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QuestBet Review [May 2024]

  • Betting Markets Variety
  • Banking Options
  • Mobile Experience
  • Payout Speed
  • Customer Support
  • Betting Experience
Total score

Top Features

  • Same game multis
  • Live chat availability
  • Good range of player props
  • Range of player props
  • Live chat
  • Good mobile app
  • No live streaming
  • No live betting
  • Limited different sports available
By:Mike Jones

QuestBet is yet another new betting site in Australia, and while they have certain areas for improvement which are relatively common among new bookies, they also outperform many of their counterparts in various areas. Overall a very competitive bookmaker in a difficult industry in which to compete, QuestBet offers punters a solid betting experience punctuated by a good selection of sports markets and quality mobile app, and in this detailed review we’ll go into depth about what makes this betting site worth checking out, and what they could improve upon. 

QuestBet Strengths and Weaknesses

Like all betting sites, QuestBet has certain areas in which it excels and others which need attention. But while these strengths and weaknesses are often similar across new betting sites, QuestBet are a little different, offering some things that aren’t particularly common with their fellow new betting sites.


  • Good selection of player props: One area in which many new sites tend to fall short is in their range of markets available for individual sport matches, but QuestBet Australia does a good job of providing a really comprehensive range which includes plenty of player props. 

  • Decent sports odds: Another thing that new betting sites are often not particularly strong at is providing competitive odds. QuestBet, at least from a sporting perspective, have managed to largely avoid this, with their line odds coming in at around $1.90 – competitive with many more established sites. 

  • Quality mobile app: Like many new betting sites, QuestBet has clearly placed an emphasis on developing a high quality mobile app to ensure that their customers can access their services as quickly and as easily as possible.


  • Limited different sports available: While QuestBet does provide decent odds and a good selection of markets for the sports that they do have, the number of sports available is not great, with only eight on offer at the time of writing. 

  • No live streaming: Unfortunately, QuestBet doesn’t offer any live streaming at this time. This is not uncommon for new sites – in fact it’s very rare for them to have live streaming – but nonetheless, if you want to be able to watch the sports on which you’re betting then you may have to look at a bigger bookmaker. 

  • No live betting: Similar to live streaming, live betting is often something that new betting sites don’t offer, and unfortunately QuestBet is not an exception to the rule. Live betting is an increasingly popular way to bet, but with QuestBet you’ll only be able to bet on events prior to them starting. 

Typically, new betting sites will be similar in terms of their strengths and weaknesses, and QuestBet is no exception in some regards, namely the lack of live betting and streaming. But where other new bookies struggle to provide decent odds or a broad range of sports markets, QuestBet Australia does a great job in this regard, putting them ahead of their new counterparts in this regard.  

QuestBet Info Card

Website: Company: QuestBet 
Year founded: 2023License & regulation: Licensed and regulated by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC)
Live betting number: N/A Contact information: Live chat (on website or mobile app), email ([email protected]
Sponsorship Deals: N/AAddress/Headquarters: Beaumaris, Black Rock, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3193 
Deposit Methods: Debit/credit card, bank transfer Withdrawal Methods: Bank transfer 
Features: Same game multis, live chat availability Apps Devices: Yes, available for iOS and Android
Odds Providers: TAB Owner: QuestBet Pty Ltd

QuestBet Review

A plethora of betting sites using the BetCloud platform have popped up in 2023, and QuestBet is yet another using this new and relatively easy to use design. That makes it a little hard to differentiate from other new sites in some ways, though a unique colour combination and animations which play on the ‘Quest’ name help to offer a point of difference. 
And while QuestBet is similar in many ways to its multitude of new counterparts, there are a couple of things that help it to stand out from the crowd aside from the website animations. Perhaps the most notable among these that I noticed is the great range of markets available on individual sports matchups. 
As an example, taking a look at the NBA games which are coming up as I’m writing this piece, QuestBet Australia offers in excess of 500 markets for individual games. Many of these are available on every site, but where QuestBet stands out is in its array of player props – not something offered by every bookmaker, let alone every new one. 
There are also pretty decent odds available on sports with QuestBet. Taking a look at their line odds – which generally provide a good gauge as they’re easily comparable with other sites – QuestBet tends to offer around $1.90 for even markets. This is not the absolute best of the best but it’s not far on, and it’s certainly in the upper echelon as far as odds go. 
In terms of racing, the odds are perhaps not quite as good as they are for sports, but they’re certainly not bad either. Some other new bookies that I’ve reviewed recently have really struggled to provide competitive racing odds, but that’s not the case with QuestBet, who are pretty run of the mill in this regard. 
Unfortunately, while those are some major positives which aren’t present with all new betting sites, QuestBet Australia does share some of the similarities which often make it difficult to justify betting with a smaller betting site rather than their more established opposition. 
The most notable of these is the lack of different sports available to bet on with QuestBet. While the bigger sites might have upwards of 30 at any one time, QuestBet has just eight different sports available to bet on at the time of writing. As mentioned, what they do offer in these sports is pretty good, but many punters may find they can’t even locate the sports they wish to bet on here. 
And as for the peripheral features, starting with customer support. QuestBet offers a fairly decent customer service platform, based largely around live chat, which is available between 10am and 10pm. They also have an email address if you prefer to use that, though there is no phone number, the addition of which would certainly improve this area. 
Like most other new betting sites, there are not a great deal of banking options with QuestBet either, with debit/credit card and bank transfer your only available methods. That is no issue for me given I prefer to use those methods regardless, and the same goes for many punters. 
Overall, though there are certainly some areas for improvement, and the above may sound like a lot of negatives, QuestBet actually has a pretty good range of offerings for their punters. Their good selection of markets for the sports they do offer – though admittedly that is a limited number – is one big tick, as are the solid odds, while a quality website and mobile app ensure that the betting experience with QuestBet is, on the whole, a good one. 

QuestBet Score

Betting Variety ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The lack of sports available knocks off a star here, but the great selection of markets for the sports they do offer ensures this remains a four-star component of the site.

Banking Options ⭐⭐

Not many options here – like many new betting site, QuestBet Australia offers only debit/credit card and bank transfer 

Mobile experience⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is one area in which QuestBet performs really well, offering a great mobile app for punters to use in place of the desktop site. 

Payout Speed⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I’ve never had any issues with payout speed with QuestBet. 

Security ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Likewise, I haven’t had any issues with security with QuestBet either. 

Betting Experience⭐⭐⭐⭐

Factoring in a range of things, perhaps most notably the ease of use of the QuestBet platforms and the customer support, overall the betting experience with this company is pretty good.  

Customer Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Customer support is pretty good with QuestBet Australia, with the live chat particularly helpful, though a phone number would help knock this up to five stars. 

Frequently Asked Questions About QuestBet

QuestBet is owned by QuestBet Pty Ltd, with its headquarters located in Black Rock, Melbourne, Victoria. 

Signing up to QuestBet is a super easy process. Simply head to the website or download the app and locate the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top right hand corner, and then follow the prompts to create your account. Overall, the process will only take a minute or two. At the bottom of this review we have provided a step by step instruction manual on signing up with this bookie. 

As they are with all bookmakers, bonus bets are available with QuestBet for signed up customers. These are constantly chopping and changing so we cannot give information about which bonus bets are available, but they will be advertised on the home page when you are signed into your account. How you access them varies depending on the promotion, but generally they will be related to a specific market meaning that if you bet on that market, the promo will be automatically applied. 

QuestBet Racing

Now to racing, an area which can at times be difficult to judge betting sites on given that most of them generally offer a pretty consistent platform on which to punt on horses and hounds. QuestBet Australia is no different in some regards; how you actually access their racing services and place bets is identical to most of their peers, with the layout much the same as many other sites. 
An image of what you’ll be greeted with when you click into a given race is shown below. As you can see, all of the runners are listed with their odds alongside them, accompanied by their recent flucs – note, you can toggle this on or off if you like – while exotics are able to be clicked into via the tabs at the top. 

quesbet racing

One thing you may have noticed on the above image which not every bookmaker offers is the addition of small notes about particular runners – for example, ‘strong finisher’ for Casirina, ‘best rated’ for Kibosh. These minor notes give the impression of providing some added insights on the runners for punters, though to be blunt it is fairly vague and not particularly helpful information – certainly don’t rely on those little notes to make your selection! 
Given what I mentioned above about the lack of variety among different betting sites in terms of their racing section, that makes the odds for racing particularly significant given it is virtually the only way to separate one site from another. Generally, new betting sites are not going to offer odds as good as their more established counterparts, and that’s true of QuestBet, too. But where some other new betting sites offer, to be frank, really poor odds for racing, QuestBet is relatively competitive in this regard. 
As an example, for the race in the image above, at the time of writing, runner number one is between $9.00 and $10.20 with other major bookies – it’s $9.50 with QuestBet. Runner number two is between $5.50 and $6.20 - $5.75 at QuestBet – runner three is between $8.50 and $9.00 - $9.00 at QuestBet – number four is between $4.20 and $4.80 - $4.50 at QuestBet. This sort of trend holds true for most runners in most races, with QuestBet right around the middle in terms of odds.  
And that, my friends, is probably the biggest tick for QuestBet’s racing selections. Betting sites can offer all the trendy graphics that they like, but the reality is that if their odds are bad then there is little reason to bet with them. That is certainly the case for many of the plethora of new betting sites popping up, but QuestBet Australia isn’t one of them, and their solid odds makes them worth checking out if you are a racing punter. 

QuestBet Best Features

Generally new betting sites aren’t able to offer a whole lot in terms of ground-breaking features for punters – they’re busy just trying to keep their head above water in a heavily saturated industry. QuestBet is no different and doesn’t have any features which are completely unique to them, but they do offer a couple of nice ones, which we’ll go into detail about below. 

Same Game Multis 

Same game multis have become a really popular thing for punters to bet on, with the ability to combine multiple legs from an individual event proving to be a pretty fun, and pretty addictive, way to bet. But it isn’t yet widely available, particularly with smaller betting sites, so the fact that it exists on QuestBet Australia is a bonus for their customers. It isn’t available on every event – you’ll have to stick to the bigger sports and leagues to find it – but if you’re betting on something like the AFL or the NBA, with QuestBet you will be able to put on a same game multi. This is particularly fun with a site like QuestBet which has a really good range of markets for individual games, as it gives you the ability to put multiple player props into one same game multi. 

Live chat 

It’s becoming increasingly rare for bookmakers to not offer live chat these days, but still – given that it is comfortably my preferred way to contact a betting site, I still see it as a really valuable feature when it is there. Accessing live chat on QuestBet is quick and easy and allows you to resolve issues in a heartbeat, and in my experience the customer support agents I had contact with were pretty helpful. Something which some bookies have started to offer is 24/7 live chat support, and unfortunately this is not offered at this point in time by QuestBet, so opening up their window of availability for live chat – which is currently from 10am to 10pm – is one clear area in which they could improve.  

QuestBet Sports Coverage

Having covered off what QuestBet Australia offers in terms of racing, let us know turn our attention to their sports coverage. Already we’ve briefly discussed what they offer in this regard; as we said earlier, there are relatively limited sports available, but when you do click into a given sport you’ll find that there are a whole lot of markets available for the biggest leagues. In this section, we’ll look a little deeper into what sports they do offer, and what sort of markets you might find for those sports. 


Basketball’s continued growth in Australia has invariably made punting on it increasingly popular, with the NBA the clear preferred option and the NBL also very popular. And QuestBet delivers in spades in these leagues. For starters, you can place same game multis on these leagues, and you will have a huge variety of things to bet on – at least for most games. At the time of writing there is a big slate of NBA games on today – somewhat strangely there is quite a lot of variety in terms of how many markets are available, but the games with the most have in excess of 600 individual things to bet on for a single game, as you can see in the image below. This is a massive number of markets, and what’s more, the odds are relatively competitive, too. 

quesbet basketball

Australian Rules Football 

Once the AFL season rolls around, QuestBet, like all betting sites in Australia, provides a huge number of different AFL betting markets for individual games, and pretty solid odds, too. In the offseason obviously this sport goes a little quiet, though they do offer a good number of markets for AFLW when that season is on, too. Unfortunately the odds for the AFLW aren’t quite as good as what they are for the bigger leagues, with line odds particularly poor. For the AFL this isn’t quite as big an issue though, with their odds for the major markets generally fairly competitive and the player props quite good, too. 

Rugby League

In the states that are not occupied by the AFL in the winter time, it’s rugby league which takes precedence, and QuestBet has plenty of markets for NRL betting as well as the State of Origin to tide over punters in the north eastern states during this time of year. Like the AFL, there are a large number of markets for individual NRL games, and when the State of Origin comes around and captures the attention of rugby league fans around the globe, QuestBet duly obliges by providing same game multis, good odds and a large range of markets for these three games too. Also like with the AFL, you’ll find a solid selection for NRLW games too, though again the odds are not quite as good. 

American Football 

American football holds a funny place within the Australian sporting landscape – most people don’t really pay attention to it, but it is becoming increasingly popular and many of those who do follow it absolutely swear by it. QuestBet, it seems, has more than enough punters wanting to bet on it, based on the number of markets they offer for the NFL. Upcoming games in this league have in excess of 500 different things to bet on, from the standard line, moneyline, points totals etc., through to basically all of the player props that an NFL punter could dream of. 


Now to the world game, for which QuestBet Australia offers more individual leagues than for any other sport. Despite this, they still have less leagues available than many other betting sites, but it’s purely a product of the fact that there are soccer leagues in virtually every country in the world that they still have so many available. At the time of writing, there are 13 different soccer leagues which have markets available, mostly based in Europe, and with the EPL a clear focus. Same game multis are available for games in this league, and individual games generally have between 350 and 400 different markets available. 


Finally, to cricket. With summer coming up at the time of writing and Australia having just won the ODI World Cup, there is plenty of interest in our favourite summer pastime at the minute, and there are plenty of markets as a result. QuestBet offers odds on basically all international matches, from Australian games through to Uganda vs Rwanda – that isn’t a random selection of nations by me, it’s an upcoming T20 World Cup qualifier! Clearly, however, the bigger games have a whole lot more markets, with Australian matches in all formats, as well as major international games, Big Bash League matches and IPL games boasting the broadest selection of markets for punters. 

Do QuestBet have any sponsorship deals? 

Nope. Like most new betting sites,, QuestBet do not have sponsorship deals with any sporting teams, though they do partner with racing organisations from around the country. 

Betting Markets and Types of Bets Available

Having covered off in detail what QuestBet offers in terms of racing and sports, in this section we’ll go into the specifics. Below is a list of the various different things that you can bet on with this betting site, including their different betting markets as well as the types of bets that you can place. 

BetGalaxy Betting Markets 

  • Head to head bets 
  • Line bets 
  • Total bets 
  • Half bets 
  • Quarter bets 
  • Some player props 
  • Alternate handicaps 
  • Win/place racing bets 
  • Exotic racing bets (quinella, exacta, trifecta, first four) 

BetGalaxy Types of Bets Available 

  • Single bets 
  • Multi bets 

QuestBet Mobile and App

While a few short years ago, having a mobile site at all, let alone a mobile app, was something that set a betting site apart from its competitors, nowadays it’s an absolute necessity. That’s evidenced by the fact that basically every new betting site which comes along prioritises making a quality mobile app – a strong indication of how valuable it is to a bookmaker. 
QuestBet Australia is no different. Their betting app, downloadable for iOS and Android devices from wherever you download your app, is intuitive and responsive, and for me personally is a simpler and faster way to bet with QuestBet than opening up your laptop and heading to the desktop site. 
The layout maintains the theme of that desktop site, with the same colour palate and ninja theme which is plastered across all of their platforms. It follows a pretty standard layout, with the home page giving you quick access for the next races to jump if you are in a hurry to get a bet off, while down the bottom you have a few more options to click into. 
Those bottom tabs allow you to toggle to all racing or sports markets, after which you simply follow the prompts to get to where it is that you want to go. As you do on the desktop site, simply click on the odds pertaining to the market you wish to bet on to bring up your betslip – on the mobile app, clearly there isn’t space to have the betslip on the side like there is on the desktop site, so it will cover your whole screen. 
You can also do a bunch of other stuff on the app – basically everything you could ever need to do with QuestBet. You can make your account here if you have not already got one, while you can also deposit and withdraw, contact customer support, check your transaction history – whatever it is that you need to do with QuestBet, you can do it on the mobile app. 
As is the case with so many bookmakers nowadays, the QuestBet app offers an alternative to the desktop site which is not just a useful second option, but actually easier to use – at least in my view. The key to this fact is that the app is fast and responsive – something which most mobile apps are these days, but which some bookmakers still lag behind in, with the apps of certain bookies tending to be very slow and at times lagging.  
This is certainly not the case with the QuestBet mobile app – there is nothing that completely stands out about this app, but it doesn’t need to. It’s a functional, easy to use mobile app, and I don’t know about you, but for me, that’s all I need in a betting app. 

QuestBet Banking

Banking is not exactly the most interesting element of a betting site to talk about, but it is an area which you will invariably come into contact with if you ever want to actually deposit – and hopefully withdraw! – money from your betting account. It’s important to know whether a bookmaker offers your preferred method of payment, because, given what a huge range of betting sites is available at our fingertips in Australia, if a bookie doesn’t give you what you need you can very easily just go elsewhere. 
For me, I never really have problems with this, because I simply deposit with my debit card and withdraw using bank transfer. These are the most common, and in my view the easiest, payment methods, and are available with every betting site – QuestBet Australia included. 
Beyond that, however, some betting sites differentiate themselves from the rest by offering a really broad range of different payment methods. Typically, however, it is not new or small betting sites which really branch out too much in this regard, and QuestBet is no different. 
The only options for punters wanting to deposit with QuestBet are debit/credit card and bank transfer. The first of these simply entails you entering your card details, and will result in funds immediately being deposited into your QuestBet account.  
Bank transfer is a little more labourious, and will take at least a few hours, if not a day or two, to reach your betting account. It is also worth noting that when depositing with QuestBet, you will also need to deposit at least $10. 
For withdrawals, the options are even more limited. You cannot withdraw funds onto your debit or credit card, leaving bank transfer as the only option. You will need to verify your bank account before you do this, and you will also need to withdraw at least $10. Again, note that this won’t see funds immediately deposited back into your bank account – the funds will immediately leave your betting account, but the withdrawal times are typically a day or two and they won’t arrive at your bank until then. 
Overall, this is not an area in which QuestBet really excels, but depending on what payment methods you use that may not matter. If you are after any sort of alternative options, be that PayPal, an ewallet or something else entirely, you will not find it here. But if you are happy sticking to the tried and true basics, then QuestBet’s payment methods will be more than enough for you. 

Is QuestBet Legal in Australia?

At BettingTop10, we only review legal betting sites that are licensed and registered, so you can be confident that if we have reviewed it, it is a legitimate site. QuestBet, of course, falls into this category too. 
If you scroll to the bottom of the home page you will find information about where the betting site that you are using is registered. In the case of QuestBet, that is with the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission, while their gambling operations are governed by QuestBet’s Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct, and in South Australia, by the South Australian Responsible Gambling Code of Practice. 
You can also verify the legitimacy of QuestBet Australia by the fact that they offer responsible gambling tools, which are pretty easily accessible via a link at the bottom of the page. Aside from another link to BetStop, which is a nationwide registry which blocks people who sign up to it from all betting sites in Australia, QuestBet also has a responsible gambling policy which provides information about various places where you can get support if gambling becomes a problem for you. 

QuestBet Customer Support

Already in this detailed QuestBet review, we have gone into a little bit of detail about the customer support platform offered on this betting site. In this section, we will go even deeper, looking in detail at how you can get help if you need it with this new betting site. 
The customer support platform is easy to access on both the QuestBet desktop site and app. On the list of options on the left hand side of the desktop site, or the drop down menu on the app, you will see a ‘Contact Us’ option, as highlighted from the desktop site in the image below. 

quesbet customer support

Clicking on this button will bring up a menu with two options; email or live chat. By clicking on the email button, your email will open with the option to send a message to the customer support platform, while live chat will open up a pop up box enabling you to speak in real time to a customer support agents. 
There are pros and cons to each of these. As I have already mentioned, live chat is by far my preferred method of communication, allowing you to immediately get things resolved. This is no different with QuestBet, and their live chat platform gets you speaking to customer support agents who in my experience were really helpful, without delay. 
This is in comparison to some other betting sites on which actually getting into contact with an agent can take quite a while. Perhaps that happens sometimes on QuestBet Australia too, but it certainly has not been my experience. 
It is worth noting that live chat is only available with QuestBet between 10am and 10pm. This should generally be a big enough window for you to find time in the day to get in contact with them, but given that some other betting sites offer it 24/7, this is an area in which they could certainly improve. That 12-hour window could also be shifted forward a little – it is good that live chat is available after work hours, but it would be nice if the shop opened up a little earlier than 10am. 
If you need to get into contact with QuestBet outside of those hours, or alternatively if you just do not have time to sit around on live chat or have another reason for not wanting to use that platform, then email is a good choice. This enables you to send off your query, then go about your day and come back to the issue once QuestBet has responded in your own time. Email also allows you to send attachments, so if there is any documentation that you need to send through then this can be a good option. 
Overall, QuestBet’s customer support platform is a good one, though there is certainly room for improvement. The lack of a phone number is the most obvious of those areas, with calling up often a pretty easy way to resolve things and giving customers a chance to speak directly to an actual person.  
If QuestBet could add this, as well as extending their live chat hours a little, then that would go a long way to making this as good a customer support platform as you will find. 

QuestBet How To

Finally, it’s time to round out this QuestBet review with a how to section, in which we will detail how to – as the name suggests – undertake certain things on the site. These are generally pretty straightforward functions, but if you are new to betting then it might help to have a clearly laid out, step by step instrunction manual. 

How to open an account with QuestBet

As it always is these days, opening an account with QuestBet Australia is super easy and should only take you a minute or two. You can do it on either the desktop site or the app and both are pretty similar processes, though we will explain it from the perspective of the desktop site to keep things as simple as possible. 

  • First, head to 
  • Locate the Sign Up button in the top right hand corner of the page, and click on it. 
  • That will bring up the page shown below, which asks you to fill in a number of details – these include personal details like your name, age and email address, as well as a password for your account.

quesbet how to

  • Fill in this information and tick the box at the bottom of the form which asks you to acknowledge your age and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, click Create My Account, and your away – your QuestBet account will immediately be created. Easy, right!?

How to place a bet with QuestBet  

Once you have opened up your QuestBet account, you will most likely want to place a bet – makes sense, right? This is how you go about doing it. 

  • While logged in to your account, locate the markets on which you wish to bet. These are easily accessible on both the desktop site and the app by simply following the prompts, with more info about where to find what earlier in this QuestBet review. 
  • Once you find the market on which you wish to bet, click on the relevant odds to bring up the betslip. 
  • When you have done this, decide what stake you wish to put on the bet – ensuring that you have sufficient funds in your betting account to place such a bet – and input that number into the appropriate box. 
  • Once you have done this, on the betslip you will see information about how much money you will win if your bet is successful. 
  • Make sure that you confirm that you have put in the correct stake, double check that this is a bet you want to place, and then click ‘Confirm Bet’ at the bottom of your betslip to place your bet.

How to place a same game multi with QuestBet  

We have mentioned during this QuestBet review that they offer same game multis on certain events. In this final section of the review, we will take a look at how to place one of these.

  • First, locate an event which has same game multis available. If they do, there will be an ‘SGM’ image next to the game, as shown in the image below. 

quesbet how to place a same

  • Click into that game, and at the top of the page click on the ‘Same Game Multi’ tab. 
  • This will bring up all of the different markets that you can place in your same game multi. 
  • Add as many legs as you like, while keeping an eye on the accumulating odds at the bottom of the page. 
  • Once you’ve completed your same game multi, click ‘Add to Betslip’. 
  • As you would for a normal bet, you then enter your stake into the relevant box, click ‘Confirm Bet’, and your same game multi will be placed! 

QuestBet Profile

Features: Same game multis, live chat 

Sports covered: AFL, NRL, basketball, cricket, soccer, American Football 

Apps: Yes, available for iOS and Android 

Payment options: Debit/credit card, bank transfer 

Contact information: Live chat, email 

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