Wolves request vote on banning VAR in the Premier League

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Wolves trigger VAR wote

2/3 of club owners, 14 out of 20 teams, would need to vote in favour of Wolves’ resolution for VAR to be scrapped. 

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  • Wolves have lodged a motion to eliminate VAR from the Premier League.
  • EPL clubs will vote on Wolve’s motion at next month’s owners’ summit.
  • Wolves feel it's time for “constructive and critical debate” on the future of VAR.
  • 14/20 EPL clubs need to approve Wolves’ motion for VAR to be scrapped.

The era of VAR in the Premier League could be coming to an end soon. Wolves have formally submitted a motion ahead of next month’s EPL owners’ meetings. If approved by 14 of the 20 EPL clubs, VAR would be scrapped and no longer feature in Premier League matches.  
Wolves are one team who feels they have been particularly hard done by thanks to new VAR rules. Because of this, the club feel it’s time to examine the state of VAR in the EPL now.

Wolves issue statement calling for VAR changes 

Wednesday was set to be a regular day in the Premier League. Manchester United were taking on Newcastle and Brighton were going to host Chelsea. Just a normal, relatively drama-free EPL matchday. Then, an official statement from Wolves to the Premier League was released by the press.  
Wolves have formally submitted a resolution to the Premier League to trigger a vote at the league's AGM in June, on the removal of VAR from the start of the 2024/25 season,” the West Midlands club said in a letter to the Premier League. 
The introduction of VAR in 2019/20 was a decision made in good faith and with the best interests of football and the Premier League at its heart. However, it has led to numerous unintended negative consequences that are damaging the relationship between fans and football, and undermining the value of the Premier League brand.” 
Wolves then went to list off nine reasons VAR should be scrapped, including its impact on player celebrations and the “overreach of VAR's original purpose to correct clear and obvious mistakes.” 
There is no blame to be placed - we are all just looking for the best possible outcome for football - and all stakeholders have been working hard to try and make the introduction of additional technology a success."

“However, after five seasons of VAR in the Premier League it is time for a constructive and critical debate on its future. 
“Our position is that the price we are paying for a small increase in accuracy is at odds with the spirit of our game, and as a result we should remove it from the 2024/25 season onwards,” Wolves said, concluding their letter.  

What happens next with EPL VAR? 

Wolves’ letter to the Premier League is probably the most scathing public criticism we’ve seen from a club against VAR since it was introduced in the 2019/20 season. Despite the passion and arguable merits of this letter, it won’t matter unless other teams join them.  
The Premier League only changes its rules after 2/3 of the league approve the rule change. That means 14 of the 20 Premier League clubs for next season will have to vote yes on getting rid of VAR.  

Given how hard it is to find consensus in the world of top level soccer, especially on an issue as controversial as VAR, we can’t see any changes come to the current VAR rules any time soon.  

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