FIBA World Cup 2023 Outright Winner Betting Guide

The highly anticipated 2023 FIBA World Cup is a pinnacle event in International Basketball. As expected, the United States will enter the tournament as the favourite. But can they live up to the hype and pressure? Keep reading to find out.

How to Bet on the 2024 FIBA World Cup Outright Winner

If you're looking to add some excitement and potential profit to your FIBA World Cup 2023 experience, I think betting on the outright winner is a popular and thrilling option. Picking the team that will emerge as the ultimate champion of the tournament can be a rewarding endeavour. In this section, I will walk you through the steps on how to bet on the FIBA World Cup 2023 outright winner. 

Choose a Trusted Betting Site

I recommend choosing a trusted and reputable FIBA online bookmaker that offers FIBA World Cup betting markets. Ensure that the platform provides a wide range of betting options, live FIBA basketball scores, betting apps and competitive odds. Check out the likes of GetSetBet, PuntersPal and VicBet.

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Choosing the Best Betting Site For You

  • Create an Account: Sign up and create an account on the chosen betting site. This typically involves providing personal details and creating login credentials.
  • Deposit Funds: Next, you will add funds to the betting account using the available deposit methods provided by the betting site. Popular options often include credit/debit cards, PayPal or a bank transfer.
  • Explore Betting Markets: Browse through the available FIBA World Cup outright winners markets for the FIBA World Cup. The markets may be listed as "Tournament Winner" or "Outright Winner."

BettingTop10 always recommends legal betting sites so that you feel safe and secure while betting online.

2024 FIBA World Cup Outright Winner Strategies

When it comes to betting on the FIBA World Cup 2023 outright winner, I think having a solid strategy can significantly enhance your chances of success. The outright winner market offers exciting opportunities to predict the team that will triumph in the tournament and employing effective strategies can help you make informed decisions. In this guide, I will explore various strategies that can assist you in navigating this betting market.

  • Research Team Form: I suggest that you analyze the recent performance of teams leading up to the tournament, such as FIBA World Cup 2023 qualification. 
  • Study Team Composition: In my opinion, you should take a close look at the rosters of each participating team. Assess the overall talent, depth and experience of the players. 
  • Consider Coaching: In my experience, the influence of a skilled and experienced coach should not be underestimated. 
  • Review Head-to-Head Matchups: Examine past head-to-head matchups between FIBA World Cup teams competing in the tournament. Consider the outcomes, margin of victory and playing styles. 
  • Travel Factor: I think that a unique part of this tournament is the FIBA World Cup schedule. As it’s hosted by three countries (Philippines, Japan and Indonesia), there will be a lot of travel involved. So this will need to be factored into FIBA betting tips.

2024 FIBA World Cup Outright Winner Predictions

The quest for the outright winner has become a topic of great speculation and excitement. As powerhouse nations and rising contenders prepare to showcase their skills on the global stage, predictions and discussions regarding the potential champion have taken centre stage. In this section, I delve into the realm of FIBA World Cup 2023 outright winner predictions, exploring the favourites and intriguing storylines.

USA: It’s no surprise to see that the mighty Americans are the comfortable favourites coming into the FIBA World Cup. I think they have arguably the best depth in the world with an array of NBA stars to choose from. The likes of Anthony Edwards, Austin Reaves and Jalen Brunson are coming off impressive NBA seasons. They also have history on their side with 5 victories at the World Cup. In terms of all FIBA World Cup winners, they’re tied with Yugoslavia for the most. Team USA should also be disappointed in their 2019 performance after failing to reach the final. So that should provide the squad with a lot of extra motivation.

Serbia: The Serbs are a consistent force in International basketball and they’ll aim to capitalise on their previous success after securing a silver medal in 2014. Following a disappointing performance in 2019, Serbia is determined to bounce back and reclaim a spot on the podium. With the leadership of two-time NBA Most Valuable Player Nikola Jokic and now NBA champion, they boast a well-rounded offence that is poised to make an impact in the tournament.

Australia: The Boomers will be looking to build on their Bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics. Most betting sites have them in the top five favourites and it’s hard to disagree. They have a good blend of experience and youth, headlined by NBA veterans Patty Mills and Joe Ingles. Rising NBA superstar Josh Giddey will lineup for the Aussies in a major boost and he has been impressive in the NBA thus far for the OKC Thunder.

France: The French surprised Team USA in 2019, beating them in the quarter-finals. So they can definitely surprise some of the top teams in the 2023 version. After finishing 3rd in back-to-back tournaments, they’ll be desperate to make the finals in 2023. Their squad will be backed by the likes of NBA stars Rudy Gobert and Batum. They could also add the services of Victor Wembanyama, the expected #1 pick in the upcoming NBA draft.

Canada: In my opinion, Canada could emerge as an unexpected contender in the upcoming 2023 FIBA World Cup. They boast a roster filled with top-tier NBA talents including Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Jamal Murray, along with the guidance of NBA Champion head coach Nick Nurse. 

Last 10 FIBA World Cup Winners

Here’s a list of the previous ten FIBA World Cup past winners.

  • 2019: Spain - Defeated Argentina (Final score: 95-75)
  • 2014: United States - Defeated Serbia (Final score: 129-92)
  • 2010: United States - Defeated Turkey (Final score: 81-64)
  • 2006: Spain - Defeated Greece (Final score: 70-47)
  • 2002: Yugoslavia - Defeated Argentina (Final score: 84-77)
  • 1998: Yugoslavia - Defeated Russia (Final score: 64-62)
  • 1994: United States - Defeated Russia (Final score: 137-91)
  • 1990: Yugoslavia - Defeated Soviet Union (Final score: 92-75)
  • 1986: United States - Defeated Soviet Union (Final score: 87-85)
  • 1982: Soviet Union - Defeated United States (Final score: 95-94)

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FIBA World Cup Betting on Underdogs

In the world of sports betting, there is often a thrill in backing the underdog and witnessing their triumph against the odds. While powerhouses are predicted to dominate the tournament, the underdogs possess the potential to shock the world and create memorable upsets. In this section, I discuss the fascinating world of FIBA World Cup betting on underdogs, where strategic bets and unexpected outcomes can lead to thrilling victories and lucrative rewards.

Here are a few notable examples of underdog success at the FIBA World Cup:

  • 2002: The Yugoslavian national basketball team, considered underdogs compared to the dominant United States team, defeated the USA in the quarterfinals and went on to win the tournament, claiming the gold medal.
  • 2014: The French national basketball team, not among the tournament favourites, had a remarkable run, defeating powerhouse teams like Spain and Lithuania en route to the final. They claimed the silver medal, showcasing the potential for underdogs to challenge the traditional basketball powerhouses.

2023 FIBA World Cup Underdogs

  • Spain: The number 1 ranked side in the world isn’t getting much respect in the betting odds. They’re the defending champs after lifting the FIBA World Cup trophy in 2019 and should dominate Group G in 2023. 
  • Slovenia: Any team with the talented Luka Doncic shouldn’t be discounted. But the question mark is whether the team can lift around him and provide the support he needs.
  • Greece: Led by one of the world's bests players, Giannis Antetokounmpo, 2023 FIBA World Cup qualifiers Greece aims to make a name for itself in 2023. 

2024 FIBA World Cup Winning Continent

In this section, I will explore the historical performance of continents in the FIBA World Cup, highlighting the winning continents from past editions and discussing which continent can claim glory in 2023.

Last 10 FIBA World Cup Winning Continents

  1. Europe
  2. North America
  3. Europe
  4. North America
  5. Europe
  6. North America
  7. Europe
  8. Europe
  9. North America
  10. Europe

Based on the last 10 tournaments, there’s a clear trend - it’s basically a two-way bet between either Europe or North America. The 2023 version will likely be a similar result as most betting agencies have listed nine of the top 10 countries in the outright betting markets that come from one of these continents. 

If you’re considering betting on North America, it’s important to remember that you’re basically betting on the USA or Canada to win the tournament. Team USA is the clear favourite at the moment so it’s the safe bet. Canada is also expected to be a dark horse.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of European countries that can win the World Cup and their nations have an excellent record in previous tournaments. So looking at the probability, you’ll have more chances of picking the winning continent if you go with Europe, especially if Team USA doesn’t live up to the hype.

2024 FIBA World Cup Predictions

The landscape of the 2023 FIBA World Cup is already taking shape, with the United States emerging as the early favourite to claim the coveted title. Having established themselves as a dominant force in International basketball, the American national team has a remarkable track record, securing three out of the last eight FIBA World Cup championships since NBA players joined the competition in 1994.

With five victories in FIBA World Cup history, the United States has a storied legacy in the FIBA World Cup. Their most recent triumph came in 2014 when they clinched the gold medal in Spain. However, the 2019 edition held in China saw a surprising turn of events, as France delivered a stunning blow to the Americans, eliminating them in the Quarter Finals. Can an underdog stop them in 2023 as well? That will be an intriguing storyline as the tournament progresses.

While in the Group stages, like most World Cup tournaments, there are some groups that look weaker than others. Team USA should easily progress through Group C against Jordan, Greece and NZ. The same can be said for Spain in Group G. Whereas Group E between Germany, Finland, Australia and Japan looks like one of the tougher groups, which I think could provide some value for punters.

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Popular 2024 FIBA World Cup Betting Markets

From traditional markets like the outright winner and group winner to more specific options such as MVP and individual head-to-head bets, there are plenty of avenues for punters to immerse themselves in the excitement of the tournament and make informed predictions. So, let's dive into the diverse world of FIBA World Cup 2023 betting markets and discover the possibilities that await.

  • Head to Head: Betting on the outcome of individual matches, including which team will win or if the game will end in a draw. All betting sites will have this option available.
  • Handicap / Line: Similar to NBA Betting Sites, this involves placing bets based on the predicted margin of victory, where the favourite team must win by a certain number of points, or the underdog must lose by fewer points than the spread.
  • Over/Under: Predict whether the total combined score of a game will be higher (over) or lower (under) than a specified number set by the bookmaker.
  • Player Props: Placing bets on individual player performances, such as points scored, rebounds, assists or other statistical categories. Generally, small betting sites aren’t the best in this category so look for more established sites, such as International betting sites..
  • MVP (Most Valuable Player): Placing bets on the player who will be named the tournament's Most Valuable Player.
  • Group Winner: Betting on which team will finish at the top of their respective group during the group stage of the FIBA World Cup.

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Top Recommended 2024 FIBA Betting Sites

When it comes to betting on the FIBA World Cup 2023, choosing the right betting site is crucial. Here are some of the FIBA World Cup betting sites we recommend.