Brisbane Lions back plan to build new 70,000-seat stadium in Brisbane

Julian Miller
Julian Miller
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Lions want a major stadium upgrade before 2032

Plans to redevelop the Gabba have been abandoned. Brisbane Lions are now pushing for a plan to build a new stadium. 

News Insights

  • Brisbane Lions say they need a new home.
  • Plans to renovate the Gabba have been abandoned.
  • The 2032 Brisbane Olympics committee is considering building a new 70,000-seat stadium in the city.
  • Lions hope to move into the new stadium.

Brisbane Lions have long been looking for a new home, but they were ready to stay at the Gabba, provided that the stadium was redeveloped.  
Plans to redevelop the stadium have been scrapped, but Lions say they are now willing to stay in their current home in its current state if they can get a new 70,000-seat stadium. 

Gabba renovation plans scrapped 

The Olympics are coming to Brisbane in 2032. Brisbane, the state of Queensland, and in fact the entire country are focusing their efforts on increasing the existing infrastructure in Brisbane before the iconic sporting spectacle comes to the city. 
Initially, the Brisbane Olympics organisers had planned on spending $2.7 billion to renovate the Gabba in order to make it their Olympics hub and main 2032 Olympics venue. This plan suited Brisbane Lions, as it would have allowed them get the stadium upgrade they desperately needed without having to leave their historic home stadium.  
The plans to renovate the Gabba have since been abandoned, leaving both Lions and Brisbane Olympics organisers looking for alternatives.  

Lions want new 70,000-seat stadium

The easiest alternative for the Brisbane Olympics organisers is just to host Olympic events at existing venues in Brisbane. This is the preferred plan of John Coates, the Former president of the Australian Olympic Committee.  
Coates has proposed that the opening and closing ceremonies be held at Suncorp Stadium. Track and field events would then be held at the Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre in the suburb of Nathan. Lions and some current Olympics organisers are backing a more ambitious plan.  
Graham Quirk, former Lord Mayor of Brisbane, is pushing forward a plan to build a new 70,000-seat stadium at Victoria Park. The entire stadium campus would cover 90 hectares and include an indoor arena. If this plan is approved, the new Victoria Park stadium will also be Lions’ new home.  

Lions CEO talks up new stadium

It’s unclear whether Lions’ move would come after the 2032 Olympics or whether they would make the move as soon as the stadium is built. Brisbane ownership has backed Quirk’s plan, so we can assume they would want to move as soon as possible.  
We think it looks fantastic,” Lions CEO Gregg Swann said this week. “Obviously, the focus is the stadium for us, but the way that proposal flows, there’s education facilities, there’s hospitals, there’s green space…it just looks something that you’d like to think governments of all persuasions will [support].” 
Swann also addressed the criticism of government funds being used to build a stadium. “I know it’s easy to say ‘why are you spending money on the stadium’?, but every big city has stadiums, hospitals, schools … there’s a place for everything.” 
Despite all these comments, Swann says he would be happy if a new stadium isn’t built as long as the government is willing to assist Lions give the Gabba “a bit of an upgrade.” The Gabba currently has a capacity of about 37,000 for Lions matches.  

Lions are one of the most supported clubs in the  AFL  and one of the betting sites favourites to win the league this season. A new stadium is something the club feels will take them to an even higher level.