bet on horse racing in Australia. Take a look below at the list of best horse betting apps according to our detailed review. Some of these are horse racing specific betting apps, while others are just good overall apps which have a strong horse racing component. 

Best Horse Racing Betting Apps

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What's the Best Sports Betting App?

In this section, we’ll go on to have a look at the best sports betting apps. This follows a similar logic to the above section, but obviously with a focus on apps which have a high quality sports betting element to their apps, rather than a racing one. 

 This, to an extent, includes overall elements of the bookmaker like what level their odds are at, how many markets they have and what leagues they cover; meaning that among those listed below are the best football betting apps, cricket betting apps, soccer betting apps and more. However, we then also factor in the quality of the app itself; is it easy to access the sports markets, can you use the mobile app in place of the desktop site, and so on. 

Best Betting Apps for Sports

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Betting Apps Pros & Cons

Mobile punting has plenty of advantages, but it also has a few drawbacks, and we’ve listed the most significant of each of these below to help you decide whether it’s right for you.

  • ProsAccessible on the go
  • ProsCan often more quickly access different markets
  • ProsMost apps will be available on a device you own
  • ProsSome betting agencies offer promotions which are available only on apps
  • ConsSome betting agencies’ apps tend to lag
  • ConsLimited screen space means some can be clustered
  • ConsCan be less user-friendly than desktop sites

How To Spot the Best Betting Apps?

Finding the best sports betting apps is a subjective practice. We’ve listed what we think are the top overall, but each punter has his or her own list of priorities, meaning a suitable app for one may not be the best for another.

For some, the design of the app might be key – how it looks, and how easy it is to find their favourite sports or racing events. Others might want an app which allows them to stream their favourite sports and racing live to their eligible device. Some apps offer push notifications, giving you a reminder when a key event is about to start, and this can be key for busy punters who tend to forget these things. There can also be a major difference in how functional apps are – some load extremely quickly while others can tend to lag a lot, and this can cause a lot of frustration if you’re a punter who needs to jump on the app and quickly place a bet.

For most, a combination of these factors will help determine which app they most prefer, but some will prioritise some of these features over others, and it’s knowing your own needs which will best enable you to find your ideal betting app.

Best Betting Apps

In this section, we’re going to take a direct look at the best betting apps in Australia. We’ll list the top ten of them, and provide a little bit of detail specifically about the apps themselves, while also touching on the overall strengths of the bookmaker more broadly.

Playup Betting App

playup app review

PlayUp has become a very popular betting site since launching in 2017, and one of its most notable characteristics is both a terrific website, and a really good betting app. The first thing we notice about this app is how responsive it is; it loads super quickly, and makes it easy to jump across different pages. It’s also very aesthetically pleasing, and provides an excellent overall platform with which you can access PlayUp’s solid range of markets and competitive odds.  

PlayUp Review
Best Fixed Odds, Playup Playbook

Getsetbet Betting App


Getsetbet hasn’t been around for a particularly long time, having only launched late in 2021. And while they still have some work to do to be considered among the absolute best of the best betting sites – which you can find in our list of all betting sites in Australia – one area in which they’re already mighty competitive is their betting app. There might on occasions be some issues with this app’s functionality, but they are relatively rare, and for the most part you can relatively quickly scan through all the features that this bookmaker has to offer. Overall, this is one of the better betting apps going around. 

GetSetBet Review
Fun and exciting markets!

BoomBet Betting App

Boombet app review

Despite their new name, BoomBet has been around for a long time, previously operating under the name Sportsbetting. Clearly, all that experience has led them to recognise the importance of developing a good mobile app, because theirs is among the best of the best. This is a terrific app which is available for both iOS and Android devices, and is very straightforward to use; exactly what you want as a punter. It loads quickly, and is overall one of the best features of BoomBet. 

Boombet Review
Great features coupled with amazing odds! Sets their own odds!

Bet365 Betting App

Bet365 Betting App

Bet365 is one of the biggest betting companies in the world, and there are plenty of reasons why. The app is one such example. The layout of this app is relatively unique, but it functions extremely well, loading as fast as nearly any betting app that you’ll find and allowing you to access Bet365’s almost unparalleled range of betting markets and terrific odds. On very rare occasions this app has a tendency to close unexpectedly, but this is becoming increasingly rare, and it doesn’t have the same issue of tending to lag and feeling as though it slows down your mobile device overall like many other betting apps do. 

Bet365 Review
Most well known bookmaker – always a solid experience



BlueBet is an Aussie-owned betting site who want you to know exactly that, with this fact one of the key components of their marketing. But while this might be important to some, what’s more likely to draw you to BlueBet is the fact that they have a terrific mobile app. The BlueBet website is solid enough but does have a tendency to encounter a few unusual little quirks, like the sidebar refusing to go away, but these glitches seem to have been ironed out on the app. This is a betting app which nearly always works as it’s intended to, and which allows you to access BlueBet’s great customer support platform, and a whole lot more.

BlueBet Review
Bluey’s Best Bets!

Picklebet Betting App


Picklebet is known more for their great range of esports markets than their betting app, but the latter certainly deserves plaudits. Picklebet took a little while to release their betting app, instead requiring customers to use the mobile version of the site if they wanted to access Picklebet on a mobile device. Now that it’s out, however, it’s clearly been worth the wait. This is an intuitive app which is really easy to navigate around, and importantly manages to avoid the malfunctions which seems to plague so many other betting apps. This is one of the better betting apps out there, and if you’re an esports lover it’s as good as any. 

Picklebet Review
E-sports focus with great odds!

TopSport Betting App

Topsport Betting App

TopSport is a long-time player in the Australian betting industry, and though they haven’t managed to rise to the ranks of some of their most well-known competitors, they are a solid option and have a strong contingent of regular customers. Their mobile app is very similar to the overall experience at TopSport; it’s not the absolute best of the best, but it is pretty damn good and does what it needs to do. This isn’t an app with a whole lot of bells and whistles, but what it does offer is a platform on both iOS and Android devices on which you can easily access everything that TopSport has to offer, without having to worry about it lagging or malfunctioning. 

TopSport Review
Extensive range of markets with fair limits

Unibet Betting App

Unibet Australia

Unibet Australia is an interesting betting site. The things they do well – such as range of markets and odds – they do better than nearly everyone, but they have a few drawbacks too, most notably a difficult to use website. Fortunately, this doesn’t really translate to their app, which is a lot slicker than their desktop site. The Unibet Australia app can on occasion be prone to a few glitches, but this is relatively rare and you’re certainly not going to see as much lagging on the app as you do on the website. And with their incredible range of markets and terrific odds on offer, this is an app which has plenty going for it.

Unibet Australia Review
Unibet Blog, for sport game information!

Palmerbet Betting App

palmerbet app review

Like Unibet, the Palmerbet website can be prone to lagging a little at times, making it difficult to access what is a really solid selection of markets with good odds. The app, however, is a lot better. Available for both iOS and Android, the Palmerbet betting app is a fair bit easier to use than the website itself largely because everything loads more quickly. This means that this is a pretty popular way to engage with Palmerbet, with everything that they have to offer easily accessible on your mobile device. 

Palmerbet Review
Australian operated and owned

RealBookie Betting App

RealBookie Betting App

RealBookie is a little more of a niche betting site than the others in this list. Having launched in 2020, they excel particularly in horse racing, though they do have a reasonable albeit unspectacular range of sports markets too. Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of theirs, however, is a mobile app which is really simple to use. There’s nothing particularly outstanding about this app, but in a way that’s a good thing. Most punters don’t need outstanding, they just need reliable, and the RealBookie mobile app is exactly that. 

Realbookie Review
Great for serious punters!

Apps vs Mobile Web

Though virtually every betting agency now has an app available to download, their betting sites can still be used on mobile and generally function perfectly well. There’s a number of reasons a punter might opt to use the mobile website instead of the app – be it that they don’t use the agency very often, don’t like the app, or simply just haven’t got around to downloading it.

However, the apps typically offer the best betting experience for the user. They are developed specifically for mobile use and to make it as easy as possible for the punter to navigate and find all the markets or whatever else it is they need. As a result, if you’re tossing up between the two this will generally be the best option, particularly if it’s an agency that you use regularly.

Of course, not all apps are made equal and some can lag or just not suit a punter, and in this case the mobile websites are generally a good back-up. As a general rule, however, most often the apps are the better choice.

It’s worth noting, however, that not all betting sites have an app available for mobile. The number of bookmakers who fall into this category is continually reducing as more and more develop their own app, but there are still a handful who are yet to create one of their own. In these cases, you will virtually always have the option to use the mobile version of the website instead. As mentioned above, apps are often superior to these, but in many cases the mobile sites act as a perfectly functional version of the website which has simply been compressed to fit onto your smaller mobile screen, and will allow you to do all that you need to do without the need to open up your computer.

Downloading betting apps

As you might expect, it’s relatively easy to download your favourite betting apps. After all, the bookmakers want you to use them, so they’re hardly going to hide them away anywhere that won’t be easy to find.  

By and large, most online betting apps are available for download on iOS and Android devices. If you’ve got one of these types of mobiles, as do a huge number of people within Australia, then simply head to your preferred app downloading location and search for the bookmaker in question. If you’re using an Android this might be Google Play, for example, while for iOS you’ll probably just head to the App Store. 

Live Streaming Betting Apps

Live streaming has been a great addition to many betting apps in recent years, allowing the punter to follow the sports or racing that they’ve got bets on easily and on the go. You can now watch live streaming on your phone with many different agencies, with exactly what’s available depending on the agency.

For example, bet365 and Unibet have their own streaming services, with bet365 in particular offering live streaming of a massive range of different sports. Likewise, Sportsbet has now partnered with Sky Racing to bring you every Australian race live, while Draftstars has partnered with sports streaming service Kayo.

It’s a great addition to the betting experience, and something which would have seemed out of the realms of possibility a few short years ago. It’s important to remember that live online betting is not legal in Australia and if you want to bet on a live event you’ll need to call up, but even for events that you’ve bet on before the jump, first bounce, or whatever it may be, this live streaming is a great addition.

In-Play Mobile Betting Apps in Australia

In-play betting is becoming increasingly popular amongst punters, allowing them to get a feel for a game or even a race in the early stages before putting a bet on. For some, being able to analyse everything in your own time and put on a bet pre-event is preferable, but for those who fancy their ability to analyse what’s happening as it happens, live betting can be a worthwhile endeavour.

How it works is pretty simple – betting agencies offering in-play bets will have continually updated odds for certain markets available for you to bet on. You aren’t allowed to bet on these online due to legal restrictions in Australia, so you will need to call up. With many agencies, you simply click on the market on which you wish to bet on your app, and you’ll be given a code and the option to call the agency. Once they pick up you simply cite the code, tell the operator the amount you wish to bet, and you’re away.

Betting Apps Australia FAQs

What is the best betting app to use?

Which is the best betting app to use is a question that many people ask, but unfortunately it’s not quite as simple as one betting app being objectively better than the rest. There are many things that go into making a betting app among the best in the business, including speed, functionality, layout and more. Some punters may value one thing over the rest while for another punter, different features may be important, but the betting apps that we think are pretty high up the list for most include the Bet365 app, Unibet Australia app, Palmerbet app, PlayUp app, and Topsport app. 

What is the safest betting app?

There are a number of online betting apps which could claim to be the safest betting app in Australia. None of them are necessarily substantially safer than the rest, but one thing you can be sure of is that if we review them, they’re safe and secure. At BettingTop10, we only review licensed and regulated betting sites, which means that you can be confident all their operations are undertaken in line with the law. This means that the betting app has to comply with certain regulations, including that your information – and hard-earned dollars – are protected. 

Which betting app has the highest payout?

The age old question – which betting site and betting app will payout the most for a win. Once again, there’s no clear cut answer. Odds vary across different bookmakers depending on the market, so there’s not one betting app for which the payouts will always be superior than all competitors. There are, however, certain bookmakers which tend to provide better odds on average than the rest, so these are the ones to look for for the best payouts. These include Bet365, Unibet and Palmerbet

What is the easiest online betting app?

There can be a pretty significant between betting apps in terms of how easy they are to use. Some are very clunky and can be very difficult to use, with the apps taking a long time to load and often closing unexpectedly. In contrast, others are super easy to use, cause no issues for your phone and load very quickly. In our experience, the betting apps which are the easiest to use are Bet365, Topsport, Bluebet and PlayUp, with each of these apps loading quickly and making it easy to navigate around. There are others, too, which are high-quality, so don’t limit yourself to these fives. Overall, however, they are certainly up there for the easiest online betting app to use. 

Who is the most reliable and trustworthy betting apps?

The most reliable and trustworthy betting apps are those that you feel confident you can entrust with your money and your personal information. There are a few dodgy betting sites out there, but all of those which we review and licensed and regulated, meaning that you can be confident they are trustworthy. With that in mind, all of those betting apps which we’ve mentioned throughout this page can fall into the category of reliable and trustworthy betting apps. 

What are the best betting apps in Australia?

There are a number of competitors for the title of the best betting apps in Australia, and the answer for one person may not be the same as the answer for another. At BettingTop10, we think the main thing to look for is functionality, particularly given how poor some betting apps can be in this regard. With that in mind, the betting apps which we think can lay claim to being among the best in the business include the Bet365 betting app, PlayUp betting app and Bluebet betting app, though others might have different betting apps which they think should be in the mix as well. 

What betting apps can I use in Australia?

Any Australian betting site which has a betting app is a betting app that you can use in Australia. That means that any betting app from a betting site that you see reviewed on the BettingTop10 site will be available in Australia. In contrast, these online betting apps won’t be available outside of Australia, in the same vein that the desktop sites for these bookmakers aren’t available overseas. 

What is the best betting app for beginners?

If you’re a beginner, there are a number of things that you’ll likely be looking for in a betting app, but one of the most significant things to look for if you haven’t bet much is a betting app which is simple to use. There can be quite a lot of data on these apps which can be a little overwhelming at times, so a betting app which is simple to navigate is pivotal. Bet365 is a betting app which falls into this category, while the BoomBet app is also relatively straightforward, as is the PlayUp betting app. 

What is the best AFL betting app?

AFL is one of the most popular sports in Australia, so it’s no surprise that most betting sites in Australia have plenty of different footy markets available. There are still, of course, some that are better than others though, and this invariably makes the betting apps of these bookmakers among the best AFL betting apps. Palmerbet is one betting app which is really good for AFL betting courtesy of their range of player props and good odds, while the same can be said for Bet365. Unibet Australia is an interesting one as an AFL betting app, because the app itself can be a little clunky and annoying to use at times, but the range of markets and odds are fantastic, so if you can get over the issues this can be a great AFL betting app.  

Best Betting Apps for Android

AndroidAndroid mobile devices are one of the most common going around, so it’s no surprise that most betting apps are made available for these devices. Android mobile apps include the vast majority of betting apps that exist overall, as very few of them are made without ensuring that they are available for this very common type of mobile device. 

Below, we’ve listed some of the best Android betting apps available in the betting industry.  

List of Best Betting Apps for Android


PlayupPlayup ReviewVisit Playup
GetSetBetGetSetBet ReviewVisit GetSetBet
Bet365Bet365 ReviewVisit Bet365
BlueBetBluebet ReviewVisit Bluebet
TopsportTopsport ReviewVisit Topsport

How to Download and Install an Android Betting App?

In the past, Android betting apps have been available for download mostly from the website of the relevant operator, but as of recently the Google Play store is now home to most of the best betting app. That means you have a couple of options, with many of these apps still available for download from the operator’s web page as well as the Google Play store.

If you can’t find information about where to download the Android app from for a particular bookmaker, simply head to their website. Typically there will be a link at the bottom of the home page with which you can download the app, but there’s a couple of other ways to find it if that’s not the case. If the website has a search function you can simply type ‘Android’ into that, though if the site you’re on doesn’t have this function – which many bookie websites don’t – then there may be more information available in either a FAQ section. Alternatively, there may even be a link on the home page to a ‘mobile’ section of the site, which will give you all the information you need about how to download the app.

Best iPhone Betting Apps

AppleAs we have for Android users, the list below should help those with an iPhone find the best iPhone betting app. These apps make it easy for the iPhone-using punter to download and access all that they need to punt on their preferred sport or race. It highlights that these companies have identified with the needs of punters with an iPhone, and put it into practice by creating one of the best betting apps for iPhone.

List of Best iPhone Betting Apps


PlayupPlayup ReviewVisit Playup
GetsetbetGetsetbet ReviewVisit Getsetbet
Bet365Bet365 ReviewVisit Bet365
BluebetBluebet ReviewVisit Bluebet
TopsportTopsport ReviewVisit Topsport

How to Download and Install an iPhone Betting Apps?

It’s a little different if you’re looking to download and install an iPhone betting app when compared to Android. These have been available on the Apple Store for a long time, so that’s where you’ll find them – they aren’t generally available for download on the websites themselves. The download process is quick and easy though, and with a quick search in the Apple Store and the tap of a button you’ll have the app installed within a couple of minutes.

Free betting apps

In Australia, using betting agencies comes free of charge – aside, of course, from any money you actually spend punting. The use of the betting site itself doesn’t cost any money, and the same applies for the betting apps. 

This means that all betting apps fall into the category of free betting apps in Australia. As a result, the best free betting apps are simply the same as the best betting apps. Some examples of great free betting apps, therefore, are the PlayUp betting app, Bet365 betting app, Getsetbet betting app, and Topsport betting app to name just a few.  

Best New betting apps

In Australia, the number of different betting sites is seemingly growing by the day. There are a number of older betting sites, many of them international, that have been around for decades; the likes of Bet365, Unibet and  Boombet (albeit under the title of Sportsbetting). 

Over the past few years, however, these larger, more experienced bookmakers have become a minority. A wave of new betting sites, from PlayUp in 2017 through to Winnersbet in 2020 and plenty more, have popped up and many of them are fairly competitive, and many of these sites have new betting apps in Australia which have become quite popular, too. 

PlayUp is perhaps the best example of this, with their new betting app sitting comfortably among the best betting apps in Australia full stop, new or not. Getsetbet also has a quality new betting app, while the SouthernCrossBet app is also a good new betting app.  

💳Aussie betting app payment methods

The payment methods available on apps vary depending on the betting agency, but for most major companies there’s a pretty wide selection of deposit and withdrawal options available. Perhaps the most common deposit option is to simply use your credit/debit card – this is generally safe, fast, and is an option for both deposits and withdrawals, so many punters stick exclusively to this method.

Other common payment options include POLi, which is an instantaneous and straightforward deposit method but isn’t available for withdrawals. PayPal is another popular choice, with an added benefit of it when compared to POLi being that you can also withdraw to your PayPal account.

Less common are things like Apple Pay, bank transferral and BPay, but most punters tend to stick to the more common ones mentioned above, all of which are available on most betting apps. Generally there is no difference in depositing and withdrawing via the app, and the major payment options which are available on the desktop site will be available on the app too, providing a quick and convenient way to deposit and withdraw into your account.