PendleburyBet Review [December 2023]

PendleburyBet Review
Pendlebury Bet
One of Australia’s most experienced on-course bookmaker’s own betting site
Family owned and operated with amazing racing focus!
  • Betting Markets Variety
  • Banking Options
  • Mobile Experience
  • Payout Speed
  • Customer Support
  • Betting Experience
Total score
  • Focus on racing
  • Decent odds
  • Operating seven days a week
  • No sports markets
  • No mobile app
  • Limited information on race pages
  • No live streaming

PendleburyBet Special Features

  • Easy to use website
  • Focus on racing
  • Reasonable odds

PendleburyBet - Sports Betting Site Review

By:Mike Jones

Pendlebury Bet is the bookmaker founded by Jeffrey Pendlebury, who is a rails bookmaker from Sydney. Having been in the business since 1968, he is the longest-serving rails bookmaker in Sydney, so it’s little surprise that Pendlebury Bet, the bookmaker he’s opened up, is focused purely on racing. In this article, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about the Pendlebury Bet bookmaker, including its strengths and weaknesses, best features, quality of customer service, and the most frequently asked questions about this NSW online bookmaker. 

Pendlebury Bet Info Card

Website: founded: N/A
Live betting number: N/AContact Information/Support:
Email: [email protected]
License & Regulation: Licensed by Racing NSW and Liquor and Gaming NSWSponsorship Deals: N/A
Address/Headquarters: N/AFeatures: Focus on racing, easy to use website
Deposit Methods: VISA and Mastercard, POLi, pay manuallyWithdrawal Methods:  VISA
Apps Devices:  N/AOdds Providers: TAB
Owner: Jeff PendleburyCompany: Pendlebury Bet

Strengths and Weaknesses of PendleburyBet

Like all of its competitors, the Pendlebury Bet bookmaker has strengths in certain areas, but equally plenty of weaknesses; let’s take a look at some of the most pertinent of both of these. 

✔️Pendlebury Bet Strengths

  • Focus on racing – Pendlebury Bet offers only markets on racing, which means that evidently this is where all of their energy is focused
  • Decent odds – The odds at Pendlebury Bet certainly aren’t industry leading, but they are competitive with many of the best betting sites, which is not always the case with smaller bookmakers like this one
  • Operating seven days a week – There are markets available to bet on every day of the week with Pendlebury Bet. This is pretty common for major bookmakers, but for smaller ones it’s not always the case

❌Pendlebury Bet Weaknesses

  • No sports markets – If you only bet on racing this won’t be an issue, but plenty of punters want to bet on sports, and you won’t be able to do this with the Pendlebury Bet bookmaker
  • No mobile app – Unfortunately, there is no mobile app available with Pendlebury Bet. This has become a very common means by which to bet for many punters, so its absence is certainly notable
  • Limited information on race pages – Most bookmakers offer fairly detailed information about each race for which they have odds, but such info is fairly limited on Pendlebury Bet. Given they are a bookmaker focusing purely on racing, this could certainly be improved

👨‍⚖️Pendlebury Bet Final Verdict

If you’re a racing enthusiast, then it’s likely these strengths might outweigh the weaknesses; decent odds and a focus on racing is certainly what such a punter will generally look for. There are, however, other NSW online bookmakers and racing bookmakers which have better racing offerings, and provide more for a wider range of punters.

Pendlebury Bet Score

Betting Variety ⭐⭐⭐
Pendlebury Bet only offers racing markets with no sports available, and the racing markets are less comprehensive than many competitors

Banking Options ⭐⭐⭐⭐
VISA and POLi are common enough to merit three stars, but there are no other payment methods available with Pendlebury Bet

Mobile experience ⭐⭐⭐⭐
There is no Pendlebury Bet mobile app, though the mobile website works reasonably. 

Payout Speed ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
No issues here – payouts generally come through promptly enough

Security ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Again, no issues with security with Pendlebury Bet

Betting Experience ⭐⭐⭐⭐
The overall betting experience is decent enough courtesy of a simple website, but could certainly be improved in a number of areas

Customer Support ⭐⭐⭐

Not much going on in this regard, with just an email address available on the customer support platform

Pendlebury Bet Review

Pendlebury Bet is a NSW online bookmaker founded by the well-known Jeff Pendlebury. Given that he has long been a rails bookmaker it’s no surprise that Pendlebury Bet is focused predominantly on racing; in fact, that’s all they offer, with no sports available for punters to bet on here. 

The racing element of the site is relatively typical. There are odds available for all major Australian meets as well as a handful of international ones, though the latter selection is not nearly as comprehensive as what you might find on many other sites. 

The odds with the Pendlebury Bet bookmaker aren’t fantastic, but nor are they the worst. This is certainly to be expected with a small bookie such as this one; never will they be able to compete with the giants of the betting industry, so Pendlebury Bet does a reasonable job of ensuring the odds are at least competitive with some larger companies. 

If you want to place a bet with Pendlebury Bet, then you’ll need to head to their website. At this stage there is no Pendlebury Bet mobile app available, something which is virtually unheard of for larger bookmakers. For one like Pendlebury Bet bookmaker, however, it’s not uncommon for no app to exist given they need to dedicate their smaller spending pool to other areas.  

As for the Pendlebury Bet website, it’s about as basic as it gets. It’s not particularly aesthetically pleasing nor does it look overly professional, but the basic nature of it does mean that it at least tends to load relatively quickly. Unfortunately it is prone to the occasional malfunction, such as upcoming races not showing up. 

With regards to payment methods, Pendlebury Bet bookmaker has an unsurprisingly slim array of offerings. You can use VISA and POLi, but that’s it. This probably won’t be a problem for most people regardless as these are fairly widely used payment methods, but it may be an issue for some punters. 

Finally, to customer support. This is also not an area in which Pendlebury Bet appears to have invested a whole lot of time, with an email address the only way in which you can get in contact with the bookmaker. 

Overall, this is a relatively low-budget bookmaker. It doesn’t really excel in any areas and offers average odds on racing only, but it does provide a basic platform for which to bet on the races which is safe and secure.

PendleburyBet FAQs

Who is Pendlebury Bet?

Pendlebury Bet is a boutique NSW online bookmaker which offers odds on a range of different racing markets

How do I open an account with Pendlebury Bet?

Opening an account with the Pendlebury Bet bookmaker is easy. Simply head to the website and click on the ‘Join’ button in the top right corner of the site, and then fill in the relevant details. The whole process only takes a minute or two

Who owns Pendlebury Bet?

Pendlebury Bet is owned by Jeff Pendlebury, who is the longest-serving rails bookmaker in NSW

Why should people choose Pendlebury Bet over the ‘corps’ sites?

Realistically it’s hard for a small site like Pendlebury Bet to compete with the giants of the industry, and the range of markets, odds, customer support platform and more will usually be inferior. However, if you just need a simple site on which to punt on the races, you’ll find it with Pendlebury Bet. 

📱Pendlebury Bet Mobile App

Mobile betting has become rapidly more popular over recent years, and now it’s very uncommon to find a major bookmaker that doesn’t have a functional mobile betting app. For smaller bookies, however, it’s not always feasible to have a mobile app, and Pendlebury Bet falls into this category. 

There is no Pendlebury Bet mobile app, meaning that you’ll be reliant on the desktop site to place your bets, deposit funds and do whatever else you need to do with the bookie. But while the Pendlebury Bet mobile app’s absence may be notable, you can at least access the desktop site on your mobile. 

This functions much the same as the website on your computer – it’s a really simple site so doesn’t cause too many problems in terms of lagging on your phone, and it’s not really much more difficult to use on your phone than on a computer. 

Overall, there’s not a whole lot to say about the Pendlebury Bet mobile experience given that there is no Pendlebury Bet mobile app. However, if you are in a situation where you need to use your phone – or just prefer it – you do at least still have the option of using the Pendlebury Bet desktop site on your phone

🏇Pendlebury Bet Racing

Racing is the only thing that you can bet on with Pendlebury Bet, and in this section we’ll take a more in-depth look at this aspect of the website. Locating the racing markets is easy – unsurprising given that it’s all they offer! – and to get to them you simply need to head to the website and then click on the relevant meet or race. 

 Once you get to the race you want, you’ll see a list of the runners with their win and place odds, while you can also toggle to exotic markets further up the page. Placing a bet is very straightforward and much the same as with other bookies – simply click on the odds pertaining to the runner you wish to bet on, that selection will pop up in your betslip, then you enter a stake and confirm your bet. 

 There isn’t a whole lot in the way of extra information on the race pages. While often bookmakers will provide a rundown of the race, a few tips, or at least detailed information on each runner, what you see when you first click onto the race page with Pendlebury Bet is pretty much what you get – a list of runners with the corresponding odds alongside them. 

 The odds with the Pendlebury Bet bookmaker, as mentioned in earlier sections, are reasonable without being spectacular. They won’t compete with the bigger bookmakers, but that’s never the case with boutique bookies like this one anyway. They are, however, not the worst either, so if you’re looking for a simple site with decent odds then this could be a consideration. 

 Overall, the Pendlebury Bet bookmaker racing section is a simple platform on which to place bets on races. There are no frills about this site; it’s about as straightforward as it gets, and is literally just a medium through which you can punt on the races. For many punters, however, no frills is not an issue, and with decent enough odds Pendlebury Bet will at least be a consideration for some punters

Pendlebury Bet Best Features

Pendlebury Bet is a very simple bookmaker offering exactly what it claims to offer and not a whole lot more, so it’s not exactly brimming with special features like live betting and live streaming like some other bookmakers might be. However, there are still a couple of things they do well, so let’s take a look at those

 Focus on racing  

It’s unsurprising that Pendlebury Bet’s predominant focus – in fact their sole focus – is on racing, given who founded the bookmaker. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they do it better than anyone else, but with all their focus on just one component of betting that means that they should do it well. As mentioned in earlier sections, this isn’t entirely the case, and there are plenty of areas of Pendlebury Bet’s racing offerings that could be improved. However, they do pretty well for a small site in other areas, with their decent odds one example, and if they do grow at all then any improvement would be to the horse racing betting section of the site. 

Easy to use website 

The Pendlebury Bet website is about as simple as it gets, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you’re after a really aesthetically pleasing, smooth looking site then this isn’t it, but many punters won’t be too concerned about that and will simply want a website that performs the function for which it is intended. For the most part, the Pendlebury Bet website does this. Its simplicity means that it’s fast to load and easy to get around, and though it does occasionally malfunction, for the most part it’s pretty easy to use. 


Pendlebury Bet Betting Markets & Types of Bets Available

Now that you’re getting a little more familiar with Pendlebury Bet, let’s take a look at some of the markets that they have available

Pendlebury Bet’s betting markets 

  • Win 
  • Place 
  • Quinella 
  • Trifecta 
  • Exacta 

💳Pendlebury Bet Banking

When it comes to banking with the Pendlebury Bet bookmaker, your list of withdrawal and deposit options is relatively simple – in line with the rest of the website. This isn’t necessarily a major issue; the number of payment methods varies quite dramatically even among the bigger sites, and there are quite a few who don’t offer all that many of them. 

Most important, however, is that the most common methods are offered. In my view, debit/credit card is far and away the easiest way to deposit and withdraw, and this is what I always use. If this is absent, which is rare, it means that I have to change my method, which while not that hard to do, can make me more inclined to simply use a different bookie from a list of all betting sites

 Pendlebury Bet offers VISA and Mastercard for deposit and withdrawals, so this is a fast and simple way to get money to and hopefully from your account. As always, when you use these options to deposit with the Pendlebury Bet bookmaker, the funds should appear immediately in your account. Withdrawals take a little longer – up to a couple of business days, depending on your bank. 

 The other viable option that you have with Pendlebury Bet is POLi. POLi is a very common Australia-based payment company with which you can easily deposit into your Pendlebury Bet bookmaker account direct from your bank account. Unfortunately, POLi doesn’t offer withdrawals, so you’ll have to stick to VISA and Mastercard for those. 

 The other option that you have is to pay manually, but this is quite a lengthy process and realistically not one that very many people would choose to use. 

 Overall, the payment platform on Pendlebury Bet is a very simple one, and doesn’t provide punters with a great deal of choice when depositing and withdrawing. The choices that they do offer, however, are pretty popular and easy to use, so for most punters these will be sufficient

🔞Is Pendlebury Bet Legal in Australia?

Yep, it sure is. Pendlebury Bet is licensed and regulated by both Racing NSW and Liquor and Gaming NSW, so you can be confident that your money is safe and secure with them. The website is also secured using a 2048 bit encryption

Pendlebury Bet Customer Support

Good old customer support. It’s not something that you want to have to use, but it’s always nice to know that it’s there. The best customer support platforms offer comprehensive assistance to customers often around the clock, with live chat a particular favourite of mine and a phone number also typically a handy thing to have. 

 Unfortunately, this is not a strength of Pendlebury Bet. They don’t offer live chat or a phone number, and the only way to get in touch with them is via email. Email is typically an option with larger sites too and can be a useful way to interact if you have a lengthy problem or don’t have time to sit around and resolve it immediately, but it has plenty of limitations. 

 For starters, with only email available it’s going to be very difficult to have any queries resolved immediately. Typically responses take at least a few hours to come back, and while you might get lucky and get them sooner, it will never be as quick as what live chat or a phone conversation would be. 

 This makes the customer support aspect of the Pendlebury Bet bookmaker one of the most disappointing parts of the site. Of course, it’s always difficult for smaller or new betting sites to offer as much in this regard as their larger counterparts – they have far less money and very few employees, so having a constantly staffed customer support service is always going to be difficult. Nonetheless, from the perspective of the punter, having only email as a point of contact is far from ideal

PendleburyBet How To

In this section, we’ll run through the how to’s for a number of key processes on Pendlebury Bet.

How to open an account with Pendlebury Bet 

As is the case with most bookmakers, opening an account with Pendlebury Bet is super easy. This is how you do it.

  • Head to the Pendlebury Bet bookmaker website. 
  • Locate the ‘Join’ button in the top right hand corner of the page and click on it. 
  • You’ll then be prompted to fill in some basic personal information like your age and date of birth. 
  • Following that, you’ll need to come up with a username and password for your account. 
  • Once you confirm this, you’ll be prompted to do a few other things such as set a deposit limit, which you can either choose to do or choose to ignore. 
  • Once you’ve done all this, your account is open and you’re ready to go.

How to place a bet with Pendlebury Bet 

Placing a bet is another important function of Pendlebury Bet – evidently – and once again, this is a super easy thing to do. These are the steps you need to follow to do it.

  • Now that you’ve opened account as per the above instructions, head to the Pendlebury Bet bookmaker site and ensure that you’re logged in. 
  • Next up, locate the page for the race which you wish to place a bet on. 
  • Scroll through the list of runners and find the bet you wish to place – win and place are on the page you’ll be immediately taken to for a race, while exotics can be accessed through a tab higher up the page. 
  • Click on the odds for the bet you wish to place. 
  • This bet will then appear in your betslip. 
  • Type your stake into the appropriate box, check that you’re sure this is the bet you wish to place, and click confirm.