Articles by: Adam Weinberg

Adam is an individual who possesses a strong passion for sports, particularly cricket, athletics, tennis, basketball, UFC, and above all, soccer. Since the tender age of four, he has been actively engaged in playing soccer, and his lifelong association with the sport has led him to become an ardent Manchester United supporter. Despite relocating to Australia, Adam remains an enthusiastic soccer player, and he finds immense joy in playing for his 5-a-side team with his circle of friends.

Growing up in South Africa, Adam played a crucial role as the captain of his school soccer team throughout his primary school years. His extensive knowledge of the game stems from years of observing and analysing soccer matches, as well as actively participating in fantasy football leagues. However, it was the experience of witnessing live soccer games at the South African World Cup in 2010 that truly moulded Adam's deep-seated love for the sport.

Overall, Adam's unwavering dedication and passion for soccer have undoubtedly shaped him into a well-rounded athlete and a knowledgeable observer of the game. His commitment to playing and watching soccer is a testament to his love and appreciation for the sport.