Best Horse Racing Betting Apps

In this guide, we'll explore the top horse racing betting apps in Australia, their features and how you can get started. 

So saddle up and let's get started!➡️ 

By: Matt Abrahams
Australian Horse Racing Betting Apps

Best Horse Racing Betting Apps in Australia

Betting Site
Best App
Best Fixed Odds, Playup Playbook
AUS Licensed
Best Handicap
A new way of betting on Racing and Sports
AUS Licensed
Copy Bets & Follow other punters
getsetbet logo-betting-site
Fun and exciting markets!
AUS Licensed
GetSetBet TV
boombet logo betting site
Great features coupled with amazing odds! Sets their own odds!
AUS Licensed
Great Customer Service
Most well known bookmaker – always a solid experience
AUS Licensed
Best Bet Builder
Best App
bluebet Betting Site
Bluey’s Best Bets!
AUS Licensed
Same Race & Game Multis
Extensive range of markets with fair limits
AUS Licensed
High betting limits
Unibet Australia
Unibet Blog, for sport game information!
AUS Licensed
Bet Share
palmerbet-Betting Site
Australian operated and owned
AUS Licensed
Great Promotions
real-bookie Betting Site
Great for serious punters!
AUS Licensed
Regular Offers

Horse Racing Betting Apps

I understand that finding the best apps for horse racing among the vast options available can be a daunting task. To make things easier for you, I have compiled a list of our top betting apps Australia.

Best Horse Racing Betting Apps

  • PlayUp betting app
  • TopSport betting app
  • Bet365 betting app
  • BoomBet betting app
  • Palmerbet betting app
  • Unibet Australia betting app


playup app

PlayUp is a top-tier bookmaker in Australia that I use regularly and it’s renowned for a cutting-edge mobile app. I like that it’s offering an array of markets on both domestic and global sports, as well as racing. The app is optimised for mobile use, catering to both iPhone and Android users, with a sleek design and user-friendly interface. I was easily able to access customer service support at any time, 24 hours a day. In my opinion, this is one of the best betting apps Australia on the market.

Best Fixed Odds, Playup Playbook


topsort app

In my opinion, TopSport is arguably only now starting to make a real impact despite being a fairly old bookie. Its mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices, with a home page design that closely resembles that of its popular website. 

I enjoy the app because it operates smoothly without any glitches and provides on-the-go access to TopSport's wide range of markets.

Extensive range of markets with fair limits


bet365 app

This bookmaker is among the largest in Australia and worldwide. Its mobile app boasts a sleek and impressive design that I enjoy using, compatible with various devices ranging from iOS and Android. 

The app provides effortless access to its vast array of markets, while its uncluttered and visually appealing interface offers quick and easy navigation. As a result, it’s one of the most popular betting apps in Australia.

Most well known bookmaker – always a solid experience


Boombet app

Despite the new name, the brand is one of the most seasoned in the industry. I found that the betting app is quick, user-friendly and accessible for download from the Apple store for iOS users and the Boombet website for Android. 

Customers can easily browse racing markets with this app, while also benefiting from exceptional customer service.

Great features coupled with amazing odds! Sets their own odds!


Palmerbet App

Palmerbet is one of my favourite sites to use with an exceptional mobile app tailored for sports betting enthusiasts like myself. It provides me with an extensive selection of markets across all major sports, and the app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. 

It is also proudly 100% Australian-owned and is well-known for providing top-notch customer service.

Australian operated and owned


Unibet App

This bookmaker is among the largest in Australia, with a top-tier betting app available for both iPhone and Android users. It offers high fixed odds and enables quick and effortless depositing, withdrawing and placing of bets. 

Customers also have the ability to live stream a vast selection of sporting events through the app.

Unibet Blog, for sport game information!


GetSetBet App

Getsetbet, an Australian betting website, has recently launched a mobile app which allows punters like myself to easily access their services on their mobile device. 

I found that the app features a bright design and offers easy navigation to locate all the markets and access customer support. While the app is relatively intuitive, it occasionally experienced glitches while I was using it. But overall, it’s not too bad for a new betting app that I think will improve in the future.

Fun and exciting markets!


BlueBet App

The BlueBet mobile app is user-friendly and I found it super easy to place bets on sports and racing markets. Its reliability and ease of use make it a suitable alternative to the desktop site when I’m on the go. 

BlueBet's mobile app is among the best in the industry in my opinion, offering convenience and a range of features for punters looking to bet on the go.

Bluey’s Best Bets!


SouthernCrossBet App

SouthernCrossBet has recently launched an app for both iOS and Android devices, from personal experience it’s easy to navigate and loads fast. The app is a reflection of the bookmaker itself and includes all the features of the desktop site in a smaller package.


Picklebet App

An Australian bookmaker specialising in eSports was one of the first of its kind. However, they have moved into the horse racing space and have a mobile app available. 

The app has a neat design that I like as it simplifies the process of finding all the available betting markets.

E-sports focus with great odds!


WinnersBet App

WinnersBet has recently released a user-friendly mobile app that allows me to place bets on a variety of sports and events. I found that the app has multiple payment options for deposits and withdrawals. It’s also available for iPhone and Android devices.

Great points feature! Lovely Layout.

With so many bookmakers and apps to choose from, it can be overwhelming to navigate the market and find the best betting app for Horse Racing Australia. However, I believe this list can help you make the right decision.

For your convenience, here’s a list of all betting sites with comprehensive reviews for each Aussie bookie.

Horse Racing Betting Apps iPhone

There are many great horse racing betting apps available for iPhone users like myself in Australia, each with its own unique features and benefits. There are new betting apps for iPhone being released regularly. But for now, here are some of the top horse racing betting apps for iPhone.

Bet365 iPhone App

  • Extensive Betting Markets: The Bet365 iPhone app offers a wide range of betting markets, covering various sports and events from around the world. This gives me plenty of options to choose from and increases the chances of finding profitable bets.
  • Live Streaming: Bet365 is well known for its live streaming feature and I enjoy watching live sports events, including horse racing, right from the app. This feature makes the app more engaging and enjoyable for punters like myself, as they can watch the events they bet on in real time.
  • In-Play Betting: Bet365 offers in-play betting on various sports events, so that I can bet on games or races as they happen in real-time. This feature gives users like myself the ability to adjust their bets based on the changing conditions of the event, making it more exciting and potentially more profitable.

Palmerbet iPhone App

  • User-Friendly Interface: The Palmerbet iPhone app has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that I enjoy using. In my opinion, this makes the app easy to navigate through the app and find what I’m looking for.
  • Secure Transactions: The app provides a secure platform for transactions, ensuring that my personal and financial information is kept safe.
  • Competitive Odds: I found that Palmerbet offers competitive odds on a range of horse racing events, providing myself with the opportunity to make profitable bets.

PlayUp iPhone App

  • Ease of Use: In my opinion, the PlayUp iPhone app boasts a user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation throughout the app. Finding markets, events, and betting options is simple, without the risk of getting lost within the app.
  • Great Odds: PlayUp is known for providing competitive odds for various sports and events, which gives me optimal value for my bets. Additionally, the app offers various promotions and bonuses that can help increase your winnings.
  • Customer Support: I found that PlayUp provides exceptional customer support via various channels, including live chat, email, and phone support. The team is prompt in responding to queries and addressing concerns.

How to Download and Install an iPhone Betting App

  1. To download and install the best horse betting app Australia on your Apple device, start by clicking on one of the links provided on this page. 
  2. After that, create an account if you don't have one already. 
  3. Then, look for the Apple download icon at the bottom of the bookmaker’s website and tap on it. 
  4. You will be redirected to the App Store, where you can download the betting app.

Horse Racing Betting Apps Android

Horse racing betting apps for Android have become a convenient and accessible way to place bets on the go. These apps offer a range of features and benefits, including live streaming of races, in-play betting, cash-out options and more. 

Android horse betting apps have made it easier than ever for people to enjoy the excitement and thrill of horse racing betting as well, all from the palm of their hand. Here are some of the best horse racing betting apps for Android.

TopSport Android App

  • Quick and easy deposit and withdrawal options: TopSport's Android app allows for quick and easy deposit and withdrawal options, including popular methods that I use regularly such as credit/debit cards and bank transfers.
  • Competitive odds: I found that TopSport offered competitive odds on a wide range of horse racing events so that I can win big.
  • Customer support: I was impressed by the responsiveness and helpful customer support team that was available to assist me with issues or questions about TopSport.

BoomBet Android App

  • Extensive range of betting markets: I found that The app offers an extensive range of betting markets on various sports, including horse racing, football, cricket and more.
  • Easy to use interface: In my opinion, The app has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and place bets.
  • Quick and secure transactions: The app supports a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards and ensures quick & secure transactions, this allowed me to have peace of mind when placing bets.

Unibet Australia Android App

  • Live streaming: In my experience, the app offers impressive live streaming of various sports events, including horse racing, football, basketball and more. I enjoy sites with live streaming as I can watch my favourite sports at any time.
  • Great odds: The app offers competitive odds on various sports events, which helps me make more profit from my bets.
  • Payment options: Unibet Australia's Android app allows for quick and easy deposit and withdrawal options, including popular methods that I use regularly

Mobile Betting Sites

Mobile betting sites are essentially just the mobile versions of a bookmaker's desktop website. They are designed to be accessed through a mobile browser and offer all of the same features and functions as the desktop site. 

In my opinion, the main advantage of mobile betting sites is that they are accessible on any device with internet access, so you don't need to download or update any apps. However, mobile sites may be slower and less responsive than mobile apps, and some features may be more difficult to access. 

Let’s discuss some of the Australian bookies that currently only offer a mobile betting site.

Australian Mobile Betting Sites


The mobile site operates similarly to the desktop site but is customised for mobile use, thus resembling what you would anticipate from a mobile app. I would say that
Midasbet may create a mobile app in the future, but for now, I have to use the mobile site.


Although there isn't a dedicated VicBet app available, I can still access a mobile website version of the platform. While I personally prefer an app, the mobile website offers a simplified interface that can be accessed on any browser through


PendleburyBet doesn't have a mobile app, but I can still access the desktop site on my mobile. Although the desktop site is relatively simple, it works well on mobile devices as well and is easy to use. Overall, the lack of a mobile app is a drawback for myself, but it’s better than nothing.

Both mobile betting sites and mobile betting apps have their own advantages and disadvantages. It's important to weigh up your own needs and preferences when deciding which option to use. Some bookmakers may offer both options, so you can try both and see which one suits you best.

Betting Apps Pros & Cons

Australian Betting apps have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering punters like myself the ability to place bets and access a range of features from their mobile devices. While there are numerous benefits to using online betting apps, such as convenience and ease of use, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider. 

In this section, I will explore the pros and cons of using Horse Racing apps Australia, helping you to make an informed decision about whether these free betting apps are right for you.


  1. Convenience - Betting apps allow you to place bets and manage your account from anywhere, anytime as long as you have an internet connection.
  2. Speed - With betting apps, I can place bets quickly and easily, without the need to navigate through a desktop site.
  3. Offers and bonuses - Many bookmakers can offer exclusive bonuses and promotions for punters like myself who download their mobile app, which can be an added incentive to use them. 
  4. Live betting - Betting apps usually offer live betting features that allow me to place bets during a live event, which can be an exciting and interactive way to bet on sports or events.
  5. Push notifications - In my experience, most betting apps provide push notifications, which can alert you to new offers, upcoming events or even the results of games.


  1. Dependence on mobile devices - While betting apps offer convenience that I enjoy, they also make users like myself more reliant on their mobile devices, which can be a drawback if you lose your device or if it runs out of battery.
  2. Security concerns - Betting apps can be vulnerable to security risks, such as hacking or identity theft. However, this is very rare in my experience. It's always important to only download apps from reputable bookmakers and to take necessary precautions to protect your personal information.
  3. Addiction risks - The convenience of betting apps can make it easy to become addicted to gambling. So I suggest that you should take the necessary measures to avoid gambling addiction, such as adding a deposit limit.
  4. Compatibility issues - Not all Australian betting apps are available on all mobile devices and some may not be compatible with certain operating systems.
  5. Limited functionality - Betting apps may not have all the features of the desktop version of a bookmaker's website. But in my experience, the majority of top-tier apps usually don’t suffer from this problem.

Live Streaming Betting Apps

In recent years, Australian betting apps have incorporated live streaming as I can now easily follow sports or racing bets on the go. Different betting agencies offer varying streaming services, with Bet365 and Unibet having their own streaming services. 

This addition has significantly enhanced the betting experience and is a feature that was once considered impossible. 

It's important to note that live bets must be placed via a phone call in Australia. Nonetheless, live streaming is a great addition for events that have been bet on prior to the start.

In-Play Mobile Betting Apps in Australia

Aussie punters like myself enjoy in-play betting, giving them a chance to suss out a game or race early on before placing a bet. While some prefer analysing everything at their own pace and placing pre-event bets, for those who trust their instincts to analyse as it unfolds, live betting is an enticing prospect.

The nitty-gritty of it is pretty simple – bookies that are offering in-play bets will have continually updated odds for certain markets that you can place bets on. But due to legal restrictions in Australia, online betting on these odds is off-limits, so I have to pick up the phone and give the bookie a bell. 

Some bookies make it easy for you by letting you click on the market you want to bet on your app, where you'll get a code and the option to call them. I just give the code to the operator, tell them your bet amount and you're good to go.


I found that there are numerous horse racing apps available in Australia, and determining which one is the "best" largely depends on individual preferences and needs. However, some of the most popular apps offer features such as live streaming of races, replays, form guides, expert tips and a huge range of betting markets.

Overall, there are several betting apps available in Australia, each with its own unique features and benefits. It's important to choose an app that is reputable and regulated and that offers the features and betting options that best suit your needs.

Some of the factors I consider when choosing between the best betting apps include the range of sports and events available for betting, ease of use, in-play betting options, live streaming of events, cash-out options, and access to expert analysis / tips.

There are many options available for betting on Australian horse racing, including both online and offline options. Some of the most popular methods include online horse racing betting sites, Racecourses (mainly on Saturday) and phone betting.

Betting on horses online in Australia is a straightforward process and I can perform this in a few simple steps:

  1. Choose a reputable and regulated online betting provider: There are several online betting providers in Australia, so it's important to choose one that is reputable and regulated. Some popular options that I recommend include Bet365, PlayUp, Palmerbet and BlueBet.
  2. Create an account: Once you've chosen a betting provider, I need to create an account. This will typically involve providing my personal information and creating a username / password.
  3. Deposit funds: Before I can place a bet, you'll need to deposit funds into your account. Most betting providers offer a range of payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers.
  4. Choose a race: Once I have funds in your account, you can choose a race to bet on. Most online betting providers will offer a range of races from around Australia and the world.
  5. Place a bet: To place a bet, I simply select the horse that I want to bet on and the type of bet I want to place (e.g. win, place, each-way). I’m then prompted to enter the betting stake.
  6. Watch the race: I can then watch the race either through live streaming provided by a betting provider or through a TV broadcast. If the bet is successful, the winnings will be automatically credited to my account shortly after the race finishes.