Euro 2024 Betting Guide: Best Betting Sites, Odds & Predictions

The Euros are one of the biggest sporting tournaments in the world, pitting the best teams in – you guessed it – Europe, against one another every four years. That time will come around once again in 2024, with the 17th edition of the event set to take place over one month in June and July in Germany. On this page, we will provide a comprehensive rundown about everything that you need to know about Euro 2024 betting, including how and where to do it, while we will also take a broader look at the tournament moreover and some of its history.

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How do you bet on the Euros?

As with any major – and indeed minor – sporting event these days, betting will be super popular among Euro 2024 fans, and in this section we will look at everything that you need to know about the different markets available for Euro 2024 betting


Odds, as we all know, are what make either a good or a bad bet. Euro betting sites will offer a broad range of them, but while there won’t be too many major outliers in terms of how they value specific markets, you can certainly find better odds on the same outcome than you might elsewhere by shopping around a few different betting sites. With so many different things to bet on at Euro 2024, from futures such as the outright winner to individual game markets and player props, there are a number of different ways you can approach Euro 2024, be that by playing it safe and betting on comfortable favourites early in the tournament, opting for a little more value in more niche markets, or playing the long game with the futures markets. There are pros and cons to each technique, but what remains true across all of them is that by shopping across a few different Euro betting sites, you’ll be able to get better value on the bets that you do place

Most Popular Markets  

As mentioned above, there will be a huge number of different markets available to bet on for Euro 2024. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular of them

Outright Winner 

 If you’re already keen to place a bet on Euro 2024, then you’re in luck. Most major betting sites have had outright winner markets available since close to a year before the tournament. As you most likely know, this is a pretty straightforward market – it’s simply a matter of picking the team that you think will win the tournament. Though the draw is not entirely finalised, the teams that are most likely to be there when the whips are cracking have already qualified, including Spain, France and England, the latter of whom are living proof that you can still garner the support of punters even without a major tournament win for nearly 60 years

Head to Head 

We’ll go into this in a little further detail below, but head to head is another very popular market. For soccer, obviously a draw is a common result so there are three potential outcomes here – Team A, Team B and the draw.  

Single/multi Bets 

It’s also worth noting here that aside from the different markets you can bet on, there are also different ways in which you can place bets. Single bets, as the name suggests, simply require you to place a bet on one outcome, but you will also be able to place multi bets with most major betting sites. This enables you to combine multiple outcomes and with that multiply the odds – you can generally do this across different games, but you can also place same game multis with many Euro betting sites. An example for the latter may be that you pick France to win by two goals or more, Kylian Mbappe to score a goal and France to not concede a goal, and get the odds of those markets combined using an algorithm which determines their relationship with one another for your bet

Team vs Team Betting  

Once the Euros actually roll around, betting on individual matchups rather than futures will become the norm, opening the door for a range of possibilities. You can keep it simple by opting to bet on the major markets, including head to head betting – which we mentioned above – as well as things like over/under total goals.  
With most Euro betting sites, however, you’ll have a whole lot more in the way of options than just those. There will also be plenty of player props around, the most common of which will be for a certain player to score a goal, or you can bet on more specific match outcomes like the exact score. Depending on which bookmaker you use you may have a relatively limited selection of different betting options, or a number which could very easily send you down a rabbit hole as you navigate all of the different markets available to you 

Strategies and Betting Tips 

Now that we’ve taken a look at the nitty gritty, let’s get down to strategy. There are a number of different ways to approach Euro 2024 betting, and a key thing to remember is that most things that you can think of, the bookmaker has thought of too. Certainly you want to try to find markets where there appears to be decent value, but if odds for a certain market seem particularly out of whack to you, do your research before diving in and betting on it because there is probably a good reason for it
If you’re simply betting small amounts for fun, then personally I find it hard to go past player props as an option. Betting on a particular player to score a goal, for example, can keep you in the game for the full 90 minutes – though be wary; the fact that betting sites don’t have to provide an alternative market here (it’s simply ‘Player X to score a goal’, rather than a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ option) means that sometimes the odds aren’t particularly good, especially with smaller sites. 
A way that I like to bet for tournaments like this in order to ensure that I stay in the game throughout without having to stake too much is to start off with a kitty, and play it relatively safe in the early stages. It can be hard to get much value in the group stage when the big teams are playing small ones, but I would still err on the side of lesser value favourites that you are confident will get the job done, and gradually build your kitty that way. By doing this, you can then have a crack at some same game multis or longer odds markets later in the tournament when, hopefully, you’re playing with house money. 

Bonuses and Pomotions  

Most major sporting events see bookmakers put up a wide range of bonuses and promotions to try to get punters using them for the duration of the tournament. Sometimes, these promos can be a little deceiving in how much value they offer, but if you use them wisely they can certainly be beneficial. 
Some promotions might be to do with your betting account more generally – for example, if you deposit a certain amount and bet on the Euros with it you might get a bonus bet of 50% that amount. Other sites might offer boosted odds for certain markets, while others still may pay you out on head to head bets early if your team is up by, as an example, a couple of goals at half time. 
If you shop around, you will obviously have a better chance of finding some good value bonuses and promotions for the Euros. Be aware, however, that Australian rules and regulations dictate that you cannot see bonuses and promotions available with a particular betting site unless you have an account with them, and are logged into it. 

Euro 2024 Best Betting Sites

With the continual saturation of the betting industry in Australia, it’s almost hard to believe how many different betting sites there are available. Obviously, each of them offers different markets and has varying odds, so choosing the right one for Euro 2024 betting is pivotal. Below, we take a look at some of your best options for the 2024 Euros



PlayUp has been around for a number of years now, and has established itself as one of the more reliable betting options in the country with solid odds, a good range of markets, a solid betting app, and great customer support. Once the tournament rolls around, they will be one of your best options if you are a punter who likes to bet on player props. For most major sports, they offer a really good selection of these, and more importantly provide decent odds for them too – something which certainly cannot be said for all of their competitors

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SouthernCrossBet is just a small, family-owned betting, but they punch above their weight in terms of what they offer and should be another good option as a Euro betting site. Among the best features they offer is a high quality mobile app, so if you want to be able to place Euro 2024 bets while on the go, then this will be one of the best choices that you have. Of course, a good app is not much use if there are few markets and terrible odds, but while SouthernCrossBet probably will not off you the broadest selection of different Euro 2024 markets, you will get pretty solid odds for those that they do offer

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PuntersPal is another relatively new betting site in Australia, though having launched in 2024 they have now accumulated a reasonable amount of experience. This is a betting site that keeps things simple, so you will be able to bet on Euro 2024 without a hassle. Importantly, if you do choose to use PuntersPal for Euro 2024 betting, one thing that you can be confident that you will get is good odds, with that one of the main features of this betting site. You’ll also get to utilise their great app and quality live chat platform if you run into any issues

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BetRight popped up in 2021 and has since established itself as a reliable betting site in the heavily populated Australian betting industry. For Euro 2024, you can expect them to offer a reasonable number of markets and decent odds, but perhaps the most notable thing that makes them a good choice for this tournament is their quality website and app, great customer support, and probably most importantly, generally good promos and bonuses. These are not yet out at the time of writing, but keep checking BetRight if you have an account with them as the tournament nears, as they may well offer some bonuses for the tournament which will be worth checking out

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Unlike the betting sites mentioned above, BoomBet is one of the most experienced in the industry. They haven’t existed as BoomBet for all that long, but prior to that they were known as Sportsbetting and were around since way back in 1998. Though their name has changed, their strengths have not, and those include excellent customer support and a great website and app. BoomBet doesn’t actually typically excel in their range of available markets, so if you are looking for the betting site with the most Euro 2024 betting options then you might be better served looking elsewhere, but you will get a decent amount here and generally fairly solid odds, too

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Euro Betting Features

Some betting sites have a good number of special features which help them to stand out from the crowd, and many of these can help to improve your Euro 2024 betting experience. Here are some of the most notable of those

Live betting 

Live betting is not yet universally available with Australian betting sites, but it is increasingly common among the variety of different bookmakers available to you. Live betting enables you to bet on markets for games which have already begun, meaning that you can see how a match is unfolding before placing a bet. Obviously, the odds adjust as the game goes on, and you’ll find them pretty rapidly adjusting as the match unfolds. Often, by the time you go to actually place your bets, the odds for a specific market will have changed from a minute or so earlier, so keep an eye on what they are when you place your bet. Also note that due to Australian regulations, you can’t place these bets online, and will have to call up to place them instead. 

Live streaming 

Like live betting, live streaming is a betting feature which is getting more common but which still isn’t universally available. What’s more, among the bookies that do offer it, the range of sports can vary significantly – some might only have horse racing available to stream, others might have sports which you likely don’t have much interest in watching, while others still will have some really good content of these available to stream. It’s the latter of those options which you’ll need to look at to find Euro 2024 streaming. Betting sites that only stream racing probably won’t have the Euro, nor will those that show things like table tennis, billiards and other events for who the broadcast rights don’t cost a whole lot. But the bigger bookmakers which show events like the NBA and NFL – those are the ones where you might be a chance to live stream the Euro 2024. 

Same game multis 

Same game multis are getting to the stage where they are available with the vast majority of bookmakers, though there are still some which don’t offer them. For the most part, however, any decent sized betting site will have same game multis available for Euro 2024. This means that you can combine legs from the same match, as mentioned above; so one example might be that you place a bet on the match result, the total score and a certain player to kick a goal. This can be a good option if you’re just looking to place a small bet on an individual game, but want to get a little bit of value in your selection. 


Finally, to promotions, which as mentioned earlier on this page will vary drastically from one betting site to another. Some of them might not be much use to you, particularly for Euro 2024, but in contrast there may be some which you can really use to your advantage. On some bookmakers, for example, you might be able to get boosted odds on specific markets, or early payouts if your team is up by a certain amount at half time in a head to head bet – though bear in mind for the latter, this is often not particularly useful as the vast, vast majority of the time a team winning by the amount set by bookies will win anyway. Still, if you do your research and take a look at a few different betting sites, you should be able to find some Euro 2024 promotions that you can take advantage of

Euro 2024 Outright Betting

Now that we’ve taken a look at the various betting options and approaches available to you for the Euro 2024, let’s get a little more specific. In this section, we’re going to dive into some specific futures markets, and which teams and players are leading the way

Euro 2024 Betting Favourites


England will enter the tournaments as favourites as they attempt to break a nearly 60-year drought at major tournaments. They were runner-up here last time around, and will be mighty tough to beat at Euro 2024. There are no two ways around it – no less than a win will be good enough for success starved English fans, and with Harry Kane leading the charge and no shortage of talent around him, coach Gareth Southgate is justifiably facing some very hefty expectations entering this event


England’s biggest challenger, at least according to Euro betting sites, is France. This team has probably more high level talent than any other team in the world, with superstar Kylian Mbappe leading the way, and in the past two editions of the Euros and World Cup have secured one World Cup win, a runner-up result at each tournament – and a Round of 16 penalty defeat at the most recent Euros which they will be eager to avenge. This team is extremely talented, and it would be absolutely no surprise to see them winning this tournament


Germany should be going deep into this tournament, and the $7 odds to win it set by Euro betting sites suggest as much. But they have developed a bad habit of underperforming in recent years, being knocked out in the Group Stage twice in a row at the World Cup and losing 2-0 to England in the Round of 16 at the 2020 Euros. Not a good run, but a run which this team should not be extending. Those results combined with the fact that they are hosting this tournament means that there is plenty of pressure on the Germans, but they are good enough to go deep into this tournament


The Spanish team of today is certainly not as good as the team which won consecutive Euro tournaments a decade ago, but they are still pretty good and are capable of continuing on from the 2023 Nations League success and putting in a good showing here. They are a little way behind the teams above, particularly France and England, but you don’t have to be the best overall team to win a tournament. Spain should be able to put themselves in the mix and go deep into this tournament – whether they can win it is another question. 


The 2016 Euro winners have for years been riding the wave of Cristiano Ronaldo, and Euro 2024 will likely be his swansong for his national side. Now well past his best he is unable to carry this team like he once was, but fortunately for Portugal they’ve also managed to accumulate a pretty good bunch of players around him. They’ve got plenty to play for with one of the greatest ever playing likely his last major tournament for them, and while they aren’t as good as a couple of the aforementioned teams, they won’t be a side anyone will be too thrilled to play. 

Past Euro Winners 

These are the past ten Euro winners. 

  • 2020: Italy 
  • 2016: Portugal 
  • 2012: Spain 
  • 2008: Spain 
  • 2004: Greece 
  • 2000: France 
  • 1996: Germany 
  • 1992: Denmark 
  • 1988: Netherlands 
  • 1984: France 
  • 1980: West Germany 

Euro 2024 top goalscorer odds  


Euro 2024 top goalscorer favourites 


Previous Euro top goalscorers  

  • 2020: Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Patrik Schick (Czech Republic) – 5 goals 
  • 2016: Antoine Griezmann (France) – 6 goals 
  • 2012: Fernando Torres (Spain), Alan Dzagoev (Russia), Mario Gomez (Germany), Mario Mandžukić (Croatia), Mario Belatelli (Italy), Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) – 3 goals 
  • 2008: David Villa (Spain) – 4 goals 
  • 2004: Milan Baroš (Czech Republic) – 5 goals 
  • 2000: Patrick Kluivert (Netherlands), Savo Milošević (Yugoslavia) – 5 goals 
  • 1996: Alan Shearer (England) – 5 goals 
  • 1992: Henrik Larsen (Denmark), Karl-Heinz Riedle (Germany), Dennis Bergkamp (Netherlands), Tomas Brolin (Sweden) – 3 goals 
  • 1988: Marco van Basten (Netherlands) – 5 goals 
  • 1984: Michel Platini (France) – 9 goals 
  • 1980: Klaus Allofs (West Germany) – 3 goals
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Euro 2024 Structure

The Euro 2024 tournament will follow the same format that it has for the past two incarnations of the event, meaning 24 teams will travel to Germany for the event. The event will kick off on the 14th of June with a clash between host nation Germany and Scotland at Allianz Arena in Munich, while exactly one month later, the winner of the tournament will be decided at Olympiastadion in Berlin. But while only two teams will make it to that final, all 24 will play at least three matches – read below for more info on the structure of Euro 2024. 

The Tournament 

The 24 teams in Euro 2024 will be divided into six groups of four teams, with those Euro 2024 groups having been determined by placing each team into one of four ‘pots’ based on their qualification ranking and then selecting at random one team from each pot for each group. Within the six groups, every team will play the other three in their group once, after which the top two teams in each group will automatically qualify for the knockout phase. Funnily enough, however, there needs to be 16 teams which make it to the Round of 16, and there will only be 12 using the above method. To get us to 16, each of the six third placed teams are ranked based on their win/loss record and points differential, and the top four also advance through to the Round of 16

The Playoffs 

Once we hit the knockout phase, you guessed it, it’s a knockout format! In the Round of 16, eight matches will take place, with winners of each group facing either a third-place qualifier or a runner-up, and a couple of matches involving two runners-up. The winners advance through to the quarterfinals, which is again knockout. After that round we’re down to four in the semis, with the two winning semi-finalists making it through to the UEFA Euro 2024 Final in Berlin

Euro 2024 groups

As mentioned in the above section, there are six Euro 2024 groups consisting of four teams at the 2024 Euros. In this section, we take a look at the teams in each group, and how they are expected to go

Group A: Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland 

Group A is a competitive one – well at least for second spot it looks likely to be. Germany is the host nation and one of the favourites to win the entire tournament, and with none of the other teams in this group realistically expected to compete, they are the clear favourite to advance here. Second spot is really anyone’s for the taking, with very little separating Scotland, Hungary and Switzerland in the betting odds. 

Group B: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania 

Group B has a little more talent in it than its predecessor, with three of these teams in the top ten favourites to win Euro 2024. Spain is right up there and they are deservedly the favourites to win this group, but Italy are the reigning champions and could cause plenty of problems while Croatia are no easybeats either. Those three are likely to be battling it out for spots in the Round of 16, with the very real possibility that all three of them qualify. Albania is the odd one out here, and look likely to struggle in what is a very strong group outside of themselves

Group C: Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England 

This is one group which looks to have a very clear ranking from one through to four – not that it will necessarily play out exactly in that way. England is clearly the best team in the group and are, as a result, the comfortable favourites to finish on top, while Denmark is an equally obvious second pick. Serbia are certainly not without a hope, though they are a fair way back in the betting odds in third place, before Slovenia brings up the rear. Even Slovenia, though, are not entirely hopeless and could certainly spring a surprise or two in this group. 

Group D: Poland, Netherlands, Austria, France

Poland were one of the final teams to advance through to Euro 2024, joining Group D alongside the Netherlands, Austria and France. The top two in this one looks likely to be pretty obvious; it would be a massive surprise for France – the favourite behind England to win the whole tournament – to fail to qualify in first, let alone to fail to qualify at all, while the Netherlands should also be able to advance. Austria is a little way back in the pecking order, as are Poland 

Group E: Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine

Belgium can thank their lucky stars they’ve been handed the group that they have, and there will also be at least one other member of this group very happy to have been placed in it. This is not a strong group – Belgium, who are paying $15 to win the tournament, are comfortably the best team in it, while both Slovakia and Romania are well over $100 at most major betting sites. Testament to the relative lack of strength in the group is that Ukraine, the latest entrant to it and also paying over $100 to win the tournament, are the second favourite to advance, sitting just marginally ahead of Romania in the betting. 

Group F: Turkey, Georgia, Portugal, Czech Republic

The final group of Euro 2024 is, like Group E, certainly not the strongest. Portugal lead the charge here as the fifth favourite to win this tournament and the comfortable favourite to win this group, while Turkey and Czech Republic should be battling it out for second place. Georgia was the latest team to make it through to this group, and they have settled in as comfortably the least likely member of it to advance past the Group Stage. Of those teams outside of Portugal, Turkey will be a little more highly fancied to advance through to the Round of 16

Important Dates and Times

Below, we take a look at all of the most important Euro 2024 dates you need to remember for this year’s Euros. 

Group Stage

15th of June: Opening match (Germany vs Scotland) @ 5:00am AEDT

Round of 16

30th of June: First game of the knockout stage (Runner-Up Group A vs Runner-Up Group B) @ 2:00am AEDT 

6th of July: First quarter-final @ 2.00am 

10th of July: First semi-final @ 5.00am 
11th of July: Second semi-final @ 5.00am 

15th of July: Euro 2024 Final @ 5.00am 

About the Tournament

Euro 2024 will be the 17th edition of this championship, which first took place in France back in 1960. This will be the third time that Euro matches have been played in Germany, but the first time that the nation has ever hosted it since the country’s reunification; it was hosted by West Germany in 1988, while the most recent version of the event, the 2020 Euros (which actually took place in 2021 courtesy of our friend the pandemic), took place all around the continent and included four games in Germany. 
Germany was voted as the host city in September of 2018, with both they and Turkey nominating to host it. Germany won the right to host courtesy of a 12-4 vote. One of the main factors in their favour was a broad selection of stadiums which satisfied UEFA’s minimum capacity requirement of 30,000. Throughout the course of the 2024 tournament, there will be ten different host stadiums across ten different cities, the smallest of which will be Leipzig Stadium, which can hold nearly 43,000. Olympiastadion Berlin, where the final will be held, has a capacity of over 74,000, while Fußball Arena München has a capacity of over 70,000. 
As always, Euro 2024 also has a couple of notable symbols which seem to attract a fair bit of interest. The first of these is the tournament mascot, which for this incarnation of the Euros is a teddy bear wearing pants called Albärt – not a sentence I ever thought that I would write. The match ball which will be used throughout is the result of a collaboration between UEFA and Adidas called Fussballliebe, which means love of football – and as a random aside, also has three consecutive l’s in it! The Fussballliebe features what is called “Connected Ball Technology” which contains internal electronic sensors, which helps to detect movement and will aid UEFA match officials in making decisions. 
As the host, Germany will enter Euro 2024 as the third favourite to win the event, though they will have to achieve something which has proven very difficult for an extended period of time in winning the tournament on their home turf. It’s happened three times in the past, but the first two of those were within the first three editions of the event when Spain won in Spain and then Italy won in Italy in 1964 and 1968, while 16 years later France won as the host nation in 1984. In the nine editions of the event since, however, just two host nations have made the final and both have lost. But Germany are also the most successful team in Euro history alongside Spain, each of those two nations having won the event on three occasions (Germany twice competing as West Germany. Italy and France are the only other nations to have won it on multiple occasions

Euro 2024 Interesting facts

Below are some interesting stats and facts related to Euro tournaments, many of which can be used to inform your predictions. 

  • Germany have won by far the most matches in Euro history, with 27 to their name across their 13 tournaments. Italy, Spain and France are next in line with 21, though they have each played in only 10 or 11 editions of the tournament. 
  • Germany has also finished on the podium the most times in Euro history by a long way – they’ve finished top three nine times (3-3-3), while a number of teams are in second with five top three finishes. 
  • Hosts haven’t performed as well of late as they did early in the tournament’s existence, though that is in large part due to the growth of the tournament and the fact it has been held in nations whose teams aren’t as good. In the first 12 Euros a host nation finished in the top four every time, before two consecutive editions passed without a host finishing in the top four. 
  • Spain is the only team to have ever won the Euros back to back – they did it in 2012 and 2016. Italy will be attempting to become the second team in history, to achieve the feat. 
  • Cristiano Ronaldo is the leading scorer by a long way in Euro history, with 14 goals – five more than anyone else in history. He will compete in his final Euros for Portugal this year. France’s Michael Platini is second with nine, which he scored in a single tournament in 1984 – unsurprisingly this is the most in one tournament in history.  

Our Predictions for Euro 2024

While it’s England and France who head the list of favourites, winning is not the only way to enjoy success at a big tournament like this, and for many teams the expectations are substantially lower than those which surround the aforementioned teams. Obviously Germany and Spain will be expecting to make the quarter-finals and beyond while Portugal and Belgium would be notable absentees if they don’t, while teams like Croatia and the improving Turkey are among those that could spring a surprise and make their way deeper than expected into the tournament. 
England and France, however, are favourites for good reason. But the lack of big tournament success England have had since 1966 is a perpetual dark cloud hanging over the group, and there is no doubting the pressure that it brings with it. That alone isn’t enough to say they won’t win – they are still super talented and deserve to be favourites, but I’m tipping them to endure yet another bout of disappointment, this time at the hands of France. Les Bleues have a plethora of wildly talented players with Kylian Mbappe leading the way be the team who will win Euro 2024, adding to their growing trophy cabinet and becoming the equal most successful team in Euros history with a third title

Very personalised experience! For the punters!


In this section, we will take a look at some of the most pressing questions about Euro 2024

How long does the tournament last?

The Euro 2024, as it has for the last two editions, will run for a month. That is enough time for 24 teams to be sorted out, the same number which we saw at Euro 2020 and Euro 2016

What is the structure of the tournament?

Euro 2024 will follow a pretty standard format. Each of the 24 teams have been grouped into six groups of four, and within each group every team will play the others on one occasion, meaning they play three games each. These results then provide a standings table for each group, and the top two teams at the end of the Group Stage advance to the Round of 16. Every team that finishes in third in their group is then put into a separate ranking system, and the top four of those based on win/loss record and goal differential also makes the Round of 16. From the Round of 16 onwards, the format is simple; win or go home. Every game is an elimination game, right up until the final on July the 14th

What are the best betting sites to use for Euro 2024?

With so many different betting sites in Australia there are a plethora of different Euro 2024 betting options. Among the best will be PlayUp, SouthernCrossBet, PuntersPal, BetRight and BoomBet, while major betting giants like Bet365 and Unibet will also be a good option. 

Where will the tournament be played?

The tournament will take place in Germany, with games to be played across ten different cities. These cities, listed in descending order of stadium capacity, are; Berlin, Munich, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Gelsenkirchen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Leipzig. 

What are some notable group games to look out for?

Obviously there will be plenty of quality games later in the tournament, but in the Group Stage the quality of games can be a little hit or miss. There are, however, always a few gems hidden in there. Among those to watch out for at Euro 2024 are the tournament opener between Germany and Scotland, Spain vs Italy (a repeat of the 2012 final and a 2020 semi), France vs Netherland, Spain vs Croatia and Croatia vs Italy (clearly, Group B looks like the most exciting!) 

Who has won the tournament in the past?

The most recent edition of the Euros was won by the Italians, which was their second every Euro victory and their first since 1968. Germany and Spain have won three apiece, while France is the only other alongside Italy to have won on multiple occasions. Other winners are Russia (competing as the Soviet Union), Czech Republic (competing as Czechoslovakia), Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark and Greece.