PlayUp vs TopSport Betting Review - Which is Best?

By: Matt Abrahams

PlayUp and TopSport offer a similar betting experience, but which one would we recommend? Let us help you make the decision as we review all the important features of each bookmaker and give our expert verdict.

PlayUp vs Palmerbet summary

We reviewed the top 10 categories that are important for selecting a bookie and picked a winner, check out the results below!

  • Sign up process - PlayUp
  • Features - PlayUp
  • Sports coverage - TopSport
  • Betting odds - TopSport
  • Live Betting - TopSport
  • Live Streaming - Tie
  • Mobile app - PlayUp
  • Payment Methods - Tie
  • Customer Support - PlayUp
  • Overall User Experience - PlayUp
  • Winner - PlayUp

1. Sign-up Process

The sign up process for a bookmaker can be the difference between registering a new customer or losing a potential client. As a result, the sign up process must be quick and easy to follow.
At Bettingtop10, we took the time to sign up with each bookmaker and this was our experience.

PlayUp: Firstly, the join now button was easy to find in the top right corner and what followed was an easy to understand sign up process. There wasn’t much issue signing up an account. But it was good to know that their customer support was easily available via phone or live chat.

TopSport: In my experience with TopSport, the join now button is located in the top right corner, as you would expect. However, the personal information section showed a non-required field for “address”. After clicking the Step 2 button, it didn’t alert me with an error message. So this seemed misleading but would be an easy fix for their design team by adding a red asterisk to the address field.


PlayUp is the winner in this section as they provided an easy to follow registration process and I was able to start betting right away. TopSport loses marks for an unclear address field, which caused confusion.


Round 1 Winner: Playup

2. Features

Betting features aim to keep a bookmaker’s customer base entertained and coming back for more. That’s why a bookmaker must offer these features to not only keep up with their customers but as well as their competition. In this section, we’ll review the features on offer at each bookmaker.

PlayUp: I was impressed by PlayUp’s variety of betting features for both racing and sports. First up, there is a rewards system that will make betting even more “rewarding”. If you’re a racing punter like me, you’ll enjoy the money back bonus for certain meetings, protest payout and best of the best odds. While for sports betting, they also had money back bonuses available. Meanwhile, if I had any questions for their support team, they made it clear that their customer service is available 24/7.

TopSport: One of the best features I found at TopSport was the Loyalty Rewards system. They also have a feature called “TopUp Tokens”, which provides me with boosted odds on racing or sports bets. Another interesting feature I found was the “Player Bets” section, which allows me to build a range of player prop bets for upcoming sporting events.

PlayUp RewardsTopSport Loyalty Rewards
Boost UpPlayer Bets
Best of The Best Premium -Money Back Bonus – Sports & RacingTopUp Tokens
Protest PayoutPromo betting markets
Owner’s BonusCustomer Support
Live BettingLive Betting
Australian OwnedMobile App
24/7 Customer Service
Mobile App


It’s hard to go past PlayUp with its huge amount of betting features for an Australian owned bookie.


Round 2 Winner: Playup

3. Sports Coverage

As an avid sports fan and betting enthusiast, the sports betting markets that bookmakers offer is a very important section to review. Since you don’t want to be stuck with a bookie that doesn’t offer great odds or promotions throughout the sporting calendar.

PlayUp: I found that PlayUp made a good effort to display upcoming and featured sports betting markets throughout their website & mobile app. Their betting odds are competitive with the competition and they offer the popular same game multi option for popular sports, such as AFL, NFL & NRL. However, they do seem to lack player prop markets compared to other bookies out there.

TopSport: In my experience with TopSport, finding upcoming sports betting markets was very easy as I found their website design led the way. They’ve designed the layout with a common three column layout and in each of the left & right hand sidebars, I was able to quickly see highlighted sports markets and upcoming events as well. Another nice design feature is how they use logos for their betting markets, which makes them easy to visually recognise. I must also say that their offering of sports betting markets on sports is very good. This includes such features as promo markets for popular sports and player props.


TopSport lives up to its name in the sports coverage section as I was impressed with what they were offering.

 Round 3 Winner: TopSport

4. Betting Odds

Betting odds are another critical factor for choosing a bookmaker as I want the best odds that I can possibly get. In this section, I’ll aim to provide an overview of what each bookmaker offers in this department.

PlayUp: PlayUp has some nice betting odds that help me win more from my bets. For sports betting, I can build a range of same game multis or boost my odds. While for betting on the races, I was able to quickly place bets and get great odds with Best Tote + Start Price and Best of Best Premium. I found the betslip was very easy to follow and responded well as more bets were placed. In comparison with a few bookies in Australia, PlayUp would benefit from adding a sort by price option for Racing. They also lack racing tips on the betting markets page and sports betting trends while betting on sports.

TopSport: Similarly to PlayUp, TopSport also provides the same game multi betting option for popular sports, such as NFL. One of the unique parts about TopSport’s betting odds was their “Player Bets” section. I was truly able to create a customised bet on a huge range of different player props. Their racing betting markets also offered tips at the bottom of the page, which I found useful. The betslip was easy to understand and I could quickly get a bet on.


There isn’t much separating the two bookmakers in terms of betting odds. But TopSport did provide a very unique “Player Bets” section and they also had racing tips available on their markets page.

 Round 4 Winner: TopSport


5. Live Betting

PlayUp: Live betting doesn’t seem to be a prominent feature at PlayUp as the live betting option is missing from the left hand main menu of their website. They do promote live betting via their homepage banners but I felt this could be easily missed and generally, most bookmakers will offer a menu option. However, they do offer a phone betting system 24 hours / 7 days a week.

TopSport: I found the Live betting options to be easily accessible from the TopSport main menu. They had a variety of sports to bet on live but there wasn’t a whole lot of markets to choose from, mainly just head to head betting.


In my live betting comparison, TopSport would be the better option at this stage due to their quickly accessible live betting markets.

Round 5 Winner: TopSport


6. Live Streaming

PlayUp: At this stage, PlayUp does not offer any live streaming options and would need to add at least a Racing stream to compete with the likes of Sportsbet or Bet365.

TopSport: Similar story at TopSport as they don’t live stream any sports or racing at the moment.


As both bookmakers currently don’t offer live streaming, this one is a tie. If you’re looking for live streaming at either bookmaker, you will be disappointed.

Round 6 Draw: Playup/Topsport

7. Mobile app

PlayUp: I search for “PlayUp” on the Apple App Store and it was easy to find their mobile app. I simply selected “download” and within 30 seconds, the app was downloaded to my phone and I could login to access my account. The app felt responsive to my actions and was very quick to load, which made getting quick bets a very easy process.

TopSport: The TopSport mobile app was easy to find on the Apple App Store and was downloaded to my phone in a matter of seconds. Initially, I did need to remember my User ID to log in on the app. However, they do provide a quick login feature for the future so the User ID is only required for the first login. I found the app to be very well structured and nicely designed that allowed me to easily find upcoming races or sports. The only downside I found was that the app did struggle to keep up at times and suffered a bit of lag while navigating the range of betting markets.


Both bookmakers have successfully designed mobile apps that are easy to download and use on a mobile device. However, I would give a slight edge to PlayUp as their app seemed more responsive to my actions and didn’t suffer any lag as I browsed through the markets on offer.

Round 7 Winner: Playup


8. Payment Methods

In this section, I’ll look at the payment methods offered by each bookmaker for depositing funds and withdrawing from my account.

PlayUp: This bookmaker offered me all the main payment options that I would expect. I was disappointed that they didn’t offer PayPal but can understand the fees may not make it viable at this stage.

TopSport: There’s not much difference at all in terms of payment methods at TopSport compared to PlayUp. Once again, they also don’t provide PayPal and just stick to the basics.

Payment MethodPlayUpTopSport
Credit Card
Bank Withdrawal


Both bookmakers offer the same deposit and withdrawal options via their online website and mobile app. So I will call this another draw.

Round 8 Draw: Playup/Topsport


9. Customer Support

PlayUp: PlayUp promotes a 24 hours / 7 day support service with 1800 numbers available for me to call if I have any issues. They also provided me with a live chat option, which also contained FAQs.

TopSport: TopSport provides all the basics of customer support with multiple phone numbers and email addresses to get in touch with their team.


PlayUp have TopSport covered with a longer support line and a live chat option available.

Round 9 Winner: Playup

Overall User Experience

After reviewing the most important features of both bookmakers, I’ll now aim to provide a short conclusion and an overall winner, in my opinion.

PlayUp: My experience with PlayUp was a positive one as I was impressed with their wide variety of sports & racing betting promotions, mobile app and the simplicity of their website.

TopSport: While TopSport fell behind PlayUp in certain areas such as mobile app, customer support and betting features. I wouldn’t completely rule them out, especially for betting on sports.


This review found that PlayUp was my preferred option over TopSport when comparing the overall betting experience.

Round 10 Winner: Playup


PlayUp Strengths
  • Range of Betting Promotions
  • Easy to navigate Mobile App
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Rewards System
PlayUp Weaknesses
  • No Live Streaming
  • No PayPal
TopSport Strengths
  • Sports Betting Markets / Odds
  • Rewards System
  • Live Betting Markets / Sports
TopSport Weaknesses
  • No Live Streaming
  • No PayPal
  • Customer support not available 24/7

Our Final Verdict

In this PlayUp vs TopSport review, we went through a comprehensive comparison of the experience and features offered to their customers.

I found that PlayUp is ultimately the better choice compared to TopSport due to a number of factors. PlayUp, a new betting site in the Australian landscape,  offered me a plentiful amount of betting promotions, a fast mobile app, customer support with a live chat and great offers for racing & sports betting. While TopSport fell behind PlayUp in these areas, there’s room for improvement and I’m sure they’ll be looking to add more to the experience in the future. They also did rate well in the sports betting sections of this review.

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