Nick Kyrgios unlikely to play in the Australian Open

Julian Miller
Julian Miller
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Australian Open comeback unlikely for Nick Kyrgios

It is now virtually certain that Nick Kyrgios will not play at the Australian Open. Kyrgios’ name was not on the tournament’s recent entry list. 

News Insights

  • Nick Kyrgios is not on the Australian Open’s most recent entry list.
  • Names not on the entry list must qualify via a wildcard.
  • Kyrgios is unlikely to enter the wildcard.
  • Kyrgios has not played a competitive match since 2022.

Nick Kyrgios’ chances of playing at the Australian Open look very thin following the news that he was not included on the tournament’s most recent entry list. Names like Marin Cilic, Soonwoo Koon, and even Rafael Nadal have committed themselves to playing at the Australian Open. Kyrgios has not.  

Nick Kyrgios comeback at Australian Open unlikely

Nick Kyrgios’ return to competitive tennis has been delayed yet again. The controversial Aussie tennis superstar was not included on the Australian Open’s protected rankings entry list. Players on this are committed to playing at the tournament and will receive automatic qualification from the tournament organisers, Tennis Australia.  
Had he wanted to, Kyrgios could have committed to the tournament and found his name on this list. With the tournament just five weeks away, Kyrgios has missed his chance to secure automatic qualification.  
The only way forward for Kyrgios at the Australian Open is securing qualification via a wildcard. Reports claim that this is extremely unlikely to happen. Kyrgios’ own comments back up these reports.  
Kyrgios was a guest commentator at Italy’s ATP Finals in November. While commentating, Kyrgios spoke about his chances of playing at the 2024 Australian Open. He said “the stars would need to align” in order for him to play at the Australian Open. Last week, he gave an exclusive interview to Piers Morgan. Kyrgios did not speak about the Australian Open or his chances of playing in the tournament.  
Kyrgios is a mercurial personality, to put it nicely, and rarely gives straightforward comments about his future. Despite this being the case, Tennis Australia boss Craig Tiley believed Kyrgios was motivated to play at the Australian Open and ready to do so. Kyrgios has five weeks to prove that Tiley was right, but it is looking very unlikely at this point.

Nadal to play in Australian Open  

While Nick Kyrgios likely will not be playing at the Australian Open in January, it has now been confirmed that Rafael Nadal will be there. The 37-year-old has announced that he will likely retire after the 2024 tennis season. He was scheduled to return at the French Open last year, but was still unfit so pushed his return back.  
Nadal has not played a competitive tennis match since the 2023 Australian Open where he injured his hip. This injury was so severe that Nadal reportedly considered calling it quits in 2023.  
He is now planning on returning at the Brisbane International. Nadal will use this tournament to ramp up for the Australian Open. The Spaniard warned fans not to accept much from him. Despite that, he is one of the top five favourites to win the Australian Open, according to the betting sites at least.

PlayUp Sportsbook gives Nadal $15.00 odds to win the Australian Open. Novak Djokovic is the overwhelming favourite with $2.10 odds. Despite being virtually ruled out of the competition, PlayUp gives Nick Kyrgios $21.00 odds.