Australia Wins Heated Second Ashes Test and Take a 2-0 Series Lead

Noah Strang
Noah Strang
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Second Ashes Test Sees Australia Prevail, Taking 2-0 Series Lead

Australia now has a 2-0 series lead following second Ashes Test victory despite England’s Ben Stokes’ 155 run brilliance. 

News Insights

  • Australia staves off late England comeback, takes 2-0 series lead.
  • Jonny Bairstow’s controversial out leads to English uproar.
  • Stokes’ 155 run heroics not enough to bring the Three Lions all the way back.
  • Australia now sits in strong position to take an away Ashes series for the first time since 2001.

The Second Ashes Test, filled with drama, ends with Australia taking a commanding 2-0 series lead. Australia controversially took advantage of a Jonny Bairstow mistake and survived Ben Stokes late match brilliance to now sit in prime position to win an away Ashes Series for the first time since 2001. 

Australia Takes 2-0 Series Lead

Despite all the controversy and discourse that ended up taking a lot of the headlines from Test two, in the end the result was an Australian victory and subsequent 2-0 series lead. Heading into their final innings the English needed a substantial 371 runs to take the match and tie the series at one a piece. They fell just short of that mark as the match ended withMitchell Starc claiming Josh Tongue’s stump and securing an Australian 43 run victory. 

At the beginning of England’s second inningsit seemed as though Australia were in prime position to cruise to a victory 370 runs ahead. This outcome seemed even more inevitable when Australia’s Mitchell Starc and Pat Cummins took a pair of wickets each in the opening hours of the innings. 

However England was given a sliver of hope at the days end when a Starc catch that was initially ruled as an out and a wicket was reviewed and overturned as Ben Duckett was allowed to continue. 

Heading into day five England still had a large mountain to climb with 257 runs needed and just six wickets to do so. 
They were dealt a blow early as Jonny Bairstow ducked a bouncer and bizarrely stepped out of his crease allowing Alex Carey to throw down the stumps. This seemed to ignite English skipper Ben Stokes who did his best to lead a comeback eventually departing with a massive 155 runs but his team still 70 runs short. 

His teammates were unable to complete the comeback after this as Australia would claim the final three wickets and take the match win and 2-0 series lead. 

Bairstow’s Controversial Out

This match cannot be talked about without touching on Jonny Bairstow’s dramatic out which led to scenes never seen before in the Ashes. 

With England at 5/193, Bairstow ducked a high bouncer from Cam Green and seemingly presumed the ball was dead as he sauntered out of his crease. Aussie keeper Alex Carey noticed this and swiftly threw down the stumps. The Australians appealed and the third umpire ruled in their favouras there was no real reason for the ball to be dead and Bairstow was out. 

This led to uproar within the Lord’s grounds as English fans chanted “Same old Aussies, always cheating”.

Online the debate spurred amongst cricket fans, many arguing this was a cheap out by the Aussies and against the spirit of the game whilst others pointed out it was simply a blunder by Bairstow and Carey was well within his rights to take the wicket. 

Here's what Aussie skipper Pat Cummins had to say about the play.

English Captain Ben Stokes was also asked about his thoughts on the play stating “Would I have wanted to win a game in that manner? The answer for me is no.”

Differing opinions on a play like that between players and fans alike is nothing unexpected, but what transpired in the Long Room at Lord’s was. 

The Australian team were met by a shower of boos from Lord’s members shouting and clashing with the players in the Long Room in what was a bad look for the English Cricket fans. 

Ben Stokes Incredible 155 

English Captain Ben Stokes did his absolute best to drag his team to victory with 155 runs; the fifth highest fourth innings score against Australia ever in test cricket. He erupted following the out of Bairstow and at one point seemed unstoppable as signs pointed towards him carrying the Three Lions to victory. 

His comeback bid was eventually sniffed out by the Aussies as he received a standing ovation from both sets of fans whilst leaving the field. 

In the end, through all the chaos, controversy, and a herculean Ben Stokes effort, Australia now holds a commanding 2-0 series lead as they look poised to win their first away Ashes series since 2001 with many betting sites having the Aussies as better than -650 favourites.