How Do Multi Bets Work?

By: Matt Abrahams
How do Multis Work
How Do Multi Bets Work?

Top Betting Sits for Multi Betting

What are Multi bets?

In this article, we’ll explain the purpose of multi bets and provide an explanation as to why punters simply love building massive multis!

Multi bets in its simplest form is the process of combining two or more single bets into one bet. Multi betting is known as a popular betting strategy and we’ll provide examples of how to take advantage below.

How do Multi bets work?

A common question we receive is how do multi bets work? It’s very similar to single bets but the major difference is that you’ll be combining bets together instead of placing them one by one.

How to place a Multi bet:

  • Login or signup to one of our recommended Australian betting sites
  • Find multiple Racing or Sports betting markets
  • Click on the odds of the bet type each time and each single bet will be added to the betslip
  • In the betslip, there will be a multi section that will show you the estimated odds payout and a betting stake field
  • Enter a betting stake and confirm the bet to finish

How are Multi bets calculated?

In terms of multi bet odds, each leg is multiplied together to establish the total odds.

Here’s how the multi bet odds would work for a simple 2 leg multi bet:

  • Multi Leg 1 = $2.14 odds
  • Multi Leg 2 = $2.85 odds
  • 2.14 x 2.85 = $6.099 multi bet odds

As you can see, the first and second leg are simply multiplied together. If there was a third leg added, it would then multiply the total of the first 2 legs with the odds of the third leg.

Multi bets explained

There are many types of multi bets that you can place at all Australian sports betting sites. Here is a list of the most popular bet types and a simple explanation.

  • Racing Multi In Racing, a popular multi betting strategy is using the win odds of multiple runners across different races
  • Win / Head to Head – Probably the most simple way of multi betting is using the win / head to head odds from multiple sports or runners
  • Each Way Each way betting means betting on the win or place in Racing and most bookmakers will allow multi betting for this bet type.
  • Same Race Multi – Many betting sites allow you to place a same race multi bet. This allows you to pick multiple runners from the same race.
  • Same Game Multi A SGM allows you to build a multiple bet for a single game. This can include head to head, total points, line/handicap and player props. The majority of  Australian betting sites  have adopted the same game multi feature into their betting promotions for members.

What are the benefits of Multi bets?

You might be asking the question – are multi bets worth it? There is a reason why multi are popular and we’ll explain why. Firstly, you simply stand to earn profit from your bets, especially compared to single bets.

Let’s use a simple head to head NBA betting example:

Single Bets:

  • Place a bet of $5 on the Los Angeles Lakers at $2.14 odds to beat the Philadelphia 76ers.
  • Place a bet of $5 on the Golden State Warriors at $1.43 to beat the Minnesota Timberwolves.
  • Total Stake: $10.00
  • Total Payout: $10.70 + $7.15 = $17.85

Multi Bet:

  • Place a two leg multi on the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors to win their respective games
  • Total Odds: $3.06
  • Total Stake: $10.00
  • Total Payout: $30.60

So if both single bets were to win, you would make a profit of $7.85. But if you placed a multi bet, you would stand to earn over double the profit ($12.75) for the same bet.

The only risky part about this bet is the probability of both teams winning is less than just betting on a single team in a single bet. But that is the risk/reward benefit of placing multis. Single bets can also be considered a “boring” strategy because placing a multi with a huge amount of legs is always going to be more exciting to watch over time, especially if it wins.


Here we are placing a two leg NBA multi using the win odds of two teams.




Here we are placing a two leg NBA multi in the betslip process and displaying how to enter a betting stake.



Multi Betting Promotions

In the below table, we’ll list any current betting offers/bonuses surrounding multi betting at our recommended Australian betting site.

*Due to Australian betting laws promotions can be offered only to registered members!


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Multi Guard is a daily promotion that saves multiple bets from a bad beat. Get money back in Bonus Bets if one leg fails. Must be over 3 legs.
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How Do Multi Bets Work at Bet365?

Bet365 is one of our recommended legal betting sites and we’ll explain how multi bets work at this bookmaker.

  • Step 1 – Login to your account or sign up for a new account.
  • Step 2 – Find two or more betting markets and click on the odds to add into the betslip. Alternatively, you can click on “Multi Maker” in the left hand menu and this will give you a list of available sports.



  • Step 3 – At the bottom of the website, click on the white Bet Slip button. Now where it says “Trebles”, enter a betting stake.


  • Step 4 – Click on the green Place Bet button to confirm your bet.


Visit  Bet365

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