Harry Redknapp says Spurs must back Ange Postecoglou with new signings

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Redknapp says Spurs must break cycle with Postecoglou

Harry Redknapp feels Tottenham need to act boldly in the transfer market and back Ange Postecoglou. 

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  • Harry Redknapp gave a long interview with ESPN looking back on his 60-year career.
  • Redknapp thinks Spurs now are similar to his Tottenham team.
  • Redknapp is urging Spurs to act boldly now.
  • Redknapp feels Spurs have no excuse not to invest.

Tottenham are loving life under their new manager Ange Postecoglou. Spurs started the season on a 10 match unbeaten run. The club has fallen back down to earth recently, but fans are nevertheless still excited. 
One man who knows exactly what it feels like to lead a surging Spurs side is Harry Redknapp. The now-76-year-old manager led Tottenham from 2008-2012 before leaving the club over disagreements with ownership. 
Redknapp is now calling on Tottenham to avoid making the same mistakes with Postecoglou and to back ‘Big Ange’ in the transfer market. 

Spurs must break the cycle of poor investment 

Harry Redknapp gave a long interview with ESPN looking back on his 60-year career in soccer. One major topic of discussion in this interview was Spurs and their new manager Ange Postecoglou.  
The former manager feels Postecoglou’s Spurs are similar to the side he led between the 2008 and 2012 seasons, but he worries that Postecoglou may suffer the same fate he did if the club’s ownership does not invest in the squad. Redknapp identified a cycle that he thinks Spurs must break out of if they are going to win a title under Postecoglou. 
I think if we had bought those couple of players in [2011], we could have been very close to winning the league with that group,” said Redknapp. “Pochettino obviously felt something like that after me.” 

It’s obviously too early to say whether Postecoglou will suffer a similar fate, but, nevertheless, Redknapp is urging Spurs to act boldly now, saying “they've got to move on a little bit” if they are going to challenge with sides like Arsenal and Man CIty at the top of the table. 

No excuses now for Spurs 

As down as Redknapp was on Spurs and the ownership in his interview with ESPN, he did give ownership credit for investing in the club’s infrastructure.  
People criticise Daniel but the stadium is amazing, the training ground is top drawer,” Redknapp admitted. However, now that the stadium and training ground are built, Redknapp feels Spurs have no excuse not to invest.  
With everything else in place, hopefully they will be up there challenging every season,” said Redknapp before adding that it’s now time for Spurs to “have a bit of a gamble” and invest big into the squad.  

Spurs outlook this season

Spurs are currently in fifth place, just three points off fourth, heading into EPL Matchweek 17. PlayUp gives them $3.00 odds of closing the gap and finishing in the top four, so they have a pretty good chance of getting it done.  

One thing that would greatly increase their chances, and also show that ownership has taken Redknapp’s advice, is if the club spends big in the January transfer window. Right now, the club probably needs another midfielder and centre back, at a minimum.  

If Spurs do sign someone in January, it would be a big statement of intent, not only for this season, but also for the future under Postecoglou.  
If they don’t, fans should probably start worrying about the club’s ownership and about the chances of them repeating their past mistakes by not backing their manager. 

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