Alcaraz has a hiccup against arch-rival, Novak Djokovic, in his preparation to defend the US Open

All smiles as Djokovic lifts his 3rd title in Cincinnati

Two Big Dogs

For a tennis casual, the two names they will have been hearing non-stop for the last 6 months are Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz. This is for good reason, both athletes are leaving the field behind. 

News Insights

  • Djokovic wins 230 minute battle in Cincinnati
  • Alcaraz is the reigning US Open champion
  • Djokovic going for his 4th title at Flushing Meadows
  • The Serbian is currently market favourite

The rest of the ATP Tour must be wondering what they can do to compete with the two main men on the circuit, the answer is not very much! As tennis fans we can only enjoy the last few years of Djokovic and look forward to the next 15 years of Alcaraz. 

Djokovic has now leveled the head to head between the two now, it sits at 2-2. If there were to be a 5th meeting in New York it would have to be in the final!

Fatigued Alcaraz

All 4 of Alcaraz’s matches in the run up to the final were 3 sets, this caused him to spend a lot more time on court with a lack of recovery time. Djokovic did not drop a set in the run up, he also spent just 42 minutes on court in his first round. Eventually, this may have proved the difference in the final as Djokovic had a little extra in the tank to crawl over the line. 

‘So much to say, so little energy’

The words of Novak Djokovic after securing his 4th title in Cincinnati. Raw emotion exploded out of the champion as he tore apart his shirt and collapsed to the floor on his back. Djokovic compared the match to a grand slam final which proves the sheer strength of opponent it takes to beat the young Spainard. 

Classy In Defeat

Alcaraz has had plenty of experience in final interviews, however the maturity he is showing proves why he will be the man to beat in coming years. After losing in just under 4 hours he told Djokovic that he is ‘learning a lot’. A worrying statement for fellow competitors if Alcaraz is improving even more!

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