Palmerbet app review

Palmerbet is one of the most underrated betting sites in Australia. Though it’s not typically regarded in the top echelon of bookmakers, it’s got basically all that you could ask for from a betting site. There are a huge range of markets, great odds, and while the website isn’t the best, the app makes up for it. On this page, we’ll provide a detailed Palmerbet app review, taking a deep dive into all that you need to know about this high quality betting app.

By: Mike Jones

About Palmerbet App

Palmerbet is a really good betting site in a lot of ways, providing competitive odds, a great range of markets and solid customer support, but their website is one area which can let them down at times courtesy of its tendency to lag significantly.

As somebody who likes to scour less common markets for value, I really like what Palmerbet has to offer and the fact that things took so long to do on their website was a cause for significant frustration. That’s why I was so pleased when I downloaded the Palmerbet mobile app and found it to be a whole lot easier to use than the desktop site.

With Palmerbet iOS and Palmerbet Android apps both available, this betting app allows you to access all of this betting site’s great features but while you’re on the go, and on a platform which is a lot more user-friendly than the desktop site.

After the Palmerbet app download process, which only takes a few seconds,the Palmerbet login process is super easy, or you can sign up if you haven’t yet.After that, you’ll be greeted by an aesthetically pleasing home page with upcoming races and upcoming sports listed. You can also toggle at the bottom of the page to either a horse icon or a ball icon – denoting ‘Racing’ and ‘Sports’ respectively – to see a full list of markets in each of those areas. The screenshot below shows what this home page looks like.

palmerbet racing

If you click on the lines in the top left-hand corner of the home page, as you can see above, you’ll have access to plenty more than just betting markets, too. You can look at your account details, read the blog, access customer support – even read the Terms and Conditions of the Palmerbet app if you feel so inclined!

All of this convenience would mean nothing, however, if the app behaved like the website. It can be very frustrating trying to navigate apps when they lag, clicking a link feels like it takes about a minute for the app to respond, and your phone feels as though it’s about to explode after you use it.

This happens a little bit with the Palmerbet website, but I haven’t experienced it with the app. All in all, it’s a super convenient and easy to use betting app, and most importantly, functions quickly and efficiently.

Palmerbet App Pros and Cons

While the Palmerbet app is a good one, it’s also got its areas in which it could improve. In this section, we’re going to take a look at the most significant pros that you’ll find with the Palmerbet mobile app, while also balancing that out by looking at some areas in which a little bit is left to be desired.

👍Palmerbet App Pros

  • Quick and responsive: The responsiveness of this app was always going to make or break it in my view. If it resembled the website I’d probably avoid using it in favour of a better one, but fortunately that’s not the case. It functions really quickly and I’ve never personally had any issues with it malfunctioning or taking a long time to load.

  • Great odds: This is an excellent component of Palmerbet Australia in general, but it’s also something which will likely draw you to the Palmerbet mobile app. This bookmaker has really competitive odds across most markets, and most notable for me is their odds for things like player props – an area which many bookies seek to gain a big advantage, but in which Palmerbet is a little more generous.

  • Same race multis: Same race multis allow you to place a bet on multiple different events occurring in the same race, and these are available with the Palmerbet app. This means, for example, that you could bet for two different runners to both finish in the top four, with their odds to achieve this then combining to make one bet.

👎Palmerbet App Cons

  • No live chat available: Palmerbet Australia has decent customer support available, though there are some reviews which reference bad experiences. Anyway, I’ve never had one with them, but the Palmerbet app would benefit from the inclusion of live chat as a contact method; instead, they just offer a phone number and an email address.

  • Issues with bonus bets: There have been numerous complaints surrounding the bonus bets program with Palmerbet. Some have claimed that they had their bonus bets removed without a valid reason, while others have complained about the fairly hefty turnover requirements which Palmerbet demands before you can withdraw money that you’ve won through bonus bets.

  • Limited live betting markets available: Palmerbet live betting is available, which is good – but offering it is about as far as they go in this regard. There are fairly limited live betting options, so don’t expect to jump on the Palmerbet app and be greeted by a multitude of events on which you can bet which are already in progress.

Overall, the above pros and cons lists points to a pretty damn good app. The pros are significant ones – an app that works, a bookmaker that has great odds, live streaming available; all these are great features. For me, the cons certainly aren’t as significant, and are worth dealing with to get access to a really good betting app.

Palmerbet Sports Betting Markets

A major strength of Palmerbet Australia is the fact that they offer such a broad range of different sports betting markets. They are right up there with the best of the best in this regard; there may be a handful of big bookmakers that offer a few more, but if you’re looking for the biggest selection to choose from you can’t do a whole lot better than Palmerbet.

At the time of writing, there were an impressive 27 different sports available to bet on with the Palmerbet app. You can take a look at what you’ll be greeted with when you click on the sports icon on the Palmerbet app below, with each different sport given its own little box in an aesthetically pleasing way to display your different options.

palmerbet sports

An additional feature of the Palmerbet Australia sports betting markets which is worth mentioning is the fact that you can make certain sports ‘Featured’, therefore tailoring the Palmerbet app to your own liking. As it says in the screenshot above, all that you need to do is click on the star pertaining to your favourite sports, and they’ll be automatically moved up the top of the page to make it more efficient to access them.

Now let’s look a little deeper into the sports betting markets available with the Palmerbet app. If we click on Australian Rules Football, for example, we can look at the upcoming weekend’s games. Unfortunately the Palmerbet app doesn’t tell you how many markets are available for each game like many other betting apps do, so this is certainly something they could include.

There are, however, plenty. Aside from the popular markets like line betting, moneyline and total score that every bookmaker has, they’ve got ‘Player Markets’ – which gives you goalkicking odds for each player’ – ‘Margin Markets’, ‘Doubles Markets’, ‘To Score Markets’, ‘Disposal Markets’, ‘Total Points Markets’, ‘Total Goals Markets’, ‘1st Half Markets’, ‘2nd Half Markets’, ‘1st Quarter Markets’, ‘2nd Quarter Markets’, ‘3rd Quarter Markets’, and ‘4th Quarter Markets’. You can take a look at this layout on the screenshot below.

palmerbet market

As mentioned earlier, once you click into this you’ll also find that Palmerbet’s sports odds are very reasonable compared with other bookmakers. As an example, the line odds for tomorrow night’s AFL game are set at $1.90 – given bookies generally range from about $1.87 to $1.91 for these markets, Palmerbet is at the right end of the spectrum.

Palmerbet Racing Betting Markets

Palmerbet’s racing markets are, like their sport ones, really good. Typically there is less variation among the racing component of a betting site than the sports component of the betting site as the markets are always going to be pretty much the same. Palmerbet obviously fits into this mold, though they do have competitive odds so that is a big tick in their favour.

In terms of how you access racing markets on the Palmerbet app, it’s about as easy as you could hope for. As mentioned earlier, upcoming races are all available to click straight into from the home page, while if you click on the horse head image at the bottom of the page then you’ll be taken straight to a list of ‘all racing’.

When you click into an individual race, one feature that is particularly notable is the high level of detail available for each runner, and for the race overall. Race comments at the top of the page, as shown in the below screenshot, give you a general idea of how the race is expected to be run, while individual runner comments also help. It is, of course, always important to be careful of these given the bookmaker doesn’t want you to win, but they are useful additional tips to other research or your own knowledge.

In all, the racing betting markets are really competitive on Palmerbet, and the Palmerbet app makes them easy to access. It’s well laid out and easy to get to quickly, making it easy to punt on racing while you’re on the go.

Palmerbet App Features

There are a number of things available on the Palmerbet mobile app which aren’t necessarily part and parcel of every bookmaker betting app. These features help the Palmerbet app to stand out from the crowd, so let’s take a look at some examples of them.

Palmerbet Blog

Though it’s not unheard of, there aren’t all that many betting sites which have their own separate blog. Typically this feature comes a little way down the list in the marketing budget for bookmakers, but when they do have them they can be quite a useful resource. Palmerbet has a blog of their own, and what’s more, it’s available and easily accessible on the Palmerbet app.

To access it, all you need to do is click on the three lines in the top left-hand corner of the home page. In the dropdown menu which subsequently appears, you’ll see ‘Blog’ listed towards the bottom. Clicking on this will take you automatically to the Palmerbet blog, which has news and information stories on a range of different sports. The home page of the blog is shown in the screenshot below.

palmerbet blog

The blog is really well-conceived. Trending stories come up first so whatever is most relevant at the time will be shown, but if you want to explore the archives simply click on the top left dropdown menu, and you’ll have a list of all different sports for which Palmerbet have written articles.

Bookie bag

The bookie bag is a really nice extra feature which is available on the Palmerbet app which gives you additional benefits when betting on the app. To check what these benefits are, click again on the drop down menu in the top left hand side of the page and click on ‘Bookie Bag’. This will then run you through all the different things you have in your bookie bag.

Included among these are, for example, a ‘Multi Guard’, which means that if you get one leg of your multi wrong you can get a bonus bet back, as well as ‘Price Protect’, which Palmerbet explains as ‘Protect your fixed price with a best tote guarantee’. This selection of different tools complements the betting experience nicely and is another great feature of Palmerbet.

Palmerbet App Deposit and Withdrawal

Another great benefit of using the Palmerbet app is the fact that it allows you to deposit and withdraw funds without having to open up your computer. Doing so is super easy; all you need to do is open up the Palmerbet mobile app, click on the drop down menu on the left and click on ‘My Account’.

Once you do this, you’ll be greeted by a page with a lot of different options the first two of which are ‘Deposit Funds’ and ‘Withdrawal’. For depositing, you have a good selection of different options.

The first of these is credit card, which is available with virtually every betting site and is what I use to deposit every time. It’s super easy; all you need to do is add your card, after which you can deposit funds to the site. What’s more, these funds will appear immediately.

If for whatever reason using a credit/debit card is not for you, then you have a few other options with the Palmerbet app. You can use POLi, which takes funds directly from your bank account, or you can also use PayPal, PayID, BPay and EFT.

The Palmerbet withdrawal process is a little different to the Palmerbet deposit one. To withdraw funds from Palmerbet, you need to add your bank details, and then you can withdraw any funds that you have with Palmerbet – provided you meet the turnover requirements – directly to your bank account. Unlike with most deposit methods, this will usually take a day or two to reach your bank account.

Overall, the selection of payment methods with Palmerbet is pretty good, and combine with that the fact that you can do it quickly and easily on the Palmerbet app, this makes depositing and withdrawing particularly straightforward.

Customer Support

Another benefit of the Palmerbet mobile app, or any betting app in general, is that you can quickly access customer support from your mobile phone. I personally have found this very useful on occasions; when I’ve needed to get in touch, I don’t need to open my computer, and can instead just get in touch with Palmerbet through the app.

Before we get into the good stuff, however, there is one downfall; Palmerbet doesn’t have a live chat function, which has become relatively commonplace among most betting sites. This is my preferred method of contact, so it’s absence is definitely something I noticed.

What they do offer is a phone number and email address, and the former of these is particularly easy to use on the Palmerbet app. To get in touch with them through the app, click the drop down menu on the left side of the page and scroll down until you see the link which says ‘Contact Us’.

When you click on this, you’ll be taken to a page which has all of Palmerbet’s different help numbers; the customer support number being 1300 124 357. Given you’re already on your phone, this is obviously a quick way to get in touch. Simply click the phone number and the app will automatically call Palmerbet customer support for you.

There’s also an email address there, which you can copy and then paste into your email app to send an email, or alternatively there’s a postal address if you prefer the old school method of getting in touch.

The customer support platform at Palmerbet certainly isn’t the best in the industry. However, if you do need to get in touch, the Palmerbet app makes it easy to do so, and is the quickest way to get in touch. 

Other Mobile Betting Apps

In this Palmerbet betting app review, we’ve taken a look at the various features of this excellent mobile betting app. Clearly this is one of the better mobile apps in the industry, but there are still plenty of other very good ones worth checking out, many of which we’ve reviewed at BettingTop10. On our page you can also find a full list of all betting sites in Australia, or a Palmerbet review which is not just about the app, but below, we’ve taken a look at some of the best alternatives to the Palmerbet mobile betting app.


Throughout the course of this detailed Palmerbet app review, we’ve covered off virtually everything that you need to know about using it. Below, we’ll round things out by answering some of the most commonly asked questions that we receive about both Palmerbet, and the Palmerbet app.

You have a couple of choices in terms of getting in touch with Palmerbet. The first is to give them a ring, which you can do directly on the mobile app by heading to the ‘Contact Us’ section and clicking on the provided number. You can also find this number on the desktop site, and simply type in the number to your phone manually.

That aside, there is also an email address which you can use for requests which you might not need answered immediately. Finally, a PO Box address allows you to send mail to Palmerbet, though this is likely to be your last port of call.

Betting with Palmerbet can be done either on the desktop site, or on the mobile app. However, as this Palmerbet app review has shown, it’s probably easier to place a bet on the app. This is an extremely responsive app with an intuitive layout, while the desktop site can lag a little bit.

Still, both can be used, and you bet just as you would with any betting site. The first step, of course, is to have an account and to deposit funds, but once you do that all you need to do is find the market you’re after, select your stake and click bet.

If you’re looking for a bookmaker with which to bet, you can certainly do a whole lot worse than Palmerbet. They’re not typically regarded as one of the biggest betting agencies in Australia, but there is plenty of reason why they should be.

They offer great value with their odds, have a huge selection of different markets, and their app is just about as good as any in the industry. If you’re looking for a good, Aussie-owned betting site that you might not yet have tried out, Palmerbet could be a great choice.

Palmerbet is owned by Palmer Bookmaking Pty Ltd, a company whose directors are Grant and Andrew Palmer. This company is financially guaranteed by NSW Bookmakers Co-Operative.

My name is Mike and I am a sports writer from Sydney, Australia with experience writing about a variety of differing sports. I have a particular passion for all things basketball, but I am always happy to cover anything and everything as is my love for sport!

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