Topsport vs Winnersbet - Old vs New Aussie Betting Sites - Which is Best?


There’s a lot of bookmakers out there these days, and at times a lot of them can seem extremely similar. But while they often do have many common points, the combination of things that make up a betting site are rarely the same, and when compared side by the side the difference between one site and another is usually pretty clear. That’s why we’ve done just that for two popular Australian betting sites in WinnersBet and TopSport, ranking them on a number of key categories before ultimately declaring a winner.

Great points feature! Lovely Layout
Extensive range of markets with fair limits

We Compared:

  • Sign up process
  • Features
  • Sports coverage
  • Betting odds
  • Live Betting
  • Live streaming
  • Mobile app
  • Payment Methods
  • Customer Support
  • Overall User Experience

WinnersBet vs Topsport Summary

Don’t have time to read about each metric in detail? Check out our summary of results below!

  • Sign up process - Tie
  • Features - TopSport
  • Sports coverage - TopSport
  • Betting odds - TopSport
  • Live Betting - TopSport
  • Live Streaming - Tie
  • Mobile app - TopSport
  • Payment Methods - Tie

1. Sign-up Process

WinnersBet: Signing up with WinnersBet could hardly be much easier. All that you need to do is head to the website, click on the Join button in the top right-hand corner of your screen, and enter some personal information (such as name, address and email address) and account information (such as username and password). From there, hit submit and you’re away. The whole process can be undertaken in about a minute or two

TopSport: The sign-up process with TopSport isn’t too different as the process with WinnersBet. Again, you just head to the website and click on the Join button in the top right-hand corner of the page. From there, enter in the relevant details and you’re ready to go. Again, this shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.


There’s not much separating these two bookmakers with regards to the sign-up process. They both make it about as easy as possible to join and the process doesn’t take very long at all for either, so we’ll have to settle this one as a tie.


Round 1 Tie: Topsport/WinnersBet

2. Features

WinnersBet: As a newer betting site, it’s probably little surprise that WinnersBet doesn’t offer a whole lot in terms of unique features which separate them from the pack. They have a quality website and decent customer service, to name a couple of their strengths, but these are things that many of their competitors can lay claim to having as well.

TopSport: TopSport also offers a handful of things which many other bookmakers don’t offer. One of these is the fact that they don’t often ban punters, so for professionals they can be quite a good choice, while they also have high betting limits.


Neither of these sites really excels in terms of the unique features that they offer. But while TopSport’s reputation for allowing high betting limits and rarely banning winning punters might not be relevant for lots of people, it does give them a slight edge over the features offered by WinnersBet, so we’ll give them the nod here.

 Round 2 Winner: Topsport


3. Sports Coverage

WinnersBet: One area in which WinnersBet is clearly inferior to many of their competitors is in their range of different sports markets. There isn’t a whole lot on offer, and among those leagues which are offered there could certainly be a lot more markets. This is to be expected for a bookmaker in its infancy and may improve as time goes on, but for now they fall a little behind the pack in this regard.

TopSport: There’s generally a correlation between the experience of a betting site and the range of markets they offer, with older bookies typically leading the way in this regard. TopSport isn’t much different; one of the longest standing Australian bookmakers, they cover a wide range of different sports, although they could stand to have a few more markets on the events that they do cover.


Neither of these sites is industry leading in terms of the sports coverage they offer. But while TopSport could benefit from expanding their range of markets for things like player props, in terms of the number of different sports that they cover, they deserve the win over WinnersBet for this comparison topic.

 Round 3 Winner: Topsport

4. Betting Odds

WinnersBet: WinnersBet does a reasonable job of providing decent odds in some areas for a new betting site, but they’re still not close to the best in the industry. For racing markets they are very competitive, but in terms of sports their odds tend to fall a little behind those offered by their more experienced counterparts.

TopSport: Depending on what kind of punter you are, TopSport’s odds could be very average or very appealing to you. The odds that this betting site provides for sports markets aren’t among the best in the industry and are probably worse than what you’d expect for a site that has been around for over two decades, but they compensate that with racing odds which are competitive with most of their competitors.


Both of these two bookmakers are similar in that their odds for racing are generally fairly decent, but for sports they fall a little bit behind. In the horse racing category, it seems to be WinnersBet that craters the most, and their odds are generally a little less competitive than TopSport in these markets, so it’s the latter getting the chocolates again here.

 Round 4 Winner: Topsport


5. Live Betting

WinnersBet: WinnersBet hasn’t yet joined the growing number of betting sites who offer live betting. This means that if you’re the type of punters who enjoys having the ability to watch the beginning of an event unfold before placing a bet, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

TopSport: TopSport offers a decent selection of markets on which you can place live bets. This is something in their favour as not every bookmaker offers it, though they could improve this service by offering live odds on a wider range of things.


This one is a pretty easy selection. TopSport don’t offer the widest range of live betting markets in the industry, but at least they offer some. The same can’t be said for WinnersBet, so not much consideration is needed to give this category to TopSport.

 Round 5 Winner: Topsport


6. Live Streaming

WinnersBet: Like live betting, live streaming has become increasingly common with a number of bookmakers, and the ability for punters to tune into an event on a betting platform is a major attraction. WinnersBet has a great, functional website on which live streaming would seem to fit in well, but unfortunately they don’t yet offer it.

TopSport: TopSport is another site which hasn’t yet joined in with the growing number of bookies offer live streaming. Whether they’ll add it in the future remains to be seen, but for the time being you’ll have to catch the action on another platform


A couple of crosses here. With neither of these two companies offering anything in the way of live steaming, it’s difficult to give either of them the advantage in this regard, so we’ll have to settle for another tie on this one.

Round 6 Tie: Topsport/WinnersBet

7. Mobile app

WinnersBet: WinnersBet unfortunately don’t yet offer a mobile betting app for customers. You can, however, access a mobile version of the website, and like the website itself this is extremely functional. Unfortunately, however, in a category about mobile apps, they get a cross. Perhaps there’s one in the wings and they’ll have a mobile app soon, but for the time being they can’t get a pass mark here.

TopSport: TopSport has a pretty good app which is available for both iOS and Android devices. It pretty much follows on from the design of the website, and while it is not among the best apps in the country, it certainly performs the function for which it is intended.


Both of these sites offer functional mobile experiences, with each of them working pretty effectively. WinnersBet, however, doesn’t actually offer an app, instead relying on the mobile version of their website, so TopSport once again wins this category.

 Round 7 Winner: Topsport


8. Payment Methods

WinnersBet: WinnersBet doesn’t offer all that much in terms of payment methods, though that is probably to be expected given that they are a new site. There are just three options available; debit/credit card, bank transfer and POLi. These are, at least, three of the more common options, so for most people there will be no problems using one of these options.

TopSport: Like WinnersBet, TopSport has the basics covered with regards to payment methods, offering debit/credit cards for both deposits and withdrawals, while POLi and cheque are also available. Outside of these options, however, there isn’t much at all, meaning they fall a little behind many other bookmakers in terms of the range of payment methods offered.


Neither of these two companies excels in terms of the payment methods that they offer. While they each cover the basics, there isn’t a whole lot else, so whether they have enough to cater to you depends on what payment method you typically use. Without anything really separating them in this regard, we’ll have to settle this one as a tie.

 Round 8 Tie: Topsport/WinnersBet


9. Customer Support

WinnersBet: The WinnersBet customer support platform is, for the most part, one of the more well-conceived parts of the website. They offer live chat, email and FAQs, with the former the easiest way to get in touch and customer service representatives generally helpful when they do. A phone number would be an added bonus, but with live chat available most queries should be able to be resolved pretty quickly.

TopSport: TopSport has a decent customer support platform, with a couple of options to get in touch with them and helpful agents. The major drawback of this part of the site, however, is the fact that they don’t offer live chat, which is typically one of, if not the, easiest ways to get into contact with a bookmaker and have a query resolved.


Each of these companies offer decent customer service options, with both of them missing one common form of contact; a phone number for WinnersBet, and a live chat function for TopSport. Live chat, however, is in our view the easiest and most efficient way to get a problem resolved, so the presence of that platform with WinnersBet means they get the win here.

 Round 9 Winner: WinnersBet


Overall User Experience

WinnersBet: The overall user experience with WinnersBet is generally pretty good. They have a good website and pretty solid customer service, so while they are lacking in a few other areas, the overall experience is generally a good one.

TopSport: TopSport also offers a pretty good user experience, with a good app, decent selection of markets and relatively easy-to-use website making the punting process relatively seamless for customers.


Neither of these companies offers a poor user experience, but while TopSport’s is decent enough it doesn’t compare with that of WinnersBet. A better customer support platform and better website are some of the reasons why the WinnersBet experience wins out for me in this contest.

 Round 10 Winner: WinnersBet


WinnersBet Strengths
  • A great and easy-to-use website
  • A similarly functional mobile website
  • Very good customer service, with live chat available
  • Competitive racing odds
  • Great overall betting experience
WinnersBet Weaknesses
  • Not the widest range of sports available
  • They don’t offer any live streaming
  • Lack of a phone number in their customer service platform
  • Average odds on sports markets
  • Number of markets on individual events aren’t as extensive as with some other bookies
TopSport Strengths
  • TopSport has very high betting limits compared to some other bookies
  • They aren’t renowned for banning winning punters
  • There are markets on a decent variety of sports
  • Website is fairly good
  • App available for iOS and Android devices
TopSport Weaknesses
  • Their odds aren’t as good as many competitors
  • No live chat function
  • Though they have good sports coverage, within individual events their range of markets isn’t great
  • Markets often take a little while to be added
  • They don’t offer live streaming

Our Final Verdict

Both WinnersBet and TopSport have elements which will appeal to certain punters, and each of them certainly have plenty of strengths. Based on the above criteria, however, it’s clear that TopSport has more to offer for more people. They have a better range of markets, better odds, have an app available, and are known for offering high betting limits. They aren’t perfect and there are still certain areas in which WinnersBet is probably a little better, but on the whole, TopSport deserves to come out on top.

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Great points feature! Lovely Layout
Extensive range of markets with fair limits

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