New betting sites in Australia 2024

The betting landscape in Australia is constantly growing and evolving, with an array of new betting sites entering the already heavily saturated market in recent years. Each of these varies slightly in terms of what they offer for the punter, but there are a number of things that make new bookmakers worth at least checking out. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages which you’ll find with many new bookmakers in Australia, as well as providing some more specific information about some of these companies.

Best New betting sites Australia 2024

Betting Site

With so many different bookmakers in Australia, it’s not always easy to decide which one is best for you. Maybe you’re not even particularly concerned, and with many of them offering very similar products that’s certainly an understandable position to take. There are, however, plenty of benefits associated with scanning the market for new options every now and then, from unique features that you can only get with a new bookie, through to various other factors which are important to consider with every bookmaker, old or new, including the available odds, customer support, and the quality of the website and mobile betting app.

Some new bookies in 2024 might excel in a particular area or areas which are important to you. For example, many punters search high and low for a betting site with the best possible odds. It’s certainly not the case that every new bookie has great odds – in fact with some smaller sites it’s quite the opposite – but the greater the number of options you give yourself, the greater the chance of finding odds either as good as, or close to as good as, possible. You might not always find excellent value at new bookies, but they’re certainly worth taking a look at.

🆕 New Betting Sites Odds

Some new bookies might excel in a particular area or areas which are important to you. For example, many punters search high and low for a betting site with the best possible odds. It’s certainly not the case that every new betting site has great odds – in fact with some smaller sites it’s quite the opposite – but the greater the number of options you give yourself, the greater the chance of finding odds either as good as, or close to as good as, possible. You might not always find excellent value at new betting sites, but they’re certainly worth taking a look at.

📱 New Betting Sites Betting App

Another thing you may get which is a little more common with new betting sites in Australia is a high-quality mobile betting app experience. Technological advancements and our subsequent increased reliance on our mobile devices has played a major role in the way that betting sites operate, and the ability to create reliable, functional apps which allow punters to do all the same things that they can do on their computer is pivotal for most betting sites. Making the betting experience as seamless as possible for the customer is one of the first ports of call for new sports betting sites in Australia trying to attract new clients to their business. As a result, often you’ll find that if you join up with a new bookmaker you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their mobile offering, particularly if you’re accustomed to betting with a company whose mobile app doesn’t perform particularly well.

☎️ New Betting Sites Customer support

Customer support is another area of sports betting sites which is continually developing, and given the increasing focus which is placed on it now compared to in the past, it’s little surprise that new betting sites regularly place an emphasis on this area. Being able to get in touch with somebody who can help can play a key role in which site punters choose to use, and for a new bookmaker its importance is only heightened. It’s not uncommon for there to be teething issues which need to be ironed out in the early months and years of a bookmaker’s existence – after all, there are teething issues for even the most experienced too! – and when these arise its pivotal that the customers are able to get any issues resolved as quickly and easily as possible. If getting in touch with someone is a hassle, there are plenty of other betting sites out there and potential new customers will have no issues walking out the door, and it’s for this reason that it’s not uncommon to come across new online bookies 2024 in Australia which boast a well-developed customer support platform.

💳 New Betting Sites Payment methods

Payment methods are another area which are important to many punters, and especially if you’re somebody who tends to use one of the less common deposit and withdrawal methods, it might be particularly important for you to find a bookmaker which supports these methods. Many new betting agencies don’t offer a great array of payment methods, instead choosing to stick to the basics like credit/debit card, at least in their initial stages, but equally there are a handful which pop up with a few of the more obscure payment methods available. If you use something like an e-wallet or one of the various other forms of payments which are available these days, then it’s certainly worth checking out new bookmakers to see if they offer the deposit and withdrawal methods which you prefer to use.

🌟 New Betting Sites Special Features

There are also a handful of features which are available with different betting sites, and often new bookmakers will implement some of these in an effort to create a point of difference from their already established competitors who have pre-existing client bases. One example of this which is becoming increasingly common is the existence of a blog, which serves to provide information about popular sports and potential ways of betting on them. Unsurprisingly given that these are operated by a bookmaker which doesn’t benefit from you winning all the time, these aren’t necessarily often the best source of information to be used in isolation, but in conjunction with other sources they can certainly be worth taking a look at.

👨‍⚖️New Betting Sites Final Thoughts

The moral of the above story is essentially that new betting sites often have a range of different things designed to attract new customers, and if you do your research you’ll likely be able to find at least a couple which cater to your needs. Be that through great odds, a high-quality mobile app or a wide range of payment methods, all of these factors mean that for some punters, there can at times be many advantages associated with at least checking out these more recent additions to the market

Pros & Cons of New Betting Sites

Of course, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies with new betting sites, and there are plenty of things about them which can often see them struggling to compete with the more established giants of the betting world. Below, we’ve laid out a list of some of the various pros and cons which can often be associated with new online bookmakers.

New Betting Sites Pros
  • New betting sites often have high-quality mobile apps.
  • They give you the opportunity to check out a new bookmaker which may have better odds than the one you are currently using.
  • Some have a range of unique payment methods.
New Betting Sites Cons
  • There are often fewer betting markets than you’ll find with more established companies.
  • Though the odds can at times be good for certain markets, they are equally often inferior than the bigger sites.
  • There’s the potential for average customer support due to fewer employees
  • Sometimes the new websites can be quite basic.

Established vs. New Betting Sites

Looking for a direct comparison between established and new betting sites? Look no further. Below, we’ve listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of betting with recently developed bookmakers, and compared these factors directly against betting site which have been around for a longer period of time.

Established Betting SitesNew Betting Sites
❌ Older sites sometimes lagging behind in terms of technology✔️ Newer site meaning better user experience
❌ You are just one of many customers✔️ You are one of what is usually a smaller group of customers
✔️ Often a wider range of markets❌ Usually a smaller range of markets
✔️ The best established betting sites usually have good odds✔️ Often, but not always, inferior odds

How to Choose a New Betting Site

If you’ve decided that you’d like to find a new betting site to use, then you’ll be faced with a number of options, just like new punters are when they are initially deciding which betting site to use. There are so many factors which go into making betting sites different, and which of these factors are the most important varies from person to person. In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the main things that you should be considering if you decide that a new betting site should be in your sights.

License→For starters, you need to make sure that any new betting site than you’re checking out is a legitimate site – after all, if you’re going to be depositing any of your hard-earned into your account on the site, you want to be sure that it’s safe and secure. Typically betting sites will explain with whom they are licensed and registered – often in Australia, but not always, this is the Northern Territory Racing Commission – as well as the security that they use for the site at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, there should be an ‘about’ section which will explain this information and enable you to feel comfortable sharing your financial details.

Payment Methods→You should also check out their payment methods. For most people, this is a long way down the list in terms of the most important components of a bookmaker, but you should make sure that whichever method you prefer to use to deposit and withdraw is available. If it isn’t, of course, you’ll either need to figure out a new payment method to use, or find another betting site.

Betting Markets→ It’s also worth taking a look at the markets available with the new online bookmakers in 2024. Given that, as mentioned, this is often something that new bookmakers struggle with compared to their more established counterparts, it’s something you should definitely run an eye over. Whether a new site has enough markets will depend on you – if you just want to bet on simple moneylines in major leagues, for example, you’ll probably find what you need regardless of which company use. In contrast, if you’re after some more obscure player props or want to bet on some lesser-known leagues, they might not be available with all new betting sites .

Betting Odds→In a similar vein, take a look at the odds which your potential new betting websites have available. Are they looking to position themselves as a genuine competitor to the bigger brands in terms of odds offered? Or are they just offering the bare minimum to try to scrape by in the early days of their existence? Take a look and compare the odds on whatever it is that you are most likely to bet on with other new betting sites, as well as any older ones which you may already be using.

Customer Support→Also check what customer support options are available. The last thing that you want is to settle on one of the many new online betting sites in Australia, only to find that you can’t get access to any help when you need it. Very often any problems which arise or queries that you may have will be in the early days of your experience with them when you’re still familiarising yourself with them, and this is only exacerbated when they too are in their early days. Make sure that there are ways to get in touch with the new site if you need to, and that the customer support representatives are able to help you when you do reach them.

The above are just some of the things to think about when choosing a new betting site. Maybe you’ll take into consideration all of them, maybe you’ll ignore them all, or, most likely, you might focus more on some of the above points than others. What you’re looking for in a bookmaker will be unique to you, so figure out what that is and make sure and find a 2024 new bookie that ticks your boxes.

List of Betting Sites

Top New Betting Sites


playup new betting site

One of Australia’s newest and most popular bookmakers

  • Rating: 5/5
  • Top Features: Great customer service, fantastic mobile app, excellent website, good overall betting experience
  • Likes: Great site, great app, 24/7 customer service, quality blog
  • Dislikes: Not a wide range of sports available, somewhat limited markets, no live streaming, not the widest range of payment methods

PlayUp is one of the most popular new bookmakers in Australia, and is rapidly coming one of the best to use, new or old. Established in 2019, they perform well in most major areas – they have very competitive odds, an excellent website and mobile app, and great customer support, and these factors are helping to propel them into the top tier of Australian betting sites.

Best Fixed Odds, Playup Playbook


Winnersbet new betting site

One of Australia’s biggest upcoming bookmakers

  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Top features: Fast and intuitive website, solid grasp on the basics, wide range of racing markets, strong rewards program
  • Likes: Easy-to-use website and mobile site, local and international racing markets, solid customer service
  • Dislikes: Limited sports leagues available, not a wide range of markets for available events, no in-play betting

WinnersBet is one of the real newbies in the betting arena, having come into existence as recently as 2020. Their focus is clearly on performing the basics well, with a great website and decent customer service among their best features, though they could certainly be improved by increasing their range of markets available, and incorporating some features like live betting and live streaming.

Great points feature! Lovely Layout.


Picklebet New betting site

One of Australia’s first bookmakers focused predominantly on eSports

  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Top features: Wide range of eSports markets, high-quality website, good customer service, excellent mobile offerings
  • Likes: Great eSports markets, good customer service, intuitive mobile app, solid odds
  • Dislikes: Lack of sports markets, minimal payment methods, no app for Android

Picklebet is one of the more unique bookmakers in the Australian betting landscape. Having first entered our collective consciousness in 2017, this betting site is centred around providing betting options for fans of eSports. If that’s your thing then you’ll likely love this bookmaker, though if you prefer to focus on sports then you might be best served looking elsewhere

E-sports focus with great odds!


Draftstars new betting site

The biggest fantasy sports betting site in Australia

  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Top features: Unique betting offerings, great website, excellent mobile app, very good betting resources
  • Likes: Very good website, easy-to-use app, betting tips available, different offering to regular bookies
  • Dislikes: Lack of payment options, limited customer service choices, no regular betting markets

Another unique Australian bookmakers, Draftstars differs from its competitors not in terms of the sports they cover, but rather how they cover them. They cover the most popular sports on the planet, but rather than betting on normal markets, with Draftstars you create a fantasy team and enter it in competitions. If you’re after a different betting experience to what you’re used to, Draftstars might just be worth checking out.

Daily Fantasy owned by Playup!

Overview of New Betting Sites

If you’re after a new Australian betting site with whom to bet, then as the above list shows, there is certainly no shortage of them. PlayUp and WinnersBet both provide a regular betting experience each with its own pros and cons, while Picklebet and Draftstars offer something different to the norm, be that through the sports they cover or the types of markets they have available. Which of these appeals most to you will vary from person to person, but it’s clear that there are options out there for most punters.


Got a question you want to be answered? Take a look at our list of frequently asked questions and their answers below.


If a bookmaker with a great mobile betting component is your main focus, then you could certainly do worse than PlayUp. They offer a great mobile app for iOS and Android, and you can also use the website on your mobile.

Sometimes! It depends in what regard, and while it’s true that new bookmakers often have one or two components in which they have room for improvement, so too do many more established bookies. Many new bookies have a lot going for them, and can sometimes exceed the offering of some more experienced competitors.

It depends on the bookmaker. Most betting sites, new and old, haven’t yet included crypto as a payment method, but it’s beginning to find its way into the deposit and withdrawal methods of a few of them

Yep. We’ve outlined them above, but those which have popped up over the past few years include PlayUp, WinnersBet, Picklebet and Draftstars

Both PlayUp and WinnersBet have a good selection of horse racing markets and decent odds, but WinnersBet may be the best of them. Developed by a well-known track expert, their focus is on horse racing, and that’s plain to see from the moment you enter the site.

The ones mentioned above – yes, you can. It’s certainly worth scrolling to the bottom of new bookmakers’ home pages – or to their ‘about’ section – to see if they make mention of who they they are licensed and regulated by and the security of their website. If this isn’t available then be wary, but typically it will be easy to find.