World Cup Predictions

The FIFA World Cup only comes around every four years and as a result, World Cup betting is highly anticipated in Australia. In this guide, Bettingtop10 will be providing you with our expert World Cup predictions and betting tips for every stage of the tournament. All of the predictions and tips will be based on extensive research, trends, stats and more. We’ll also discuss how to look at odds, what are the best betting sites and talk about the favourite nations to lift the trophy. 

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World Cup Prediction - Final Betting Tips

Argentina vs France

The 2022 World Cup Final has been decided, with the reigning champions in France attempting to go back-to-back against an Argentinian side that has lost just once since 2019. France made their way into their second consecutive World Cup decider courtesy of a 2-0 win over Morocco, though despite the scoreline they certainly didn’t have it all their own way against the surprise packets of the event. 
Argentina, meanwhile, beat Croatia 3-0, though like France they didn’t dominate that game the scoreline would suggest. Still, they are two deserved finalists, and will put on an enthralling show in the decider. France have talent all across the park and an opportunity to make history with a second consecutive World Cup, while Argentina can farewell arguably the greatest ever in Lionel Messi with their third ever triumph at the tournament, and their first since 1986. 
These two teams are extremely difficult to separate, and it’s very plausible that extra time and even penalties will be needed to decide it. This could easily go either way, but in Messi’s final World Cup game, Argentina might be able to sneak over the line.

Bet on Argentina to Win

In-Depth World Cup Predictions

World Cup Betting

Before the World Cup action begins, it’s a good idea to look at the pre-tournament favourites that are predicted to lift the trophy.

Firstly, Brazil will start as the overwhelming favourite in the 2022 World Cup Outright Betting markets. While they haven’t tasted the ultimate success at a Cup since 2002, the markets are predicting this is the year that the drought will be broken. Some of the reasons why included their always talented South American squad, the hot & humid weather conditions being in their favour and they have arguably one of the easiest group stages.

The French are expected to challenge Brazil all the way to the Final. As the defending champs, France will be keen for a rare back-to-back double at the World Cup. They’ve featured in 3 of the last 6 World Cup finals and that consistency is the key to their success. France should have no problems in finishing first in Group D and that should see them continue the momentum into the knockout stages.

Some of the other nations that are expected to compete for World Cup glory include Argentina, England, Spain and Germany. Argentina will potentially be sending off Lionel Messi and that could give them extra motivation to lift the trophy. England were impressive in the 2018 Cup and have another strong squad coming into 2022. Spain do have a tough draw in Group E against Germany but if they can upset the Germans, that will give them a lot of confidence going into the knockout rounds. Speaking of Germany, they had a shocker at the 2018 Cup as they finished last in Group F but that should make them keen to make amends in 2022.

How to bet on the World Cup?

There are plenty of World Cup betting strategies to discuss and we’ll look at some of our favourites. In our opinion, the group stages can be much easier to predict compared to later on in the tournament so this is when betting is preferred. The major reason for this is that there are more mismatches between the stronger and weaker nations. So that chances of big upsets are fairly reduced. Whereas the knockout stages will feature a lot of matches that could go either way and this makes it hard to pick a head-to-head winner. Generally, it’s best to focus on other markets during this time, such as the over / under total goals.

It’s also a good strategy to focus on the Group winner betting markets. Simply because there are groups that are weaker than others. For example, Brazil in Group G likely won’t have much competition for the top spot. As a result, betting on Groups where there is a clear strong nation is a good and safe bet. Furthermore, picking a team to finish second in a group can come with good value odds. In 2022, there are a few groups where second place looks up for grabs. This includes Group A, B and G.

If you would like to bet on the outright winner, the best odds will be pre-tournament since the odds will fluctuate a lot more while the tournament is being played. This is especially true for underdogs. If they start winning during the tournament, there are odds will start to shorten as they play more matches. So the best odds are available before they kick off.

Top bookmakers to bet on the World Cup

There are plenty of betting sites in Australia that will offer odds and betting markets to bet on the World Cup. Here is a list of our top and recommended betting sites to use during the tournament.



Unibet is one of the best  Australian betting sites  with its seemingly endless amount of betting features. They also have excellent betting odds for the World Cup available as well as an intuitive live betting interface.

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PlayUp is ever-evolving with new betting features and they can be trusted to provide an excellent betting experience during the World Cup. They have future markets available right now and will offer plenty of markets during the tournament.

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WinnersBet is ideal for punters that are looking for a simple betting interface that focuses on speed and efficiency. For the World Cup, it’s possible to bet on futures and they’ll have odds for every game of the tournament.

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BoomBet has you covered with betting markets already available for every World Cup group game. Along with a quality mobile app and impressive odds, BoomBet will provide a good betting experience.

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World Cup Betting Sites

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World Cup Predictions

The team at Bettingtop10 will be providing expert and well-researched World Cup predictions during each stage of the tournament. This includes each head-to-head matchup in the group stages, the knockout rounds and the all-important final. Predictions are based on many factors that can include betting trends, form, injuries, statistics and more. It’s also important to find the best odds since they can fluctuate between different betting sites. As a result, Bettingtop10 does the hard work and aims to find the best odds possible for each prediction.

Tournament Format

The 2022 World Cup will begin with a similar format as usual. There are 32 nations and the tournament starts with the group stages where 4 teams are placed into 8 different groups. Each side will play one match against each other in the group stages and earn points for a win or draw. At the conclusion of the group stages, the top two nations from each group will advance to the next stage. In the next stage, each match becomes a knockout until there are two remaining nations that will face off in the final.

The tournament format does influence how betting predictions are formed and created. For example, the eight different groups are certainly not evenly weighted and this can greatly impact World Cup predictions. There can be groups where some of the best nations are facing each other and this can decide who will finish first in the group. Furthermore, there are groups where there is a clear favourite to win the group and they’ll likely face an easier passage throughout the tournament because of this.

World Cup Betting Tips

World Cup Betting tips aim to provide you with the best insight and knowledge so that you make an informed decision. The World Cup is a long tournament so there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of expert World Cup tips and predictions. In terms of the best betting markets to target, there’s a good amount of variety. The group stages are a popular time to place bets since you’re getting plenty of mismatches since some groups have weaker nations playing against the best teams in the world. At the end of the day, it’s all about looking for the best value odds to maximise profit, just like any other sports event.

World Cup Betting Markets

There’s a wide variety of World Cup betting markets to place bets on during the tournament as well as pre-tournament futures. Let’s discuss the most popular markets that you’ll find at Australian betting sites.

  • Head to Head: Every match during the World Cup will be represented with head to head odds for each side. Generally, the head to head markets are great for creating multis or backing underdogs at a good price.
  • Outright Winner: Betting sites will offer the opportunity to back the World Cup winner both during and before the tournament. This market comes with excellent value odds if you get it right.
  • To Reach The Final: There are betting markets available for backing a team to reach the final. Similar to outright betting, this is a bet type that can give great odds, especially for an underdog nation.
  • Group Winner: Betting on the Group winner is possible at betting sites. There are some groups that can be considered unpredictable and this is where backing a group winner can provide excellent odds.
  • Top Goalscorer: It’s possible to bet on which player will score the most goals at the World Cup. There are usually good value odds on offer for this market since there isn’t a clear-cut favourite among strikers. In general, it’s a good idea to back strikers from the top nations mainly because they’ll be playing more games.
  • Team Specials: Some betting sites will offer special markets for each team. For example, this allows you to predict where your favourite nation will finish at the Cup.

World Cup Betting Odds

Similar to any sports betting market or tournament, World Cup betting odds aim to determine the outcome and probability of an event occurring. Before placing bets, it’s important to understand how the odds work. Basically, betting sites run algorithms based on a wide variety of factors and this determines the odds for certain betting markets.

When betting on the World Cup, the odds are an important factor in betting strategy since you’ll want the best value possible for your bets. In a tournament style, the odds can fluctuate a lot more than usual so it’s critical to get in early before the odds change in the favour of the bookmaker. 

For World Cup betting tips and predictions, our experts can read the odds and provide you with an opinion on what looks like the best value for money. This comes from years of experience in the industry as finding the best odds can take time and research.

World Cup Stats & History

There are plenty of stats and trends that can influence World Cup betting strategies. Firstly, winning a World Cup in back to back years has proven to be a tough challenge. In the history of the Cup since 1930, it has only been achieved twice by Italy in the 1930s and Brazil in 1958/1962. So this may influence betting on France, the 2018 winner, in the outright betting markets.

It’s also very rare for a host nation to win the Cup on their home turf. This year, that trend will definitely continue as Qatar have never qualified for a Cup outside of being the host in 2022.

World Cup history

History at the World Cup is definitely a factor when it comes to determining odds and markets. For example, Brazil haven’t won the Cup since 2002 but mainly because of their strong history of reaching the latter stage of the tournament (most titles won), they're going to be predicted to perform to their high expectations. That’s generally why you’ll find that they’re a top three favourite in the outright winner futures before every tournament.

Players and teams

Since the World Cup is played every four years, there can be a lot of player movement among the teams. It’s important to keep a track of how teams are going to line up coming into the Cup as this will impact their performance. It’s a good idea to look back at the qualifiers as a general guide. Also, if a team is playing with a younger squad, you can generally expect some inconsistency due to the high-pressure nature of the Cup. On the flip side, nations with a lot of experience in their squad are going to be more prepared for what’s to come over the tournament. As a result, players and teams can greatly impact World Cup betting predictions.

Conclusion about the World Cup

The World Cup is always an exciting time for betting and we hope our World Cup tips/predictions can help you along the journey. Happy punting!

Group A


Group B


Group C

Saudi Arabia3-23

Group D


Group E

Costa Rica3-83

Group F


Group G


Group H

South Korea304